Turtle Creek Dog Park

Annie enjoying her walk!
Supplee Mill Rd near the Furnace Rd intersection
Lewisburg, PA
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Other Notes: Be sure to bring water for your dog to drink; there is no separate small dog area.
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Turtle Creek dog park

This park has a smaller fenced in area but very nice walking paths that circle around to the creek. Very pretty area to walk and let dogs be dogs!

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Two wishes

We took our two puppies this morning but wished two things:

1. That there were more puppies at 9am on Sat!!

2. That the dog owners would clean up after their puppies when there is clearly a scooper & rake to do so

It is nicely fenced, one large area big enough for our pups to have a good romp and has parking close by.

We'll go again, but hope dog owners take a little responsibility in the clean up effort.

p.s. no "living" grass left, but partly b/c PA hasn't had much rain so most lawns are suffering too.

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really nice dog park (new,

really nice dog park (new, so there is actually grass!) Very pretty surrounding area of wide trails cut out of wild prairie. A little too much cleared around creek since it is prone to flood and the water is very contaminated with ag run off (or so I've heard). Pretty, though.

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Turtle Creek

A very small off-leash area without shade or water facility. Although tons of trails that end by a creek (turtle creek) which is very nice. Great for dogs on a leash or dogs who are voice controlled.