Paws Dog Park (at Davis Complex)

2455 Palm Valley Rd
Ponte Vedra, FL 32082
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
St. John's County (904) 209-0370
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes: There is a separate small dog area (20 lb), a pond with a fountain for the dogs to swim (beware of alligators), rinse station, and shade with a bench.
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vdq7015's picture
davis dog park

My dog loves this park and has made lots of friends. I come from mandarin and it is worth the trip

Chad Bailey's picture

This dog park is not very convenient to most people, a very long trek for me from Orange Park. Besides that, we liked that the dog has water in it for the dogs to play in. Unfortunately, I don't believe the water is treated at all for anything (understandably) and in our experience was a complete mosquito breeding ground. I regretted visiting for at least a whole week after going because I was eaten up alive. Not to mention, my visit was during the winter months, I could only imagine what it would be like in spring. The park doesn't really have many things for the dogs to play on which isn't really an issue for me. The maintenance wasn't so great, and the dog washing station's gate was completely broken so you have to figure out some way to keep your dog contained while bathing him. If you're with 2 people, no big deal, but by yourself I could see it being an issue. Finally, as mentioned, dog owners aren't responsible. They don't pick up after their poop and during our visit we had a particular dog that ruined it by constantly trying to mount our dog. The owner seemed unconcerned and did not correct the problem.

Dhoffkins's picture
Dog Owners-Bad Ethics

Would be o.k. park if dog owners would pick up after their dogs poop! It pretty much ruins the park for us... "A" for effort on the city's part but, somebody needs to enforce or clean it up better!
Anybody know a nice place where our dogs can swim that's "clean". Pls. email me : [email protected].

damico926's picture
Worth the Drive

Our daughter normally takes Ella to a dog park in Jacksonville Beach. That one is closed all week, though, so we found this park on We like that there were two fenced-in areas, one labeled for dogs under 20 pounds only. There are poo-bag dispensers on both sides of the pond, but only one trash receptacle - near the entrance. We also REALLY LIKED the dog-wash area. Ella really needed it after her visit. She enjoyed running around the pond and dipping her feet into it when she got hot. She was one tuckered out puppy!

Visitor's picture
Hart to Find

Went to this park on Saturday, it was hard to find even with my GPS! It was an OK park just another paws park for dogs. Didn't like the sign stating alligators may be in the lake! That was a concern of mine.
Again no one likes to pick up after their dogs. That is a shame. Just because it's free doesnt mean it's OK to let the poop lie around.