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Finally, the last dog park app you will ever need. The Dog Park Finder, powered by three years of research, user photos and reviews, finally gives you all the information you need for you quick trips to the dog park, or for a whole trip across the county.

Now for the iPad!

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As Seen in Modern Dog, June 2013!

A New and Noteworthy Favorite, App Store 5/4/2010!!

All You Need to Know
-Hand Placed map markers!
-Details and more details (fenced, small dog areas, hours and days of operation ...)
-Advanced search (nearby city search, nearby current location, zip code search).

The Dog Park Finder displays local dog parks and search results in both map and list forms. Park details include 5 star ratings, fenced and un-fenced markers, hours and days of operation and many other notes and features of the dog park.

Since Dog Park Finder is powered by, we already have three years of reviews, photos and ratings included.

Data Features
-2000+ dog parks (second to none!)
-Shows local parks to current location
-Advanced city, state and zip code searches.
-Hand Placed map markers (no auto placed pins!!)
-Over 10 information fields including park fees, hours, fencing, address, park size, restrooms and other notes.
-1000s of photos
-1000s of reviews and ratings

User Features
-View a list of nearest dog parks
-View a map of nearest dog parks
-Search for parks (both list and map views).
-Email to your friends.
-Forward dog park info to a friend.
-View detailed website park information in the app
-Read full reviews or comments in the app

Upcoming Features
-Will add more dog parks
-Submit Photos for a park
-Submit Reviews for a park

About Dog Park USA is committed to the promotion of happy and healthy canine friends by advancing the awareness of responsibly maintained public dog play areas. Started in August of 2007, we have compiled, vetted and published information regarding over 2000 dog parks. New members have also added over 3000 reviews, pictures, groups and events to the site.



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