Muttland Meadows Dog Park (at Lime Kiln Park)

Sheila, the American Dingo/ Carolina Dog at Muttland
2020 S. Green Bay Road
Grafton, WI
Operating Hours:
24 hours a day
Days Closed:
July 4th
$50 annual donation appreciated
Park Size:
7 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Muttland Meadows, Inc runs this dog park. Be sure to bring water for your dog.

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tessmom's picture
great park

First time at Muttland Meadows today. Tess my 6 month Portie really enjoyed it. Friendly dogs and owners, well kept. Happy to support such a beautiful space. We'll be back!

threedogpack's picture
Dog Park in General

I like the fence all the way around.
It is hard to lose your dog.
The park is excellent for socializing dogs with other dogs.
Dogs of all breeds, sizes and temperament are there.
Remember to wear old clothes, as the dogs get dirty and will transfer that on to you.
All in all a great experience.
The dogs and I are looking further to additional visits.

LesnOfYerLif3's picture
Best Dog Park in Ozaukee County

I use this park on an almost daily basis (many of you see me there with Angel, the little white lab with a pink collar). I have also been a devoted volunteer, assisting with grounds keeping and trail maintenance. This park has created a social community for local residents as much as it has provided a large and safe area for my dog to interact with other animals (and people). I find the vast majority of people who use the park friendly and welcoming. I have made many friends and this park has been therapeutic for my dog (she was abused before I rescued her). I would recommend this park to any responsible dog owner, it is a large, clean (please help us keep it that way) and safe environment for dogs to run and play in a pack.

nellie's picture
dog park

the dog park is exellent i have just started going there this summer and i am really enjoying the people and dog there have been so nice and i love it because my dog runs away when i am at home but she listens to me in the dog park so i am able 2 let her off her leash and just run around its exellent

ccrbee's picture

I discovered the through a fellow customer at the PetSmart one day soon after I adopted my handsome fella. After going, he and I were hooked! Mortimer LOVES to run there, and he loves to play with the other dogs. I think he'd love it if I'd leave him there all day. It is his favorite park of all the ones we've tried around the county so far.

As for it being dirty, it's not that bad. And, most of us try to pick up not only our own dogs "presents", but also often clean up after others who either can't find it in the grass or who aren't paying attention to their dogs. I've never seen anyone intentionally leave a deposit behind.

Bug spray is a must. So is water for your dog, and something to drink for yourself.

Also, if you're planning on letting your dog go to a dog park, understand that there is dirt, and sometimes mud, and dust, and leaves and whatever else comes with being outside, so if I see one more person yelling at their dog for getting dirty, I will confront them. Being outside is equal to having fun and getting dirty. So if you can't handle it, don't come. But if you do come, do your part, help out and clean up.

HeidiMamaGrrL's picture
Huge, fun and friendly

Easy to find, a huge area for Heidi to run around with all her new friends, and the other folks there were super friendly. Bring bug spray if you'll be there at dusk though. :-)

impy2101's picture
Lots of room...but not clean

Believe me - it's very frustrating. As committee members - we agonize on how to get this done. If you would pitch in and point out the rules and regulations to people not cleaning up - that would be a good start. To start regulating people going there - we would need a lot more money and manpower - we are a non-profit organization. Such a shame that a donated park is so abused.

impy2101's picture
Muttland Meadows

Muttland Meadows has it's own webpage -
I'd also like to correct some misinformation at the top. Muttland Meadows is a non-profit organization - it is ran by a committee of VOLUNTEERS not the village of Grafton. Your donations are tax-deductible. If you'd like a separate section for your small dog's you would need to donate enough time, materials and manpower to have this done. We are always looking for help! Thanks!

ccrbee's picture

First of all, the fact that there are even dog parks available now is wonderful. Can't believe it's taken so long to happen. I love that it's entirely fenced in, with lots of recepticles for disposing of doggy waste. I do wish there was water access, not just for drinking - bring enough for your dog and to share! But also for swimming, especially in the summer. It's so dry and dusty that my dog would love to jump into the water that's fenced off.

We had our first experience there yesterday and we are looking forward to going back.

Visitor's picture
My little dog (the littlest

My little dog (the littlest one there) had a great time at the dog park! There were a couple dogs that were more aggressive, but we kept our distance from them. I know some people were not too happy with the bad dog owners. It was our first time to the park, but it won't be our last!

Visitor's picture
Lots of room...But not clean

I just started going to this park, and although it is a great place for my dog to run around, it is very dirty! There are piles of poop everywhere and it seems that no one picks up after their dog. You have to watch where you walk, and make sure you clean your dog off before you leave. Such a shame that people can't pick up after their dogs.

Visitor's picture
Great Place!

I absolutely love this park. I drive nearly 30 miles from the north so my puppy can have a fenced in area to run and socialize with other dogs. I've met some great people there too!

Visitor's picture
the best doggie park around

I've been going to this park for 7 years and it is wonderful. Friendly people and dogs and lots of space to play and socialize. There is a sign that explains off-leash pack behavior so dog owners know what to expect. Lots of regulars and a great variety of dogs and people.

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Small Dog Section Please

I agree with the person who recommended a small dog section. It would be safer for the small dogs who are uncomfortable around large dogs and also for the big dogs who just are not sure what to make of the tiny ones. Having them all in together is the only reason we don't go to Muttland Meadows, but otherwise it looks like a very nice place.

Visitor's picture
Some faults

It's a nice park overall, but it should have a seperate section for small/timid dogs. Every time we've been there, our two dogs have been attacked by small, aggressive dogs. Also, there are always far too many people that don't watch their dogs. Both of ours behave, but then there are those dogs that aren't watched who harass ours. This would be much better with different sections rather than one huge area. At least we could get away from the aggressive/unwatched dogs without having to leave the park.

Visitor's picture

We absolutely LOVE the dog park and so does our dog!! We are so
thankful to the founder.

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Muttland Meadows

This is an excellent dog park - well maintained, and attended by some very great dogs (and people).