Estabrook Dog Park

Wilson Dr and Estabrook Pkwy
Milwaukee, WI
Operating Hours:
5am -10pm
$25 annually (resident) or $30 (non-resident)
Park Size:
3 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened Sept 26, 2009. Make sure to get a dog park permit.

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shanmariemck_'s picture

the park 'rangers' are camping out at the park like hawks. if you dont have a milwaukee county parks tag, i wouldnt even bother going. i love this park its awesome, but the park people are a pain in the butt lately. i havent seen a park worker there checking tags in about a year, but now they are argumentative and annoying. they wont ticket you, or do any legal actions regarding you and your dogs...buts the arguing is just a pain in the butt.

Terrierlover's picture
My dog was bored.

I'm grateful to have a dog park so close, but to echo another person's comment, it did feel a bit like walking in a circle. It was clean, and convenient.

Tacezi's picture

Early Monday evening and not a soul in sight. Prefer parks with the chance to socialize. At least the ground is clean...

Visitor's picture
Very spacious and nice. We

Very spacious and nice. We live downtown so its a perfect place for our dog to run around, he loves it.

sturm's picture
It's better than nothing...

It seems many here are ungrateful. Yes, it's not huge, but it's a decent size to let your dog run around and socialize without having to worry about getting hit by a car. It's clean and well taken care of. Any dog park is better than no dog park. Most dogs would take a trip to the dog over a walk any day!

Visitor's picture

I was so looking forward to this park opening because I live very close and take my three dogs pretty far almost everyday to get exercise in a safe, fenced environment. But it's just big empty field with a fence around it...I felt like I was walking in circles around a prison yard. A big tease with the beautiful surroundings but that's off limits. Not much running room for my big dogs.

Visitor's picture
Perfect for a quick play

The park is not fancy - more of a large fenced in yard. It's exactly what we needed, though. It's really convenient for anyone living in Shorewood to simply swing by and let the dog run around for a little while. Instead of taking our dog for a walk, we've been bringing him to the park for a half hour to let him socialize and run around without a leash for a while. For someone living in the city, it's nice to have somewhere to take our dog where we can throw a ball around and let him run free.

Visitor's picture
Small, but friendly

First, I want to say it is very nice to have a fenced dog park in such a beautiful spot. It is small. Three acres layed out is not exactly a wilderness to explore. It seems like it was really created more for play and socializing than for exercise. If you want off-leash exercise you will need to go to one of the larger parks in the area. Also, there is no adjacent parking which could be a plus or a minus. It will be a pleasure to visit once the small and large dog areas are actually separated.

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Park is open as of 9/26 -

Park is open as of 9/26 - It's a nice local community exercise area - not sure it is really a full 3 acres and I heard some people say they thought it was small but I think it's fine for a local park. The county did a nice job grading the grounds so even after heavy rain there wasn't much mud (unlike the dog run by the airport).