Estabrook Dog Park

Wilson Dr and Estabrook Pkwy
Milwaukee, WI
Operating Hours:
5am -10pm
$25 annually (resident) or $30 (non-resident)
Park Size:
3 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened Sept 26, 2009. Make sure to get a dog park permit.

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the park 'rangers' are camping out at the park like hawks. if you dont have a milwaukee county parks tag, i wouldnt even bother going. i love this park its awesome, but the park people are a pain in the butt lately. i havent seen a park worker there checking tags in about a year, but now they are argumentative and annoying. they wont ticket you, or do any legal actions regarding you and your dogs...buts the arguing is just a pain in the butt.

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My dog was bored.

I'm grateful to have a dog park so close, but to echo another person's comment, it did feel a bit like walking in a circle. It was clean, and convenient.

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Early Monday evening and not a soul in sight. Prefer parks with the chance to socialize. At least the ground is clean...

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Very spacious and nice. We

Very spacious and nice. We live downtown so its a perfect place for our dog to run around, he loves it.

sturm's picture
It's better than nothing...

It seems many here are ungrateful. Yes, it's not huge, but it's a decent size to let your dog run around and socialize without having to worry about getting hit by a car. It's clean and well taken care of. Any dog park is better than no dog park. Most dogs would take a trip to the dog over a walk any day!

Visitor's picture

I was so looking forward to this park opening because I live very close and take my three dogs pretty far almost everyday to get exercise in a safe, fenced environment. But it's just big empty field with a fence around it...I felt like I was walking in circles around a prison yard. A big tease with the beautiful surroundings but that's off limits. Not much running room for my big dogs.

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Perfect for a quick play

The park is not fancy - more of a large fenced in yard. It's exactly what we needed, though. It's really convenient for anyone living in Shorewood to simply swing by and let the dog run around for a little while. Instead of taking our dog for a walk, we've been bringing him to the park for a half hour to let him socialize and run around without a leash for a while. For someone living in the city, it's nice to have somewhere to take our dog where we can throw a ball around and let him run free.

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Small, but friendly

First, I want to say it is very nice to have a fenced dog park in such a beautiful spot. It is small. Three acres layed out is not exactly a wilderness to explore. It seems like it was really created more for play and socializing than for exercise. If you want off-leash exercise you will need to go to one of the larger parks in the area. Also, there is no adjacent parking which could be a plus or a minus. It will be a pleasure to visit once the small and large dog areas are actually separated.

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Park is open as of 9/26 -

Park is open as of 9/26 - It's a nice local community exercise area - not sure it is really a full 3 acres and I heard some people say they thought it was small but I think it's fine for a local park. The county did a nice job grading the grounds so even after heavy rain there wasn't much mud (unlike the dog run by the airport).