Willis Tucker Dog Park

Willis Tucker 2
Willis Tucker 1
6705 Puget Park Dr
Snohomish, WA
Operating Hours:
7am - Dusk
Days Closed:
Park Size:
4.5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Re-opened Nov 2008. There is a half acre wooded area set aside for shy dogs. This dog park will have water. The park is maintained and operated by the nonprofit Sno-Dog.

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mobile_user's picture
nice, room for improvement

The park apparently needs poop bags and trash cans both leading to and within the off-leash area. Until then, watch your step! Not ideal if you have mobility issues - lots of uneven terrain and no benches. All that aside, I had a happy, tired dog after our visit.

kifiria's picture
lots of space to run

This dog park has several different areas including a fenced off leash hiking area ( we didn't go in so I don't know if it is fully fenced), a large meadows area with agility equipment (fully fenced) and a shy/ senior dog area. It was nice but has large Areas of standing water and mud (the rest of the park was not muddy and was well taken care off).

Hana's picture
dog attack

warning, warning, warning

Most time the dogs are friendly and so is the owners in this park. However, my dog got bitten by one of two giant dogs (same owner), the one look like boerboel or tosa breed, brown and hairless, have a big head and huge jaw. and the other one is giant poodle mix looks. When these two attacking my dog, the owner does NOTHING, simply walk away, left my dog a big punch wound, cried so hard.

If you see these two dogs, please don't let your dog near them for your dog safety and yourself. I did not realized the wound afterward due to my dog has thick coat, otherwise I will call the police on the owner, and I will continue keep looking for the owner of these two.

Off leash park does not mean you can bring aggressive dog as legal, If your dog have behave problems, please don't bring to the park, letting the other dogs become your dog's victim. Take responsibility, prevent unnecessary legal issue!!!

lucygoosebody's picture
Dusty, but nice

This is a really nice dog park; lots of space to run and multiple different trails all fenced in! There's even a separate area for old/shy dogs. The people at this park were by far the nicest from all the parks I've been to up here.
A few quirks: there is no running water, but people leave water and bowls. I suggest you bring a jug of water to refill bowls. Also the main dog area is all dry dirt and therefore super super dusty!
And there's an overgrown agility area in the back with notes--if you're into that.
All in all, not a bad dog park. If they get running water it would be 5 stars.

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construction to dog park done

The construction they've been doing is almost done, and they just opened the path to the dog park!! No more 1/2 mile walk around the whole complex to get to the dog park. ;)

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The park is open but not easy to get to. It's about 1/2 mile walk (on leash). The construction is supposed to result in closer parking and water, but it's uncertain how long it will be.

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Temporarily CLOSED

CLOSED from October 2011 - Spring 2012. They are remodeling the park. Please let us know about the great new features the park is getting.

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nice park, out of towner. not on web site? app yes

This is a nice, well maintained dog park. Easy to find (GPS). Find the ball diamonds. Trail on far side away from building and water park. Access to the 3 separate park areas between diamonds. Turn right. First a wood area with main trail that will loop to open park. Nice open area with bags and garbage cans. Shy dog area can be seen from there. All well fenced. Our dog had fun running with the few dogs we came across.

Jenny C's picture

I go to park several ted a week & just love it but I have seem more aggression lately & irresponsible owners that think this aggressive behavior is fine. There are 2 Boston Terriers, brothers that are aggressive @ the owner just smiles & thinks that it is funny. I wish there was a way to monitor the park somehow. I still go there & love it as some of this is normal dog behavior but we need to control them.

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Dog attack

My friend and I took our kids and 2 dogs each including my 6 month old Yorkie female to the park Sunday. It was our first experience in a dog park, so I wanted to be careful and make it a positive experience for all of us. I have raised and shown dogs my whole life, so I am an experienced dog person. My friend is a breeder and frequents dog parks often. I chose the shy dog area to acclimate our pup to this experience. Among the other dogs was a Boston Terrier. Unprovoked, he came out of the blue after my Yorkie and grabbed her by the throat. I lifted him up by his harness and my Yorkie stayed in his grip in his mouth. The owner did nothing. She did not even reprimand her dog or attempt to control him. He finally dropped my Yorkie who was going into shock. My 10 year old grabbed her as I tried to gain control of the Boston who was still off leash and circling my dog. My 10 year old was bitten by our Yorkie as she was in shock. I gathered her and put her inside my jacket to calm her and keep her from going into shock. My attention was on the dog and my bleeding 10 year old and I still had to watch the Boston as no one was controlling it. I gathered my kids and our other dog and we left immediately after seeing the blood on my dog's neck was my son's, not the dog's. The Boston's owner never offered help or controlled her dog. That whole area in the park collected their dogs and left. When I got home and was able to put my dog down to examine her, I discovered she was completely unable to us her hind leg. She doesn't appear to be in pain, it appears dead. She drags the leg behind her. We are on our way to the vet to determine if she has a neurological or spinal injury. I love Willis Park. I take my family there often and live very close. I post this for the purpose of suggestion as to how to prevent such experience from happening to anyone again. My dog was purchased recently for show and this may have ended any chance of a show career or possibly of her ever walking normally again. Not to mention the terror she experienced and the trauma to my family. We chose the non aggressive, shy or senior dog area for that very reason. So as to ensure this sort of thing could not happen.