Kent Dog Park (near Morrill Meadows)

10872 SE 248th St.
between Morrill Meadows and East Hill Park
Kent, WA
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Opened Oct 2010.  The dog park is located on the Backhaus property and has a separate small dog area, benches, and drinking water.

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Guy's picture
Incident response

I have been coming to this park for quite awhile now with my dog. I have seen hunter at this park numerous times and I've never seen him have a problem here. He plays very well with my dog, and all the other dogs in the park. I know that many of the owners who come regularly also know him for his playfulness. I have also seen your dog Abbie at the park, and you yelling "Abbie nice" multiple times during her time there which means you know she has a problem. Maybe your dog instigated the situation as I've never seen hunter show aggression. I think your dog is more of the issue

lisaanncole's picture
Morrill Meadows Incident

How can you say that Hunter caused this to happen to your dog? From what I witnessed, he jumped into an already happening fight between your dog and another. Not a fight you say? How would he know? He is a dog. Who is to say that those two didn't injure eachother? When you bring toys to the dog park it incites something for dogs to fight about. I think you will have a hard time proving that Hunter was the agressor. Hunter is a good dog who I have not seen get overly agressive ever.

Mel's picture
My dog Abbie attacked

I just wanted the owner of the Med sized black dog named Hunter to know how much damage your dog did to my Abbie. I understand dogs will be dogs but the situation that occured should not have. You stated that your dog has acted this way before so you need to do something to change that! I thought Abbie only ended up with a scratch or two but later in the evening I noticed 3 other larger open wounds that had been hidden under her fur. Looks like I will have to take her to the vet in the morning and who knows how much that is going to cost me all because you seem to have refused/neglected to properly address this issue! Please do so asap so another dog doesnt have to be hurt! We live this park but sadly will not be returning for a very long time if ever!!

theone29's picture
I like this park...

all 3 of my dogs loves this park. i am there almost daily and on most day, all the regular dogs gets along. Checkout the FB page and post your dog pictures and comments.

Jenny C's picture
Used to be a great place!

The last 5 times we've been, there has been poo everywhere... Tired of stepping in it! Why so many inconsiderate owners?

Oh, must be the same person with their dog on a leash that gets mad at my dog for wanting to play.

Most people very nice!

Jenny C's picture
mean and aggressive dogs!

The dogs name is Daisy... It's a black pitbull mix and is the most aggressive and territorial dog i have ever met.... Don't get me wrong, it's not because it's a pit because I own the sweetest pit Ever... It's the owner who lets the dog claim its dominance. My dog was playing with daisy and it got too rough. The owner said "she's just claiming the boundaries".... Excuse me but you don't own this park. And I'm sorry to say but there are a few dogs and owners that come everyday and huddle around with this attitude like they own the place. And their dogs are even worse. It's NOT a welcoming friendly park. I came back a few times later and the owner and dog were still there. I actually have seen the husky that everyones talking about. The husky, pit mix, and a brindle Boxer come everyday together and act as a pack and pick on other dogs! My dog is huge! And a big baby and a PIT. And she struggled standing her own. I'm never coming back not to mention my Pit cries everytime we drive by because she's traumatized that Daisy had pretty much beat her up so bad we had to take her to the vet. I'm SO disappointed in the owners that take their dogs here. Go for yourself and I'm sure you'll run into Daisy or the husky.

Regular Park User's picture

Since moving to Kent at the beginning of November my dogs and I have been regular users of this park. For the most part it is an enjoyable experience, however I have to agree with the previous reviewer that Mufasa - the young red Husky - is a big problem. He is aggressively dominant and targets puppies and submissive dogs, bullying them without mercy.

I have two dogs, both of whom are confident and well socialized. We have been to many off leash dog parks all over the country, interacted with countless dogs, and never had an issue with any other dog. They're not perfect, by any means, but generally good dogs who understand how to behave with other dogs.

As of today Mufasa has now bitten both of my dogs -- not in rough play or by accident -- but in a dominating, aggressive manner. Blood was drawn in both cases, and in one case there were multiple punctures. I have reported the case to the city and encourage others who have had or do have an issue with Mufasa to do the same.

Again, this park is nice and the vast majority of dogs and owners are great. Just beware of Mufasa.

Harley and Niya's picture
love it

We recently took our dogs to this park and it was wonderful. They had so much fun. I would recomend it to anyone with big dogs that need to run!

MobileUser2's picture
Mostafa needs a muzzle

The park is great but it has one consistantly troublesome dog named Mostafa, who is agressive and does indeed attack other dogs. Mostafa looks to be a young Alaskan Huskey or Malamute and is owned by a 20-something woman who is clearly unable to handle this dog safely. Talking to nearly a dozen regular visitors to this park, all have confirmed they have personally seen Mostafa attach other dogs while the owner sits passively. Please DO LODGE COMPLAINTS with park officials and CALL 911 if your dog is attacked. Mostafa should be muzzled if the owner wishes to not be sued. I strongly suspect this dog will eventually bite a human and be put down.

Jenny C's picture

We took our one year old Pit bull here this past weekend and when we got there we saw a few dogs and their owners who seemed nice at first. When we brought our dog in the other dogs did the usual inspection of the new dog however they were biting and being extremely aggressive toward our dog. The owners would not call their dogs to calm them down. They were biting my dog so bad she jumped on us to pick her up and we had to carry her outside of the park. These owners and dogs acted like they owned the place and simply were bullying our dog for 15 mins. At first we thought they were just playing rough. When we took our dog home we saw huge gashes on her legs neck and back. We were really disappointed they couldn't keep their dogs calm and with their attitude simply saying "your dogs fine shes just scared"... We went a few days later and those owners and same dogs were there. Nice park but these owners and their dogs ruined the experience because of their ignorance and dominance over "their" park. Will not be returning.

Jenny C's picture
Great Park

The park is really nice they have added benches, agility equipment, path around the park and water fountain. The grass and gravel is really nice when compared to other parks that have used sand, keeps my dogs cleaner. It is also nice to have a park located on east hill. Great place to take my dogs.

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New agility equipment

New dog agility equipment added by a Boy Scout Eagle Project. Agility equipment added in recent months. Poles, A-frame ramp, short ramp, jumping hurdles and tires to run through. See the photo gallery for a few pictures.

Jenny C's picture
Progress in the Dog Park

This park continues to improve thanks to the City of Kent and park supporters! Water faucet has been added and a gravel walkways to the new agility equipment give the park new ways to interact with your pup.

Jenny C's picture
neighborhood feel

Very nice with the exception of the mud hole near the front. Dogs and owners much more respectful than at some other parks...

Jenny C's picture
small but good

Small park, more like an empty fenced lot. Dogs still enjoyed it. Small dog area nice. Lots of tennis balls, poo bags, and water bowls. Users are very respectful.

Jenny C's picture
Thanks for letting us use your toys!

Use the adjoining MM playground for parking and bathroom facilities. The open leash area is a find! My dog had a good time playing with other dogs. Plenty of communal toys, doggie bags. I came while it was pouring so rainboots would be good to wear for next time. Very excited to have this space in SKC and would come back (with a toy to contribute).

I gave it only four stars because of the space. My dog had room to run around, but not sure what it would be like in a crowded day. I am saving the 5th star for the likes of Marymoor and Magnuson Park.

Jenny C's picture
great park!

Not a big park but it's brand new and convenient. Tennis racquets and tennis balls and no fees. Separate areas for large and small dogs. Next to a city park as well.

FarleyGirl's picture
A celebration, indeed!

Nine months of meetings and hundreds of hours of volunteer labor were celebrated at the opening of Kent Parks' new off-leash DOGPARK (Dog Owners Group Promoting Animal Recreation in Kent). There must have been 70+ dogs, large and small, at this event - running joyfully and freely, chasing frisbies, balls, and one another. Not sure who was happier - dogs or their owners - but a great time was had by all.

The only reason I limited my rating to 4 is that we're not done yet. There are numerous amenities planned to be added (seating, agility and other activity equipment, trees, etc.), but, considering the dedication of the people behind this park, the potential is there for a great "5 star" park.

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Grand Opening Celebration!!!!

The grand opening was help Saturday, October 23 at 1:00 pm.