Issaquah Highlands Bark Park

Natalie Way off Magnolia St
Issaquah Highlands, WA
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Issaquah Highlands
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has grass, benches and picnic tables (be sure to bring water for your dog). No pitbulls allowed in this dog park or surrounding neighborhood.

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CptnMo's picture

If I could give a zero rating I would. Went to get my dog some exercise and was immediately cornered and kicked out by some know it all lady. I will NEVER be back. She assumed my little dog was not socialized, used to being around big dogs, a wimp and the list goes on.... All before I could even take him off his leash. She didn't even give him a chance. My dog as a matter of fact can handle bigger dogs and has been socialized. On a brighter note. I went to Beaver lake dog park and was very welcomed and my dog had a great time.

lynne trowern's picture
dog parks are never safe for toddlers!

Dog parks are never safe places for toddlers. People forget they are dog parks, where dogs are encouraged to run around and play.
You cant take a dog to a child's playground, so please don't take a small child to a dog park!

lynne trowern's picture
everyone is welcome at bark

everyone is welcome at bark park....we have people there from all over!

tiny's picture
Very small with too many toddlers

I was extremely excited to go to this dog park, but when I arrived there, the park was not what I thought it would be. The area is quite small but that in itself was not too bad. There were many adults with toddlers all over the tiny park. The children were chasing the dogs so they could not even play with their toys. I have small dogs and they were scared of all the children. I guess I will have to wait until the weekend and go to an actual park.

SOY's picture
Not for non-residents of the illustrious Issaquah Highlands

This dog parks is NOT for outsiders. The dogs/owners that frequent this park are local residents & have their own "clique" If your dog is ganged up on and asserts his/herself than they are seen as the problem & you are told to leave. Never mind the issue that their dogs/owners have any regard for a new dog getting acclimated that they allow their dogs to jump all over the newcomer. The residents forget that this is a CITY PARK and for everyone but then again the residents in this area have the attitude that they are entitled to it. MaryMoor is a much more "real" dog friendly place complete with owners who understand dogs.

Visitor's picture
Small, but nice

This park actually sits on Natalie St. Kirk park is on Magnolia St. If you turn left at Kirk park off of Magnolia, Bark Park will be just a ways down. This park is completely grass-covered, which is nice in drier weather. It allows your dog to romp without getting mud-covered afterwards. The park is claimed to be 2 acres, but at least an acre of it is a steep slope that is not ideal for dogs to play on or run down. It's not unsafe by any means, but the prime play space is really only 1/2 an acre or so. Plenty of space for your pup to run, but not comparable to Marymoor in Redmond or Magnuson in Seattle. I'm really glad that Bark Park opened, though. The nearest dog park to Issaquah other than this one is in Renton, so it was greatly needed!