Winchester Dog Park (at Jim Barnett Park)

Maple St
Winchester, VA
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Winchester
Days Closed:
$18 (residents) and $24 (non-residents)
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened March 2009.  This dog park has trees (be sure to bring water for your dog and some to share.)

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Nice place...couldn't get in.

I understand that parks take maintenance...but locking the gate and keeping people's I.D and money may not be the right move.
More and more people are travelling with their dogs and rely heavily on dog parks for playtime on that long drive. If a tourist drives into your city and finds the dog park locked...well, lets just say that I wasn't a fan of Winchester. I was not giving you my I.D. - If I"m paying then get off your butt and unlock it for me and keep your precious key.
Fortunately, we met a very nice man who opened the gate for us...he did so because we were tourists. We had a great chat - but won't be back to Winchester.

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I hate locked dog parks

I know it costs money to maintain a dog park, but it's so annoying when one has to go to a park office to purchase a pass and pick up the key. I even had to leave my driver license with them to make sure I didn't steal the key. Such a pain, especially when I'm trying to focus on my dog and make him happy.

Otherwise, I really like the park. It's a good size--big enough to run around, but not so big that you can lose track of your dog. There are several trees, a couple of hills, and available baggies and trash cans. I didn't notice a water source, but other users have left several water bowls around, and today they weren't even frozen solid. :)

The cool thing about this park that I haven't seen elsewhere is the dual airlock gate. Most dog parks use an airlock gate so the dogs in the park can't escape when another dog comes or leaves. But this one has two of them side by side, so one dog can enter as another leaves, something that inevitably happens and is always awkward.