Church Hill Dog Park (at Chimborazo Park)

E Grace St
south end of the park
Richmond, VA
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Opened August 2008. This dog park has three doggie cool down stations each can hold 6.5 gallons of water and drinking water. The dog park is supported by The Richmond Recreation and Parks Foundation.

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I recently went to the dog park at church hill, with my well mannered pitbull, Emma. After a long walk around the park, I decided that we should go meet some other dogs and their owners. As Emma has not had a ton of experience with other dogs, I figured this would be a good chance to help socialize her. I had her muzzle on, nice and snug, so as to avoid any problems, as she can get scared around other dogs. She was running around with the other dogs, when she did get frightened, and jumped around a bit. A woman, identifying herself as the President of the park, told me that the behavior was unacceptable and that I must leave. I told her I would, and went to retrieve Emma. As I was putting on her leash, I was told to never come back, and was continually berated for my dogs perceived bad behavior. All this, and my dog was absolutely no threat to anyone, nor their dogs. Needless to say, I was very disappointed in the prejudicial behavior aimed at myself and Emma.

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Country-style park situated close to downtown

This quaint, country-style dog park offers plenty of place to run and socialize for dogs in and around downtown Richmond. I was passing through town on I-95 and decided to stop here to give my dogs a break from the road (It's ideally located between Raleigh-Durham and D.C.). It's located just a mile or so east from the Interstate. Just take the Broad Street exit and then follow that past Chimborazo Park. At the end of the park the road bears right. Follow it down the hill and you can't miss the Bark Park.

The rest of Chimborazo Park is also a great place to walk your dogs on-leash. Beautiful views are available just above the Bark Park from historic Powhatan Seat, a former royal residence of King Powhatan.