Baron Cameron Dog Park

11300 Baron Cameron Ave
Wiehle Ave
Reston, VA 20194
Operating Hours:
Dawn to Dusk
Managed By:
County of Fairfax
Days Closed:
Portable Restroom
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This park has a separate small dog area (for dogs under 25 lbs), a bench, little shade, and water spigots. The park opened in September 2001. The off leash area is near the baseball field next to Wiehle Ave. There is a local sponsor for this park, RestonDogs, Inc.  Current dog tags are required on the dogs, and they are checked periodically.

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Harebrain's picture

The yards are covered in dirt & gravel. It has a small dog area, which was too small for my dog to get a good run in, with 2 benches & some trees for shade. We spent about 10 minutes there and the only other dog in the small area was a nervous Australian Shepard & her owner, so we moved on to the bigger dog area. The bigger dog area has a sign that says any size dog is allowed. There were more people and dogs in this yard. It has a couple of trees for shade, some benches, and a water fountain for dogs.

The crowd here was mixed with large dogs to one other small dog. Most of the dogs and people were huddled around a bench. I like to walk around in dog parks, so that my dog explores & doesn't just stand around. There was an unneutered Pit mix that tried to hump my 16 lb. dog. My dog would not let him & had to go under benches to get away from him.

There was an incident when the nervous Aussie had entered the large yard and a few of the other large dogs went towards her at a run. She, of course, got nervous and ran & they followed. The Aussies owner tried to grab the Pit mix as, the Pit mix chased his dog, while the Pit mix's owner just sat on the bench & said "He just want's to play." We left the park after that.

Overall, I do not think this park is worth going to. I rather walk him on the trails in the area (which I did after we left the park) than go to this park.

Jenny C's picture

It was great, my dog loved it. A little dusty due to the gravel but I'll take dust over mud any day. Nicely sized and tons of parking. Water and poop bags provided, although I wish there were a few more benches for the humans.

Cher91600's picture
Pretty Good for the area

This park is a good size, and there is almost always someone there. There is water going any time it isn't freezing which is nice. It is also great that the Washington Post donates bags, so there is always a way to pick up after your pup, even if you forgot your own bag. The location is convenient, and the ground are well maintained. The only down falls are that in the summer it gets very hot and there is only shade on the far end of the park, which has only one bench. Plus since the park is all gravel, when it's been a dry summer the odor can be a bit strong.