Shirlington Dog Park

Gree found some friends to play with in the park.
Another view of the pathway that runs through the park.
2601 South Arlington Mill Drive
and Nelson
Arlington, VA 22206
Operating Hours:
Sunrise to half and hour after Sunset
Managed By:
City of Arlington
Days Closed:
Portable restroom
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

There is a fenced area away from the creek with a separate small dog area and drinking water. There are no signs indicating the off leash area; dogs are allowed off leash also in the unfenced area next to the bicycle path behind a storage facility. You can park behind the storage facility and play between there and the water in the river. This dog park has a yahoo group.

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GoldiesDad's picture
Mom and pup loved it, and there are services

Long and lazy with trees, grass, paths, and tables and the added feature-a stream to play in. Lots of play options here, Right after a muddy and happy romp Goldie needed a serious bath and there is such a place right outside one of the gates. Self wash or attended options were in place, a little more expensive then others we have used but you could not beat the convenience.

Sarah Elizabeth Bohn-Aaliev's picture
best dog park in the area.

Always dogs there. Lots of trees and a river near by for the dogs to play in. It's a .25 mile fenced in trail so you're not just standing there.

erinmb9's picture
Be careful in the water!

We normally take our pups to the dog park on Walter Reed, but during the summer, it's nice to take them to Shirlington so they can play in the water. Weekends are a mad house and a lot of the dogs only get socialization on the weekends, so it can get out of control, especially since a lot of the owners aren't paying attention, or keeping up with their dogs.

Please be careful taking your dog down into the water One of my dogs was swimming around on Saturday (June 11th), with about 30 other dogs, when she sliced the pad of her foot open on something in the water. Judging from the look of the wound, it was either a very sharp piece of glass or a piece of metal, a clean slice all the way down to the fat pad. 5 hours at the vet, and $755 later, we have decided we won't take the dogs there anymore. This happened in the area where the deeper water is, and there are always a ton of dogs down there, so it could happen to any of them. People throw trash from the street (cans, bottles, scrap metal) and it floats down the stream. This review isn't even taking into account the other pollution in the water..

broughtonr's picture
Excellent Dog Park!

Excellent off-leash dog park with small and large dog areas! A paved walking trail extends the entire length of the park with multiple entrances (both ends plus Oxford Street). There are gates opening down to the Four Mile Run creek for the dogs to play in (despite te creek legally being a on-leash area). Two great dog stores at the Oxford Street entrance - the Muddy Mutt dog wash and the Wag More daycare & boarding! Another address for an entrance is 2690 S Oxford St., Arlington, VA.

stovak's picture
Best. Park. Ever.

My dog loves this park. We go several times a week. The size of the park alone is worth the trip.

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Shirlington Dog Park

I love coming here! I regularly care for a collie named Daisy who lives over in the Delancey. The regulars here are kind, people 98 percent of the time pick up the poop. They are dogs however and there will be nips here and there, but otherwise have never had any run ins with vicious dogs. This is a happy place with happy people and happy dogs. There is a separate fenced area for small dogs, and a walking trail to the back of the park and back for all dogs. The water area is great, its outside the fenced area so make sure your dog listens to you off leash. Plenty of water bowls, shade on the trail and poop/bag stations. I am moving soon and will miss this dog park, because I know in Florida there will not be a dog park like Shirlington!