San Marcos Dog Park (at Memorial Park)

200 Charles Austin Drive
behind the library
San Marcos, TX
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of San Marcos
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes: This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, trees, and drinking water.
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Sahara's picture
Dog Fights

I am really happy to see that I am not the only person that has had problems with aggressive dogs there. Today was the third time that I have had to leave the park due to another dog showing aggressive behavior toward mine. In fact, today was a record in that I wasn't even there five minutes, and when I started dragging my dog back toward the door, screaming at the other owner to get their dog off of mine before I hit the dog to make him get off, they threatened me and told me to leave (not that I had any intention of doing anything other than just that). Sometimes this park is great, but more and more often lately it has terrible owners and bad dogs who have no business being off their leashes.

PattiMac's picture
Park was nice

But there was a MEAN little dog there. I heard my puppy yelp and looked toward the owner of another dog and she immediatley stated "she does not bite, EVER" since I did not actually see it bite I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I sat my puppies down and sat with them, her puppy came up and not only bit my puppy but bit my hand as well. I find it hard to believe that her puppy NEVER bit before. I was happy that she ended up leaving. My puppies enjoyed running around and playing after she left.

DAAckermann's picture
San Marcos Tx Dog Park

This is an fun and friendly dog park. People and pups of all ages visit this park regularly, if not daily. The people who are regulars pay attention to their pets and keep an eye to ensure all the dogs play and socialize properly. They also pick up after their dogs. Yes, there are pit bull dogs who visit this park, but the owners are very careful to ensure their pets play and get along accordingly. Because of the pit's rep there are some people who do not give the breed a chance. Perhaps the city of San Marcos Park Service Reps should visit more frequently so the could meet the regulars, people and pets alike. They should also rethink the water situation. On any given evening there can be any where from 30 to 50 dogs playing. The park is very dusty and they get thirsty. The dog fountain is cute but not big enough to water the pups properly.

Jenny C's picture
great, could use some work

It is really a great dog park with separate areas for small and large dogs. Weekends and evenings are really busy and because of how small it is it can get really crowded really fast. There is only one tree for shade and a small covered pavilion so it gets really hot! Not much grass and nobody picks up there dogs poop even though there are materials to do so... It is disappointing to see people doing this. Mostly good dogs and most owners are good at paying attention but every so often, especially on weekends and evenings you will get one dog that causes issues and the owners just ignore it. Some owners think it is okay for their dogs to break skin on the mellow dogs, like mine, and then laugh. This does not happen often so when it does just try back at a different time. Overall it is a good area for your dog to socialize and exercise!

tms's picture
Nice dog park. Avoid afternoons and evenings.

This is a nice dog park with all the usual amenities: benches, water fountain, trees, and plenty of space. It also has separate areas for big dogs (over twenty pounds) and small dogs. The big-dog area is L-shaped, so you can mostly avoid certain dogs if the need arises. There's really only one problem with this dog park. Avoid it during afternoons and evenings, especially on the weekends. There's a group of people, mostly Texas State students, who take their Pit Bulls to this dog park nearly every day. These people seem to think that it's OK that their Pit Bulls act with aggression towards other dogs. This is not simply rough play: I'm pretty calloused when it comes to seeing dogs wrestle and bite and do all the dog-play things, but what I have seen with these Pit Bulls at this dog park is pure aggression. It could have become very ugly. The worst part of all is that the owners of these dogs act with cavalier indifference to the concerns of other dog-park users. These owners are practically a gang of bullies who think they're entitled to use the park as they please simply because they go there every day, while their friends, who are equally at offense, back them up whenever their dog misbehaves. They're trashy people lacking either class or courtesy, with "macho" dogs that are neither trained or well behaved. To avoid this crowd, go in the mornings. Otherwise don't risk your friendly dog's health or appearance by getting it bit by a college kid's Pit Bull.

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Address correction

This park is actually behind the Army Reserve bldg on East Hopkins and is easier to access if you park on Charles Austin Drive(Walgreens and Texas State Stadium). If you use the parking lot behind the Public Library you have quite a walk to get to this dog park. There are actually 2 trees in this park but at least 4 water fountains and lots of room for dogs to run within a securely fenced area. Park is L shaped with benches under the big shade tree near the entrance and a large tent canopy with 3 picnic tables at the opposite side of the L. It appears the city is doing a lot of improvements like leveling, planting grass, providing shade, etc so this park is a works in progress. The small dog park was closed for maintenance but the adjoining large dog park was available. My dogs really enjoyed running in the wide open space here. Congrats to the city of San Marcos for creating such a nice, well maintained dog park. It is much appreciated.

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This park is fully fenced,

This park is fully fenced, with a separate area for small/shy dogs and one larger area for large dogs. There is only one tree, but a number of benches, and running water. I rarely find other dogs present.