Phil Hardberger Dog Park

Farm Rd. 2696 (Blanco Rd)
NW Military Highway
San Antonio, TX
Operating Hours:
7:30am - Sunset
Days Closed:
Park Size:
1.8 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened May 15, 2010.  This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, rinse area, trails, shade trees, and drinking water.  It has a two story dog house in the park.

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Lilahlab2011's picture
Aggressive Dogs; at your own risk

April 2012: Nice shady park, mulched dog area, paved trails, water, kids play area. Beware of aggressive dogs: 2 pitbulls ignored owners' calls, rushing dog-gate as we tried to enter. Our young lab gave 1 bark & both pitbulls latched onto her head & throat. Took 4 people to pull them apart. No serious damage obvious, but vet found deep punctures in throat & thru cheek; scapes on nose, neck, head. $$$ "Enter at your own risk." (Suggest- get info on owners & dogs. Do go to vet ASAP.)

Jenny C's picture
just for dogs

Like this park with some exceptions. It used to be very clean but now there seems to be a lot of poop left behind. Also there are some dog owners who do not properly correct their aggressive dogs or even pay attention. Unfortunately the dogs happen to be powerful breeds with potential to cause harm. One older drunk guy brings his German sheppard, another younger guy a Rottweiler, to name a few. Both dogs are very aggressive around other animals and always cause fights while the owners just sit there and laugh. The best time to go is probably really early but there are no guarantees. The trails are nice and there is lots of exploring to do for the dogs on the other side of the park in salado greenway. Great for workouts!

Jenny C's picture
dog park

Very nice park with lots of additional trails for hiking. Fenced in dog park also contains separate area for small dogs with their own entrance.

Jenny C's picture

Just took my 5 month old Cavalier here and he loved it.

Separate big and little dog areas. Both areas are big and fenced in.

Water, agility ramps, and benches were provided. Also everyone was great and kept an eye out.

Zoeyscookiejar's picture
We took our little girl Zoey

We took our little girl Zoey here and it was her first trip to the dog park and she had a blast. We put her in the "older dog" section and she had so much fun. All of the dogs are well behaved and their owners make sure to watch after them. There is plenty of space for dogs to run.

Superjoel24's picture

Great dog park.We went in 2011 January,and found that this is a very good dog park,all the owners were watching their dogs.It was double gated,had water, had agility equipment, gave bags,and the place wasn't filled with dog poop.If you are visiting San Antonio, visit this dog park.It also has a playground near by,and lots of nature trails.

Jenny C's picture

We were visiting from Virginia and had heard that San Antonio did not have very many dog parks although we only found 3, this park was amazing! I wish we had something like this close to where we live!

eleazarg's picture
The street name @ park entrance.

It was my first time @ the park and using the iPhone app. was not a good experience. It gives old names for the streets like Farm Rd.1535 (NW Military Hwy.) for the park entrance instead of Farm Rd. 2696 (Blanco Rd). The entrance is Blanco Road and not NW Military Hwy. like the app. says. Other than that I liked it, it has trails to walk your dogs before going into the dog park.

EDITOR COMMENT: The map marker has been moved and the road names updated. The park as a whole is very large and has multiple entrances; locating the dog park was difficult.