John Stiff Memorial Dog Park

4800 Bell St.
South of 45th between Bell and Coulter
Amarillo, TX
Operating Hours:
5am - Midnight
Managed By:
City of Amarillo
Days Closed:
only for very special events
Park Size:
2.3 acre
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has benches, trees, lights, and drinking water (no separate small dog area).  This park is also known as Southwest Park.  Directions: It can be found by taking Bell south from I-40 or north from I-27. Turning west on 48th. Taking the first left on to Shoshone or running on into Kwahadi which loops back around. Dog park is on the south side of road between baseball complex and park maintenance/nursery. The dog park is in the back by the soccer fields.

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Jaxlab330's picture
John S. Stiff Dog Park

Great fenced in area for canine socialization.
It could use more shade bearing trees and a gazebo like structure with benches and tables for people to sit.
But, overall it's a nice park.

Ladybird's picture
So much fun!

Ladybird and I loved this dog park. I am glad there is something like this in Amarillo. Will be going back for sure!

Smitty806's picture
very impressed

I was impressed by the size of this park. Water, benches, trees, 2 separate enclosures for big or small, I just have a little yorkie and she loved getting off the leash even if she did just sniff everything out lol very nice park though

Jenny C's picture
Very clean, Yet a quick draining water bowl is questioned.

It's very well kept and clean! Me and my dog loved it! But my dog hates baths, so it's no surprise that he would not drink the water cause it sprayed out. It would better to have a slow draining or even a plug up bowl. Aside from that, everything else is totally awesome! :)

2dogwoman's picture
Thank you!

Your directions are perfect. Much better than my erring GPS. :-)
Thank you!!

2dogwoman's picture
A great break in doggies' day

Visited this park many times and always found both dogs and owners friendly and kind. Also, it can be a little difficult to get to, but the directions given here by a previous reviewer are perfect. Follow them and you can't get lost.
Lots of space for dogs to run, water, doggie bags, you can't ask for a better place to take your pups.

lazycinnamon's picture
Good Size Park

We stopped at this dog park on our way to/from Port Aransas, our Lab really enjoyed the park and made a few new friends. The park was clean and easy to find.

gbergen's picture
Nice city dog park

I travelled from Atlanta to New Mexico and back for Thanksgiving and stopped at this dog park on the way out. Nice park with very nice people and dogs. Lots of dogs there when we stopped to play.

VISITOR's picture
Driving Directions

It can be found by taking Bell south from I-40 or north from I-27. Turning west on 48th. Taking the first left on to Shoshone or running on into Kwahadi which loops back around. Dog park is on the south side of road between baseball complex and park maintenance/nursery.

VISITOR's picture
Dog Park Size

This dog park is over 2.3 acres instead of only 1. It also is over 200 yds. long and almost 100 yds wide with a perimeter of over 1/4 mi.

airstreamingypsy's picture
John Stiff Park Dog Park

This is quite a nice park, it has benches and shade trees....unfortunately the benches are not under the trees so you can sit in the sun, or stand in the shade.

There's no smaller dog section, if hat matters to you.

RueSue's picture
nice park within a park!

This is a review of the John Stiff Memorial Dog Park located in Southwest Park, Amarillo TX. This is a nice dog park located in a really nice city park. Lots of room to walk around on-leash and a nice sized enclosure for off-leash play. There are a few benches, doggie water fountain, plastic tunnel, clean up bags/trash cans and lots of room to run. There is no separate small dog area (at least I did not see one). We were there on a Monday afternoon and there were about 7 or 8 other dogs but I imagine this park gets busy on the weekend! You can enter southwest park from either Bell St or SW 45th Ave (we found it by typing Bell St and 48th ave in the GPS). The park road is a loop, so once you are in the park just keep driving and you will see the dog park (it is right next to the road - the nearest parking lot is across the street from the park so most people park on the road). We met some nice people and my dog had a great time running around, we will definitely visit this dog park again!

twodogwoman's picture
I drive cross-country with

I drive cross-country with my two dogs frequently and used to walk them at medi-park which was beautiful, but they had to stay on leashes. John Stiff Memorial dog park is off-leash which makes all the difference to the pups. People are friendly and kind, responsible and caring, and all dogs we've ever met have been playful and happy. No problem at all with keeping my dogs happy on our long trips.

Visitor's picture
John Stiff Memorial Dog Park

Of the 3 dog parks in Amarillo, this is far and way the best. It is approximately a grassy acre, fenced in, with biodegradable doggie litter bags available. You are expected to clean up after your dog. The dog owners generally are all very responsible and seldom do I ever see anything get out of hand. My preference is for weekday morning visitation. Weekends and late afternoons can bring in the crowds and I have seen as many as 30-40 dogs at that time, especially during the summer months. The rules and regulations are posted at the entry and the enclosure is quite large with several trees and a doggie water fountain on site, in addition to benches for human visitors. Recently we had visitors from as far away as California who stopped in on their way eastward. This Amarillo dog park caters to a more upscale demographic than the other two in town. The clientele is mixed with as many larger breeds as miniature breeds. Generally there is an adequate supply of tennis balls for use and of course you are welcome to bring Fido's favorite toys too, just be aware that many dogs can become possessive of their toys and generally when disagreements happen, stolen toys are the leading cause.

dogspark's picture
Great open space, convenient if you're passing through

I stopped at this park during a road trip across I-40 and was so glad I did. There was plenty of water and the waste bags were fully stocked, which was great since I had accidently packed mine deep in the trunk. Separate areas for big and small dogs was nice, although mine went in with the big dogs and were fine; the folks at this park were very friendly and sensitive to their dogs being overly aggressive with my small ones.

The park is a bit off the beaten path, but it's convenient to both I-40 and I-27. From I-40 it was directly south from the Bell Street exit. From there it's a few miles down. Turn left at the shooting range and follow the signs back through the park to the fenced-off dog areas. Do the opposite if you†re coming up Bell Street off of I-27 from the south.


Visitor's picture
Beautiful park

Nice big grassy park with fresh water. However, there's very little shade so don't go in the middle of the day!