Wiggins Village Dog Park

A Fun Day
565 Bryant Rd
Conroe, TX
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Conroe 936-522-3842
Days Closed:
Park Size:
8 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has benches and a fire hydrant for the doggies. There is no drinking water so be sure to bring water for your dogs (there is no separate small dog area or shade.)  One side of the park is securely fenced with benches, the other side is more rustic, with weeds and a creek, and non-secure fencing.

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Dog park

It's a great park for dogs. Friendly people too. There is an inner square fenced in area with 2 benches and a fire hydrant. This area is more secure with no holes in the fences. No shade or trees in this area.

There is a larger outer area that surrounds the inner square. It is fenced, but there are many holes that dogs can escape. One side has a large field surrounded by sloped hills and some pine trees. The other side has an overgrown area (my dogs love to run through the weeds) and a creek that flows into a drainage trough. The dogs love getting in the creek, but they can easily get out as the fence does not dip down into the creek, but rather crosses over about 4 feet above it.

It's best to wear rain boots for several weeks after a good rain as the entrances and parts of the park get muddy and hold water for a long time. It looks like the park is basically a retention pond drainage area that they've fenced.

No lights, restrooms or water. No shade in the inner square but some in the outer areas. A very large park, big enough for frisbee, fetch, and any running games. Some ability to separate large from small dogs or more assertive from easy going(based on owner's cooperating with each other). Poop bags and garbage cans provided.

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Wiggins Village Dog Park

It is great to have a place to take our dogs in Conroe. This place is a good start - I hope improvements are coming - like trees! It is just a field that is fenced in. The fencing was very secure! Our dogs loved it - they ran, came by for some water (that we brought) and ran some more. I doubt I would go there alone with my dogs due to location.

It seems like the city could get a landscaper to donate some trees and post the company name on the fence - great advertising!

But, again, a great start and it's good to have somewhere to go that is close to home.