Baytown Bark Park (at W L Jenkins Park)

4334 Crosby Cedar Bayou Road
Baytown, TX
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Baytown Parks and Recreation Department and The Baytown Kennel Club
Days Closed:
Park Size:
5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Open April 30,2009. This dog park has a separate small dog area, drinking water, shade, benches, and some agility equipment.  The Baytown Kennel Club is still taking tax deductible donations towards the creation of this dog park.

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JerryAmandaThomason's picture
This dog park has potential

This dog park has potential but still needs some work done to it. It offers tons of room to run around and play, a dog obstacle course, and multiple fire hydrants for doggie bathroom pleasure! However, I really believe this park could use a pool or some form of cooling down for the dogs, it gets extremely hot outside and there isn't much shade to cool down under and with only one water fountain for this huge dog park makes the experience quick and not fully enjoyable. They do have one covered seating area with two benches and many young trees that once mature will provide more shade but intil then bring water for you and your pooch to stay hydrated! Another great addition that could really help that i have seen at other parks are doggie wash stations that are basically dog showers that are used to clean off your pups before leaving. Over all I did enjoy my visit and look forward to seeing this park grow and blossom into its full potential!

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I forgot the add that my only

I forgot the add that my only concern with the park is that earlier in the day there was two different sets of people who brought dogs who where not exactly playful.. When my dog tried to play and meet them they tried to bite him.. Honestly if you're dog is not friendly with others.. I would suggest not bringing them to a dog park.. I had to take mine to the small dog side since noone was there until they left.

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My Collie Jackson just turned

My Collie Jackson just turned old enough to finally go to a dog park. Took him to the park yesterday and he had a blast!! He got to meet alot of other dogs. Even the kids enjoyed playing with the dogs there. It was a very nice park with nice people. We will defiantly be coming back when we are in the area!

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Glamour Dogs at Baytown Bark Park 11/12/11 at Jenkins Park

Took my three American Eskimo dogs to the Baytown Bark Park at Jenkins Park yesterday for the Glamour Dogs photo shoot. The Baytown Photo Club members were working with the owners and dogs and taking the photos to benefit the Baytown Humane Society.

The Photo Club members were absolutely amazing to work with!!! My two younger dogs were so excited to be there and a little rambunctious. Probably should have taken them to the run area before having photos made but got there near the end of the photo shoot so didn't have time. The ladies (Randi, Valerie, JoAnn, and I'm not sure the other couple of ladies names) and guys (forgive me, I don't remember your names at this moment) were so helpful at holding their leashes and setting up their many props and being amazingly patient as I switched out the dogs clothes and jewelry I had brought with me!!!

My dogs got to take a Thanksgiving portrait together, a Christmas portrait together, and then I got to take a glamour portrait with all of them.

My dad also went with me and he got a glamour shot with his min-pin. Randi was so cool and so meticulous about getting just the greatest shot with Peanut's tiny harley davidson hat on. She kept adjusting the hat and re-adjusting to get a fabulous shot.

All the proceeds went to the Baytown Humane Society. What a great opportunity to help out and get some awesome photos.

We can not wait to see our photos!!! Thanks a million Baytown Photo Club, Baytown Bark Park, and Baytown Humane Society!!

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Great fun, but a few concerns.

I have two dogs, a Doberman and a medium sized lab mix. My lab/mix doesn't always get along with other dogs so I keep her on the leash and just keep an eye out for other dogs that want to play with her. Not for her sake but for theirs. My Doberman LOVES the park. It's a great place for them to get out and run instead of being couped up in an apartment all day. I do wish there were more trees though because there is hardly any shade.

My only issue: people with small dogs, PLEASE don't get mad at me or my dog when you are in the LARGE dog area and my doberman comes and wants to play with your little one. My large dog isn't allowed in the small dog area, she will step on and play too rough with the little dogs, your dog however can do both, but expect rough housing when hanging with the big dogs.

A dog park is a free roam place and dogs will be dogs. People get upset when they are trying to walk with their dog and my dog wants to chase it and run with it. If you want to walk your dog, the park is HUGE, please go outside of the dog area and walk the trails. I'm sure you're dog would love it. Not as much as he/she would love to run free but I digress.

I'm so glad we have this park and I wish more people would go. It's a great way to make your dog come home and go straight to bed! ;-)

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I love the Baytown Bark Park!

I took my dog to the Baytown Bark Park and he had such a blast meeting other dogs and playing and running around!! I was really surprised to see how many other dogs were out and about (about 10 others in the small fence and about 10 in the large fence). I do agree with the reviewer who stated that dog owners who choose to keep their dogs on the leash and get upset when other dogs try to come play make the park a bit confusing for dogs who's owners are allowing them to run free and socialize! Keep in mind, Jenkins Park is very large and there is plenty of room to walk your dogs on a leash outside of the bark park area. Still, Jack had such a blast and the poor guy is so sleepy from his fun day!! I can't wait to take him back tomorrow!!

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Small Dog Park

I love having a local dog park. The big dog side is so much better. It has a ton of room and agility items. The small dog side is smaller and only has a fire-hydrant. Both sides have cover benches, water available for dogs and humans, dog poop bags, and a trash can. One of the times we went out there was after it rained and the entrance holds water.

As a small dog owner I would love to see some agility items. My dog gets bored out there because there is nothing for him to do.

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Problem with dog park in Baytown

I was glad to found out that Baytown had a dog park. Sadie, my Yorkie, and I went today. We had a good time and she got to play with other dogs. But, there is a problem for small dogs like my Yorkie. There is a double gate in the back for maintenance. The hinges are not set right. One side of the gate extends out, which leave a large gap on both sides of the gate. Small dogs can easily go thru to a large field which is not fenced. One of the entrance gates is having the same problem. Also, there are places at the bottom of the fence that has settled or washed away and again small dogs can get thru. I think these need fixed. Sadie and I love the park. Please fix these problems.

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AWESOME! I am really looking forward to going there. What are their hours of operation though? That would be nice to know. Anyway, they should advertise or something bc I have been living in Crosby forever and I take my dogs everywhere and I never heard about this dog park until last weekend!!! i am so excited!!!

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Cassie Loves It!!

Cassie and I visited the large dog park today. It was great. I found it to be clean and full of fun stuff for her. The other dogs and their owners were friendly and sociable. Cassie had a great time playing ball with three young boys. She's a 4 year old shepherd-lab mix. She spends most of her time in a small apartment while I attend college so this is really a great place for us both get out and get some exercise. I'm sure we will be back often!!

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I like the park

The park is nice, my dog Minnie loves going there & socializing with the other dogs who are sometimes there. However, last month in January 2010, I reported to park service people working in Jenkins park that the water fountain in the dog park on the small dog side was not working. I went back again this month in Feb 2010. The fountain still does not work. The fountains provide water for the dogs as well as the people there. The city of Baytown needs to get that fountain fixed...especially once it starts getting warmer this season.

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This is a great park went

This is a great park went there day after it opened and was very pleasantly surprised. Has nice amenities for the dogs at least the large dog side does. Just wish there were more adult shade trees there:( People who go there really need to lighten up its a free run for dogs if you want to keep your dog on a leash and be scared please do it at your house! This is meant for dogs to be dogs run sniff and just be happy ask yourself this do you want to be pulled around by a leash when everyone else can walk freely? No didnt think so. Just come out have a good time and let your dog(s) play.

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Baytown's very own?!

I am so happy to hear that Baytown will finally have a dog park of its very own! As a new dog owner, I am looking for places to take my puppy for a good off leash game of catch and the socialization every dogs needs. I can't wait for the park to open!!!