Sugar Land Pawm Springs Dog Park

Lucy & Sable cool off
Pond time
Commonwealth and University Blvds
Sugar Land, TX
Operating Hours:
Sunrise - Sunset
Days Closed:
Park Size:
5 acres for big dogs and 1 acre for small dogs
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened October 10, 2009. This dog park has a separate small dog area, pond, benches, drinking water, a palm tree type water sprayer, rinse area, obstacle course and shade. No children under the age of 12.

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Great experience !

My dog loves to run around and play with the dogs. She's only 50 lbs and is a boxer pit mix. We have only had one poor experience and I blame a neglectful owner. His dog kept "bullying" my dog and another pit. He was big - prob 75-90lbs - and his owner just said "oh I guess he doesn't like pit bulls". Really? Idiot, then he shouldn't be in a dog park with two of the sweetest little girls! Take your dog and go, don't just keep releasing him like he's gonna stop. We had to leave because the bully and his idiot owner wouldn't. Most times I've seen dogs fighting, the owner takes the dogs and leaves. But that's a bully for ya.

The only other complaint is that owners do not read the rules - no children under 12, and pick up after your dog. Seems people are getting better about the latter, but I still see lots of kids.

Generally we Love Love Love this park!

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One of the best!

Positives: (1)Great to have restrooms available - one of the few in the entire Houston Metroplex;(2)Enough poop bags and receptacle stations; (3)Lots of room, water pond; (4)Vast majority of owners and dogs are well behaved but also very diverse - some owners do not understand the difference between a fight and some serious discussion - IMHO it is usually best to let the dogs work out their differences - if you keep interrupting the issues remain open - after all resolving differences is the essence of socializing dogs; (5) I worry about the small dogs invading the large dog area - many are well behaved and are used to playing with large dogs but I worry about the large dogs who are not so used to small dogs.

Negatives: (1)not much shade for owners for the summer unless you are pretty much removed from the pond and obstacle course; (2)Often muddy ditch cutting the park in half making it somewhat difficult to walk around following your dog(s); (3) Obstacle course condition is getting pretty sad but at least we have one; (4)already mentioned about the pond but something is not right - the apron appears to have tilted leaving a big drop off that bothers the dogs that are not natural water dogs.

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Not a Great Experience

This was my 1st visit and I was VERY disappointed. The pictures and write-up description on the web led me to a major let down. #1 - the pond design is horrible. My husky loves to swim but as soon as he walked out 3-4 ft he dropped and went under...never went in again above "knee" height. #2 majority of people conveniently looked away when their dogs needed picking up after. The waste was all over the field and worst of all, it was around the pond...had been run through and splashed and was actually washing into the water that the dogs drink and swim in. #3 Would be nice to have usable places to sit to supervise swimming dogs. If you go, take your own chair (wish I had!). The surrounding area is very nice and the park has potential but people need to be more mindful of their negligence and not following ALL the rules -- has an impact on the experiences of others.

Good or Bad?

When I first brought my 5 month old doberman to the park we had to keep on the leash. He was terrified of the other dogs. We let the other dogs sniff him and get to know him. About 20 minutes later we finally let him off the leash. He was sooooo happy! He ran around playing tag with the other dogs and even went swimming for the first time. My dog had a blast! I will definitely be going back.

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This is an incredible dog park, and we attend 4-5 nights a week. My dogs are runners, and must run 2 hours a day minimum. For the most part, they stay out of everyone's way, but will occasionally mingle with the other dogs. They are too busy chasing things that fly...birds, butterflies. I have 2 dogs, both are 9 months old, and both calm submissive type, and trained to come when called. They do well 97% of the time.....our male, is quite large, and a huge chicken. He bows to most dogs. He plays only with 2 types of dogs, his litter-mate sister, and very small dogs that yelp when he goes near them. If they run or yelp, the game is on. He plays with them in the same manner he plays with his sister...HARD. He will not body slam them, but he play punches with his snout, which often sends the small dog in a roll, and yelping, which then sets off an entire pack onto the small which point it is near impossible to control mine. PLEASE understand, that when you bring your small dog into a park with super large dogs, anything can happen. Dogs are Dogs. It is often hard to determine if and when the change occurs from "play" to "prey." You are bringing the love of your life, your children, into a situation that cannot be foreseen. Why risk it. They are mingling with many breeds, bred for many reasons. Though I don't hunt with my bird dogs, they are "prey" driven. They are completely safe among MOST small dogs, and ALL large dogs, hence, I keep them on the LARGE dog side. This is posted at the park, please adhere to it, so this park can remain an enjoyable place for all involved. We are all animal lovers, and we all love our dogs. Don't risk your dogs life by subjecting him or her to possible prey driven dogs, or a harmless game of chase in which your dog can get trampled, rolled, seriously injured, or....worse, killed when it yelps, and dogs drive turns to focus on "wounded animal."

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Good but not great.

The park is big and seperated by large and small breeds. Only the large breed dogs get the pool but not the small. My dog is 30lbs and could easily play in both sides but i wont let her play in the large area pool because the big dogs own it. Which is too bad because my dog loves the water. Also the large dog area has the obstacle course but not the small. Bring plenty of toys for the little ones so they can atleast play fetch. Also, if ur dog is dog aggresive he needs to be leashed up or he has no business there. I can not stress that enough.

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Nice dog park

My malamute loves this dog park, but still some people don't pick up their dog's waste. And too much small breed dogs in large dog area!!

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Wanted to take our puppy to the park on our day off; we drove all the way to the park assuming it was open. We get there and the sign says "closed on Monday for maintenance". There was nothing on the website that gave this information.

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Great park... if you don't mind rude people

The park is great... but one agressive dog and extremely agressive owner made sure I will never return again.

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Best dog park in Houston

Large and something for everyone. A separate area for small dog. A large pond/lake with a shallow end and steep drop off very nicely landscaped with boulders behind and a pole wirh water spraying. Huge area for runnung with ramps and slides in the back. A coveted area with picnic benches (important in Houston). Recently they paved the road from the main park entrance. And now an area which for a long time people have complained gets muddy is fenced off for resodding.

Very large parking lot with two hoses to wash dogs off. Best time to come would be sat mrning before 1030a.

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Pawm Springs Dawg Park

When we visited the first months it was open it was a muddy mess. It probably would be again if it ever rained but during this drought it is fine. It actually probably opened too soon but we were all anxious.
Suggestions:it needs more benches for the masters to sit. I'm not sure what or who those mud covered lounges around the pond are for but not for people. Second, the pond was made with a drop off along the western edge. Not sure if this is wrosion after it was filled with water or what but my dogs are so apprehensive about getting in the water because of it. A walking trial around the perimeter of the park would be nice as well.
Overall, we are greatful to have such a large park in the area. It sure beats driving 15 miles to Millie Bush. So thank you City of Sugar Land for this park.

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Dog park

My dog and I absolutely LOVE this dog park. People there are friendly, alot of room, a pond, doggie bags, little dog section, etc... My dog gets so excited to get in the car b/c we might be going there. She is always tired and loves to romp with the others. We have been completly satisfied and there is nothing i would do to make it better. -MPH

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Thank You!!!

This is the nicest dog park that I have ever been to. I was happy with the size and the man made lake that was also in the lake. I thought of the dog park as a vacation home for my dog. I go at least 3 times a week and I love it!

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Awesome park

Of my 8 state, 5 dog park trip, this is the best. The grass was lush and green, the parking was convenient, the people were nice.
The little dog section didn't have water, which is why I took a star away, but it was very large compared to some of the other little dog sections I visited.
There were bathrooms, but I think they were under construction or closed. No worries, I just drove to the other side of the park and used the facilities at the children's play area.
We really wanted to check out the big dog section with the pond on our way back, but it was raining. Maybe the next time I drive to Texas.
Overall, great park. Wish I had one of that caliber in Virginia.

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typical stuck-up attitude.....go figure

First off, I would like to mention that I really like the new dog park. Secondly, lets note that there aren't any dog parks in Houston that have restrooms!!!

As far as the mud is could anyone predict that there was going to be so much rain prior to the opening?!!!? The weather caused all the mud, which then extended the amount of time it is going to take for the seed to come up. Once everything gets some time to rest it will be grassy and nice. Also, there ARE lounge chairs in the park! I was just out there and was at the opening and they are located near the pond area.
Next thing....the fire hydrants. I mean really??? Is there anything else you could possibly try and gripe about??!?!!? I have seen tons of dogs run into people..not one run into a fire hydrant. And even if they did....THEY ARE DOGS!! They're going to run around, not paying attention to where they are going.

I would hate to go through life with such negativity. This is a dog park. Why don't you try and find the good in things and be happy that we even have a dog park in the area now. I bet if your dog could speak, they'd tell you they love it!!

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Sugar Land, TX Dog park

I am extremely disappointed with this dog park. So much mud. Limited shade area. Did I mention mud? They placed a fire hydrant in the area where the dogs romp and play and I have watched several dogs run into it and hurt themselves. It should be moved to the side of the fence and not in the middle of the play area. Did I mention mud? Where is the water fountain for the dogs? The small dog park looks very nice. But that side too has the fire hydrant placed in the play area and there is no water fountain on that side either.

Irresponsible pet owners do not pick up their dog poop. Which is another disappointment. Parents bring babies in strollers. The sign clearly states the age of children allowed inside...wake up parents! I would think that if this was a project for a soccer field for children, every step would have been taken for safety and proper infrastucture planning. But since the City of Sugar Land feels it is just dogs, they decided to use left over puzzles from the Goodwill to put this dog park together. We pay high taxes here and I would expect a better dog park. Houston's various dog parks are great. This one is for the "dogs"... no pun intended. If visiting wear boots, bring a first aide kit for your dog when they run into the fire hydrant, bring water for the dogs and you and be prepared for a very long walk to the bathroom.

There is a covered patio area with 2 picnic tables and room for about 12 sit. That's it...just 12 people, can't wait for our 100+ degree weather to hit and watching everyone trying to fit in that little area. DISAPPOINTED IN SUGAR LAND, TX!

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It's great!!!

Love the new park. It is muddy right now, but once all the grass is established it shouldn't be too bad. Love the dog washing station. The only negative is they don't have have a dog drinking area, so bring a bowl and you can fill it up at the dog washing station. Great addition to the community!

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Small Dogs will love it!

We went to the grand opening of this dog park - which was really crowded - and we can't wait to go back on a regular day! The small dog area is really big compared to the dog parks I have been to. The only negative thing I can thionk of was that is was REALLY muddy. Granted we had experienced a HUGE storm the day before the opening, but it was pretty bad. Make sure to wear boots or old sneakers if you go within a week of a big rain.

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Dog Park grand opening event

We went to the opening of the long awaited park today. There was a huge crowd-so much so that people and their pets were being bused in from an overflow lot! We liked that there was a separate small dog section, and a well thought out double gated entry. A nice touch was the fenced in "hose down" area for dogs who get muddy in the pond. This is a very dog-friendly community!

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good idea

great idea

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stations with biodegradable bags for poop disposal

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We are VERY excited for the

We are VERY excited for the park to open!!