Lent's Family Dog Park

Pretty big park
18103 Cypress Trace
Houston, TX 77090
Operating Hours:
Dawn - Dusk
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, a pond, trails, trees, benches, and drinking water.

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Jazzper's picture
Not small dog friendly for high energy dog

Pro. Nice gravel trail. Two sitting areas and water bowls. Lots of trees
Con. ... No water feature for dogs to cool off. Must go to big dog side for "bone water feature"
Chain link fence and gate between big /little side to high .. Curious dog could quickly wiggle under.
Rinse off station bazaar- no hose just spray and must hold in button for water to flow .....must only be for cooling off dogs... Impossible to rinse off muddy legs and belly. No way to tether dog close to spray.

Big dog side few trees. Has lg gravel path the goes around the perimeter. The center of big dog side is a retention pond with steep sloping sides it appears around 15-20 feet deep. Bottom has stagnant green water and heaven knows what else.

JerryAmandaThomason's picture
Dog Park

This dog park is fantastic! This diamond in the ruff has two seperate dog parks (Small and Large) that are full of lush green grass and plenty of room to run! The large dog park has a bone shaped pool with a rock water fall, two seating areas with three benches at each area, a gravel walking track, one water fountain for pups and humans, and two stations that are designated for trash and doggie bags just in case you left yours at home! My Pup and I use the Large dog park but from what I have seen so far both parks are well kept and users do a great job pick up are their dogs!

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Dog Park

Small & large dog area, shaded seat areas, drinking water, bathing area, dog bone shaped wading pool with rock fountain. Also separate children's playground & field /track.