Independence Dog Park

SugaPie at the dog park
3919 Liberty Drive
Pearland, TX
Operating Hours:
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City of Pearland
Days Closed:
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Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, agility, and trees. Hose available for drinking water. No children under the age of 8.

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Small Friendly Park

This is a small local dog park located in Independence Park. It has shade, benches, obstacles, several water buckets, waste bags, & a separate small dog section. Please come join the Independence Dog Park Facebook group!

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this park is ok

watch your dog carefully if you take your dog to this park. its a good location but nobody watches their dogs until a fight breaks out.

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I signed up for this account just so I could reply to the Aggresive Dogs review. I live in Pearland and am not the owner of this River Pit Bull.

So let me get this straight... you put your SMALL BREED dog in the LARGE BREED area and that makes this the pit bulls fault?? Are you kidding me? If you are looking for fault it is YOURS! Shame on you for putting your puppy at risk. Shame on you for thinking that the rules dont apply to you! And shame on you for blaming everyone else for your failing!

Your SMALL dog has no business being in the large breed area. If you do, do so at your own risk!

Dogs have drives and most larger breeds can hold there own, but the baby breeds dont stand a chance. I would LOVE to tell you what I really think of your actions and blaming game but I want others to take this reply seriously.

EDITOR COMMENT: The rules state: "Dogs with a known history of bad behavior are prohibited. Any dog must be removed from the off-leash area at the first sign of aggression." Large dogs should not be small dog aggressive. The rules also state: "Small dogs are also allowed in large dog area." We do not recommend this but it is allowed.

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love this park

I understand how scary it can be as a smaller-breed dog owner to come in contact with larger pups, but there are 2 sections for a reason. My pup has always been around pit bulls and other larger breeds, so having him in the larger breed section has never been a problem. Other than people sometimes neglecting to pick up their pooche's waste, this dog park is awesome.

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don't waste your time

Very small confined area. Dogs have just one small bowl and a hose for drinking water and the park itself is hard to find

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Aggresive Dogs

I love the dog park, and the majority of the dogs and the owners are awesome.. Two months ago my dog SugaPie was attacked in the larger dog park. Granted she is small, she had never had a problem and gets along fine with bigger dogs.. The owner of the dog who attacked her, did nothing to help get his dog off of her, and left without giving any info about whether his dog had shots etc. The attacking dogs name was "River" and I filed a report.. I have noticed alot of pit bulls and other "bully" breed dogs since we started going back.. Again I love the park, but way too many aggressive dogs for us, and no patrol by anyone to keep the pitbulls out. We will only be going to the puppy area and during the day sadly when no other dogs are there...

EDITOR COMMENT: Pitbulls are allowed at this dog park. But the rules do state: "Dogs with a known history of bad behavior are prohibited. Any dog must be removed from the off-leash area at the first sign of aggression."

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great park with friendly dogs

We have taken our 2 year old golden retriever there since he was old enough to mingle with other dogs. Granted it has few trees and only one covered table but the regular dogs that are brought there are very friendly. We have only had one experience with an overly aggressive pet and he was taken home by his owner before there was trouble. The people are very diligent about picking up after their pets. Terrific exercise area for your pet.