Bear Branch Dog Park

5200 Research Forest Dr.
Cochran's Crossing
Woodlands, TX 77381
Operating Hours:
Dawn to Dusk
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This park has a separate small dog area, water spigots, kiddie pool, shade, and benches. The Woodlands Dog Park Club supports this dog park.

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jrptkr's picture
Disappointed with Bear Branch Park

I went to this park for the first time today and was disappointed at the lack of maintenance. The ground is all dusty dirt where the dogs get filthy as they run, play and roll. I expected it to be more like Teremont only bigger, but it did not appear to be very well maintained. The plastic pool filled with water was filled with green algae. I would prefer the removal of that tub so that the dogs don't drink from it. One of the other dog families had said that they complained about the dirt ground recently and that some kind of mulch or wood chips were supposed to be brought in. From reading post above from 2012, it appears that this park has been subpar for quite awhile. It's a shame that this dog park in The Woodlands is not better maintained. I doubt that I will go back, although my dog did enjoy running, playing, and stirring up dust storms with the other dogs.

ebandza's picture
Dog Area Stinks

This is a nice park for everthing else but dogs. The are two area's one for small dogs and another for large. Both of these areas have no grass, and very little shade. The area is filled with silty sand that got my dog all nasty. A stagnate little plastic pool (gross!!) There was not a single other dog family there so it wasnt fun for sugar a wasted trip. We went on a Saturday about 5:45pm and I was hoping to have sugar playing with other dogs. On the other hand if your looking for a nice area to walk your dog on leash beautiful park and walk ways, tennis court, skate/bike area, and swwiming pool.

Visitor's picture
Problems in the dog park

During the weekends in the area that the dogs are to be there are children that are under the age of 9, and there has been incidents were the dogs are playing the trip a child and that has cause problems, we need more checking up on the dog park on the weekends.
Please keep the restrooms open. Thank you very much

Visitor's picture
it's not worth loading up

it's not worth loading up your dogs for fun at this park. It lacks any shared areas,the water play area is a small plastic pool w/a hose attachment for water. Owners would wash their dogs in the pool and other dogs were drinking from it! There was alot of dog poop everywhere. After 10 min. we loaded up our 3 dogs and have never gone back. It's worth driving an hour to a great dog park.