Bay Area Park Dog Park

enjoying the weather at her favorite place
7500 Bay Area Blvd
Pasadena, TX
Operating Hours:
7am - Dusk
Managed By:
Harris County
Days Closed:
Park Size:
5.3 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened May 2009. This dog park has a separate small dog area, drinking water, doggy wash station, shade, and benches. This dog park is supported by Bay Area Running K9s (BARK9).

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Dog park rules

Please remember to read the rules before entering the dog parks. I have had to kick many people out of the dog park for bringing in more then 2 dogs per adult and not using a leash to get too and from the park. Small dogs should remain in small dog side for thier own safety. And large dogs should remain in thier own side. Some large dogs are aggressive to small dogs and vice versa. If I have to come out and do a bite report on a dog that bites another dog, there will be fines associated with the mandatory 10 day state quaratine at the animal shelter. Not to mention possible citations for violating park rules. And always remember to vaccinate Your dogs for rabies. This is a state law.
And yes I can also write you a ticket for not picking up your animal waste. Thank you.

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You should never bring food into a dog park.

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First visit

We really liked this park except that there were several small toddlers. My dog is 5 months old and kept jumping on the little ones. One of the kids had snacks and the mom wasn't watching when she started feeding the dogs and they all swarmed her. The park seemed great to me. We will be back early hopefully before the kids are awake.

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This park is nasty and full of poop. I had the understanding that owners were responsible for cleaning up after their dogs. I brought my dalmatian Sofia to run and play at the park. When she made her business, I promptly walked over with a newspaper baggie to clean up. After I threw it out, several other dog owners approached me and told me that "This is Clear Lake and we don't pick up poop here." At first I thought they were joking, but although the guy in the safety vest asked people with large dogs to take them out of the small dog side, he never once enforced the rules about picking up after your dog. Owners were even allowing their dogs to urinate in the drinking stations!! No wonder the park is so filthy!

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Drainage at Bay Area Dog Park

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. The city has came out and level the grounds so the drainage is a lot better now. Please report any agressive dogs at the park. I go there a lot and have had a couple of minor incidences, but the owners were right on top of it. I really is a great place to exercise your dogs.

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Small Children in the Dog Park

I love this dog park and it has lots of shade. I take my dogs in the morning when I have a lot of chores to do. They run, tire themselves out, sleep the rest of the day. If you have a energetic dog, I highly recommend it. Most dog parks have rules about young children in the dog park. I don't think this one does, they should. There is a beautiful children's play ground next to the dog park, take your children there. I have a one year old puppy that I am trying really hard to break the habit of jumping up to greet people, she is a very large Golden Doodle that won't hurt anyone and loves kids, but she can't always be trusted to follow the rules. There was a lady that had a 8 year old standing inside the entrance to the dog park, my dog walks into the entrance and jumps up to greet the little girl and the little girl started screaming and scared the crap out of my dogs. The lady informed me that her daughter had a dog phobia and now she will probably never get over it because of my dog. Really, it’s my dog’s fault?

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Bay Area Dog Park

Thanks to all the new friends that Guinness & Chuy met today at the Bay Area Dog Park!!! This was the first time we went to the park and their first socialization with other dogs. Guinness is a Boxer-mix, so he went to the Big Dog section and Chuy is a Chihuahau-mix so he went to the Little Dog section. They both met new friends, so did their parents and we all had a good time! The park was beautiful, clean and people picked up after their dogs. Everyone was friendly and well behaved. We will be going back to the park as often as we can.

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For gruntusmc!

Ooh-Rah! Well said in your post! Thank you! Wish we had Deputies there everyday! The kid problem is a parent problem. Rules just need to be more strict!

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Too many kids (Small section)

I love this park (small side) but too many kids. Shaded and was peaceful/relaxing & fun for the dogs. But parents/grandparents bring them from the playground to play with the dogs! Since March it has grown into a huge problem. Small dogs should stay in the small side & big on the big side.. totally agree completely with other comments made! We lost a lot of good regulars & volunteers due to the kid problem. Several of us "evening" crew pickup around 10 pounds of other dogs poop, cig buds & trash every evening from others not cleaning up. There is nowhere else to go, so we will keep going regardless. Just frustrating at times. Wish they would tighten up the rules!

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First, if your dog eats poo then he is suffering from a dietary insufficiency more than likely. It is not normal behaviour.
Second, it is good manners and considerate of others to pick up after your dog. It is part of your responsibility as a dog owner to do this.
Third, if you have a problem with a big dog in small dog area then call the Harris County Sheriff Dept. If I am called out there the owner will get a citation for every discrepancy I can find including checking for warrants and outstanding tickets.
Bottom line, be considerate, obey the rules and act your age and everyone will have a good time including the dogs.

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I am very happy for this dog park, although we live in Dickinson and have to drive 30min to get there. There are drainage problems but the dogs love romping in the mud, just don't go when you know the mud pits will be there. My only problem is that it seems every time we go, there is a couple with a small baby in a baby stroller!! We have a VERY hyper VERY active 8mo old Lab. She can restrain herself with adults but unfortunately if she sees a small child or baby stroller, she decides that the child needs to be pounced upon and licked. I thought we would be safe at the dog park since small children ARE NOT ALLOWED. Were afraid to go because I don't want my puppy to hurt someone elses baby but its the only place to go and throw the ball and run energy out of our little Lab.

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HAWKS..Little Dogs Beware

Bay Area Park's Dog Park is Great!! My dog and I love coming here - the shade is such a plus!! The only thing I have found that isn't mentioned on this site is the Hawk(s) that frequent the park. Because this park is in a heavily wooded area, there is wildlife, and the Hawks are the park's main concern and thus should be taken into careful consideration if you have a VERY small dog - toys, teacups, puppies, etc. Unfortunately a few weeks ago, a Hawk came down and abducted a tiny teacup Chiuaha (sp)...while the Hawk didn't take it away due to its actual heaviness, the initial snatch broke the dog's neck, and combined with the drop from the air, the dog died right there at the park... It was and is very sad that this happened, although there was no way it could have been prevented except for the dog to have not been there and out in the open, I just want to strongly caution small dog owners who come to this park. I'm not saying to completely rule out bringing your new puppy or mini companion here, I'm just saying there's a risk involved and if you do choose to run it, be very careful and stick by your baby...

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Small dogs in the Big dog section

If you have a small dog and insist on bringing it to the big dog section of the park, don't freak out when the bigger dogs play rough with them. Some guy kicked my dog after his small dog (under 20 pound), who wasn't supposed to be in the big dog section, starting squealing. This is a dog park. Part of it is for big dogs and part is for small dogs. The dogs there are almost always off their leashes and they love to chase each other around. If your dog can't handle that, don't bring it to the park. I don't bring my German Shephard in the small dog section and I expect the same from people who own little dogs.

Also, to the guy, don't let me see you hit, kick or in any way abuse another dog in the park.

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eating poo

Unfortunately,the only way you can stop a poo eating dog from eating poo is having them on a leash, and then you have to be quick to catch reason for a dog park, then...

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Dog Attack

You call the police, that is what to do! At best wait and get the plate number from the car they came in and then go file a police report. Poeple like this have got to be stopped the only way to do this is to file small claims in court for your vet. bills. I carry a rather large walking stick with me!

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Very concerned.

This was our first visit with 2 dogs. A 3yr old kurd, and a 9mo old 1/2 hound. We were there for about 1 hr. The drainage is poor. It had not rained in at the past 3 days and there were still mud pits all over. The dogs had a great time running, so we accepted the mud on them and hence on us. All the dogs were doing fine together until a single large female dog with two handlers (Tom is one) showed up and within 10 minutes, the female had pinned my 9 month old neutered male on his back, attacking him. He ended up with a mark above his left eye, a 2 inch long rip along his port side stomach, and 3 teeth marks on his underbelly.

The bad part is that other park participants remarked that this dog had presented problems before. A known bad dog.

The signs encourage reporting of disorderly dogs, but how do you do that? Ask for the dog's tags and the owners drivers license. I am not going to put my life at risk with a couple of idiots, especially when they do not seem to be real stable on their feet or otherwise.

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bay area dog park

so much thanks to whoever made this park possible. we took our dogs there for the first time today and oh my, did they ever enjoy it and so did we, we will take a picnic lunch nest time. the other people with their dogs were so friendly and seemingly dog-wise. to bad that League City 's plans for a dog park are on hold. we live in Texas city , so its quite a way to drive, however, so very worth it. thanks again to all that cared enough to have a dog park for our precious pets.

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I have to admit, this park was amazing. There was lots of shade provided and the water spots were convenient. the only problem of mine was the lack of grass... Oh by the way, just keep your dog from eating the poo and maybe it wont get sick!

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great park

Our boys love this dog park. We only go to the small dog side. Everyone is nice and respects the rules. Our Westie was attacked at another dogpark in town by an American Bull Dog who was in the little dog area.

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Love it!!!

As soon as I say, "Do you want to go to the park?", my girls get so excited! They know exactly where we are headed. They behave so well and thoroughly enjoy it. We have been there many times now and have never had a problem with any dogs. Most of them are just curious. I wish this was put in a long time ago but am very grateful it is here now!!!!

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Are you joking?

Next time don't let your dog eat the other dogs poo...;-)

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We made a day of our first

We made a day of our first visit to the dog park this past Sunday. We may have enjoyed it as much as our dogs did! It was amazing to see how well the dogs played together and as usual, my two pit bulls made me very proud to call them mine :) They laid in the mud which was funny. The nice rinse station came in handy to a lot of owners. I posted a picture of Casper after laying in the mud to cool off. Tate is on the left of the pic. Thank you to all of those who made this possible.

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NO thanks

My dog came home with the runs. Diagnosis - Giardia, which is a bugger of a parasite to get rid of. Caught it from some other dog's nasty poo at the dog park. Won't go back.

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Awesome Park..

I Didn't go on opening day but I just went for the first time on Sep. 14, 09... And it was great... I went with my husband and our two Siberian Huskies, and OH MY.. They had a great time... The Female one ran thru the mud and I told her no but all she did was LAY on the mud.. GOOD thing there was a wash station.. Otherwise she would've had to stay at the park... Which Im pretty sure she would not have minded at all... :).. Planning on going as soon as possible..

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Great park!

I meet my sister there a few times a week for our dogs to run and play; we always have a great time! We haven't had a single problem with any of the other dogs, and there is plenty of room for all the dogs to spread out. It does get a little muddy, but there is a great dog washing station right outside the gates to clean up before heading home.

I'm very happy they've put this park here.

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Bay Area Dog Park - Love it`

My dog (Hannah) and I go every Saturday and Sunday morning. She loves running with the other dogs and I have a great time watching her.

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First timers.

We took our 2 dogs, Winston and Dory today, and they had a GREAT TIME! It's a big park so lots of room to run everywhere! They did get very muddy though.. They just had baths.. but looks like they will take a looong nap soon!

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Bay Are Blvd. Dog Park Clear Lake / Pasadena, TX

We took our two small dogs to the park recently. This is a good place for people living in the Clear Lake area. The only concern folks may have is the lack of grass. This is to be expected. Therefore, avoid this park on rainy days and enjoy it during good weather.

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Fantastic Dog Park!

My dog and I have visited this dog park on several occasions, and each time it's a pleasant experience. My Jack Russell and I have spent time in both small dog section as well as large dog section both locations fit our needs. And we really like the hose-down areas, it really comes in handy when the dogs get dirty. The pet owners are really good about picking up after their pets. And as the previous comments mentioned, everyone has been very friendly and welcoming! Another huge "plus" there's plenty of shade at this dog park, and great walking trails for owners and their dogs. Great job turning this into a dog park! Keep up the good work!

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Our First Visit

I took my 21 month old Miniature Schnauzer to the small dog park yesterday. It was our first visit to a dog park. We had a blast. I was very pleased to see how friendly everyone was. The owners and dogs were very welcoming. I enjoyed how the park was set up. The experience was better than I expected. I will definitely be returning.

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Nice park

I went on opening day. I was quite surprised at how large it was. It really feels like a genuine "park". There are lots of shade trees and room to run. There was only one water fountain that I could see at the time. There are two spray down stations incase your dog gets dirty. There is also a pavillion in the large dog park with seats and shade. I'm not sure about the small dog area, I didnt go in that one. It was too busy on opening day all I did was search for my dog the entire time. He was lost among the hundred dogs! I glanced at the small dog area and heard ppl say it was very nice. I also overheard some residents talking about putting money together to build a pond in the future. It wasnt set in stone but it may happen. Overall I'm very very impressed and super excited that we have this. Before, it was atleast a 30 minute drive to Pearland or Deer Park depending on traffic (took me 45 to get to Pearland with traffic).