Harker Heights Dog Park (at Purser Family Park)

dog park
Harker Heights Dog Park
100 Mountain Lion Road
Killeen area
Harker Heights, TX
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City of Harker Heights
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Opened April 2012. This dog park has a separate small dog area. Has a dog water fountain, benches, shade, and some play equipment.

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Kristi Lynn's picture
Do Not Go

Lately, the last three times I have been, I've had to leave due to other aggressive dogs. However, this time I am letting people know. Today my older dog got t-boned while chasing a ball by a young pit mix. He got trampled and was yelping. When I told the lady that was not cool and aggressive dogs shouldn't be at the dog park, she got unhinged and wouldn't leave so I had to. I love going to dog parks, but I've never been to one with so many irresponsible pet owners as this one. There're a lot of aggressive dogs that go to that park and the pet and owner behaviors I've witnessed are just horrific. If you want to keep your dog safe, then do not go to this park. There are plenty of wonderful dog parks in Austin with responsible subtle pet owners.

Kelseyrochelle19's picture
Fun Fun Fun! Love this doggie heaven!

We just moved here and adopted a 4year old husky.
We were concerned because we live in an apartment,but since
Finding this park we visit everyday for at least a few hours at a time.
My husky loves itt! We just wish that they had more puppy
Poopy bags(; other than that I love it.... Wish I had
Ways to set up other doggy events(:

laurbash1234's picture
Our dogs love it here!

We go here quite often with our two large dogs . All the dogs have always been friendly. People pick up after their dogs for the most part. It is always a good overall experience.

bwright's picture
Great Place to Play!

Our dogs love this park! It is clean and nice, and we go as often as possible. Sometimes they run out of poop-scooping bags, so we bring our own. Other than that, it is wonderful!

Perzeus1's picture
The boys love it!

We have a Blue Pitbull and a Rhodesian Ridgeback, our boys run and run and run! And there is a lot of room to play. There are benches and shade areas. We've never had a bad expirience with any of the other dogs! I'm so happy there is a small and a medium/Large areas. Our boys are quite large and it's nice for us to not have to worry about the smaller dogs getting overwhelmed. :) We love it here. Heads up, take your own water because the water fountain there is quite dirty.

Anonymous's picture
Nice place

Nice place

Doreah's picture
Very Awesome

It separates small dogs from medium/large dogs. Also the Large dog side is HUGE!!! and has toys, dog water fountains, and fire hydrants lol. Also benches and shade. It was really nice.

Jenny C's picture
good fun

Stopped here while on a road trip and needed a place for my dog to run around. It was nice, lots of friendly dogs in the little dog area, and clean.

Jenny C's picture
great time

I took my lab there for the first time. The park really is nice although some people need to clean up after their dog. It has a dog water fountain which is great. Just wish there were more items for them to play on. Only one hoop and two fire hydrants.

Don Williams's picture
Great Park

Great park and the dogs love it. Nice place to meet other people that love dogs. Sure wish Killeen would do something like this....

Julie Foeltz Williams's picture
what a beautiful place

My dog had a blast...he's a little dog. They also have a BIG dog area that also looks great for them. Well thought out and made to be a dogs dream spot. Can't wait to take Mike back!! If you have kids there is a kids park right next to it

Jenny C's picture
Very nice!!!

This dog park was very nice and my lab puppy had so much fun!! We will be making it a weekly trip!!!

Kimca194's picture

Saturday, April 14
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Purser Family Park, 100 W. Mountain Lion
Come check out our new park and see all of the wonderful amenities including: a large and a small dog park. disc golf course, two pavilions and a new playground. The Harker Heights Pet Adoption Center, Second Chances Animal Shelter, and Harker Heights Pet Medical Center will be present.

seeknoxrun's picture
Still not open.

Just checked it out today (3/15/12) and it still looks to be under construction.

jamiesonda's picture
Fenced Park!!!

Fence belongs to private homeowners. Guess the city of Harker Heights needs to pay homeowners rent for using their fences as a border for the park.

tld1980's picture
YAY Finally!!!

How exciting!! It's about time a dog park opened in the Harker Heights area!!!

Jenny C's picture
Not yet open

November 21, 2011 - Not open. The park is at not yet completed. Looks like it may be open in a few months.