Eastwood Dog Park (aka Album Park)

3110 Parkwood Dr.
and Album
El Paso, TX
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of El Paso
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has gravel and rock ground cover (no shade) and it has a doggie obstacle course.

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No parking area, NOT handicap accessible

Not recommended for those who are physically challenged or disabled. There is no "legal" place to park within blocks of it. Unfortunately, I have to use a walker and it took me over 30min to make it to the dog park. The park itself wasn't bad, but once to the entrance there was no handicap access and only one gate so entering/exiting with other dogs around would be extremely problematic. The interior of the park is completely graveled & had no where to sit down.

Now for a health person, this park wasn't that bad. It can only be used a few hours a day though, early morning & late evenings. Due to no shade and the grave getting so hot that it will burn the pads of your dogs feet. Which is normal for most dog parks built in climates such as this.

All in all, a good park for the health, but steer clear if you are physically challenged.

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1st trip to the park

We went to the park for the 1st time since it was moved. The park used to be across the path under the trees but sadly when we have rain it was in an area where there was often standing water. Being on grass it was harder to pick up everything your dog left behind and after one summer of serious flooding e-coli was found in the park and they closed it and moved it to the gravel area.

I give the park 4 stars because there is no shade and no place for the people to sit while their dogs play. Also I wish it had a double gate but the gate is secure.

The Cardigan kids enjoyed the off leash time, they are still not used to running with other dogs so they acted scared but all the dogs and people there were friendly. The Cardis like the agility equipment and were happy to play on it.

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what time did you take your pets

I went to the same dog park i really didn't find a MAJOR problem. Lack of shade I understand. They way you described this dog park is if you were taking them to a horrible place. Whites sands gets way hotter.

If this dog park was so bad then take your dog(s) to a private one or even better fix your back yard so it will have GOOD GRASS, NO ROCKS WHAT SO EVER. Just a reminder this is a free to the public dog park. Really you are saying that is all El Paso fault that you weren't with this FREE TO THE PUBLIC DOG PARK. And another thing why will you tell your MILITARY friend about this. Its not if they fix this FREE TO THE PUBLIC DOG PARK.

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we went today,and im just

we went today,and im just saying dont take your pets when the sun is out and realy hot,may be something you do right at sunset,but not at dark cause i didnt see any lights..good luck,i know my dogs got burned from hot rocks /gravel

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not happy

Well,I don't know of any other option either,and as big as this city is that is sad. We went today to let our 2 dogs play. By the time I set up our little picnic site I went in. Not even 10 minutes in and my dogs were having problems walking. I noticed how they were acting so I reached down and had to throw the gravel really quick. If it burnt me like it did I knew what it was doing to the dogs. It was so hot that they couldn't stand how hot the rocks were. And yes I left very mad. I will not recommend to anyone else to take there dog there unless the sun is not out. I think this stinks to be such an American city and the way they treat there animals says a lot for El Paso. I will be taking mine back to White Sands and other places. Sorry but the park does stink. The obstacles and all good idea,no shade and just rocks/gravel...not a bright idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be telling my military friends where not to take there dog...but this is totally left up to them. I just know iot broke my heart and made me mad knowing this burned my dogs pads......so i say wake up El Paso....something better.....

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I don't know of anyother

I don't know of anyother options here in El Paso so it works for my dog to play with other dogs and she loves that. Otherwise it would be great if more people went there and if there is another El Paso dog park please let me know.

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I have never been there.

I have never been there. Plan on going, but how I see it itd's a free fenced in park so how can anyone complain.I like the other comment gravel is better than bad grass with the prickely thing that get stuck in the dogs paws.

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dog park

I kind of like the dog park because my dog gets to socialize with other dogs and smell new things. But, it doesn't have any shade, so bring something for shade. One last thing, I love that they have an obstacle course. I like this park because my dog likes it.

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Rocks are harsh on a dog's

Rocks are harsh on a dog's paw pads. Furthermore, there are many trees in El Paso, and those trees can be watered with non-potable water. This is just another example how inefficient the city operates. I went there today, and it truly does suck. I'd rather take my dog to White Sands than go to that park again!

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How do you know my dog hates the grass but loves those dumb rocks. Plus you should take some sort shade because we are in the desert. It is hard to grow a tree where water is scarce.

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Dog Park Dec 14, 2008

It's not the best dog park around and yes it's only rocks, but it is fenced in and it does have little obstacles for the dogs which is better than other parks that just have bad grass and those prickley things that always get caught in our poor dogs paws.

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dog park

The dog park in my opinion for going to it the first time over the weekend, absolutely sucks!!! There is no shade for the pets and there is no grass. Pets do not want to walk on rocks the whole time! They can't even enjoy the park!