North Bark Park

Who says three's a crowd?
 Come on in! The water's fine!
4900 Gramercy Oaks Drive
Dallas, TX 75287
Operating Hours:
Dawn - Dusk
Managed By:
City of Dallas
Days Closed:
Tuesdays for maintenance
Portable restrooms
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened April 28, 2012. This park has a pond area, separate small dog area, benches, drinking water, shade, paths, and solar lights.

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Weed Whacker attack

A contractor from Good Earth Landscaping attacked a dog with a gas powered weed eater. The attack was unprovoked. He lunged at a few other dogs as well. The landscaper was not suppose to be there. The City says all maintenance is to be done on Tuesday mornings when the park is closed. Good Earth Landscaping fired the employee and covered vet bills, gave a gift card, and made a donation to an animal charity.

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Brinkley's Go To

I have a blog with a list of my favorite dog parks with pros and cons for each...check it out here

Overall, I love this dog park for so many reasons. The water area is great but the dry big dog area is equally wonderful with lots of room and shade. There is always plenty of parking and plenty of dog friends to enjoy!

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Brinkley's Go To

I have a blog with a list of my favorite dog parks with pros and cons for each...check it out here

Overall, I love this dog park for so many reasons. The water area is great but the dry big dog area is equally wonderful with lots of room and shade. There is always plenty of parking and plenty of dog friends to enjoy!

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How much is fenced

Reading everyone post it is hard to tell how much of the park is fenced. Is the entire park fenced. Is the dog pond gated all the way around. My dogs may or may not stay with me if not on a leash.

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This is a very nice park. I

This is a very nice park. I take my dog several times a week. Beware of the pond in this hot weather though, many dogs have gotten sick from the pond, including mine. My dog got a skin and eye infection after swimming in the pond on July 4th. Many dogs also contracted Giardia from the pond. My dog loves to swim but I keep him out of the pond now. There is also an issue with the water not draining around one of the fountains in the large dog area. It creates a muddy mess which the dogs love to play in, especially mine! Hopefully they will repair the drain soon.

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Great dog park

I love this park. So spacious especially for dogs under 30 lbs. My Parson terrier loves it and the people that I have encountered are loving and responsible dog folks. One negative comment posted earlier about some of the issues with the pond area have been resolved. Double entry gates are now present and the solar panel for the water circulation has been repaired after someone thought it would be fun to throw a rock.
Once the trees grow larger in the small dog section, providing more shade, will be even better..
One complaint is that some people still do not pick up after their pet, but the city does their best keeping the park clean

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Just came back with my dog Daisy. It's a REALLY nice park, but the only thing is that no one seems to bother with keeping their bigger dogs to the large dog side. Everyone kept going to both sides, back and forth. There needs to be clear signage designating a smaller dog area, and no large dogs allowed. Other than that, it's a nice place.

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Now open!

Now open! Sun up to sun down. Three areas including (1) small dog area; (2) large dog area, and (3) Beach/swimming area (dogs ONLY!). Paved walking trail around outside of large dog/swimming area; gravel walk trail around outside of small dog area. Lots of seating inside each area (large blocks of limestone). Shady areas.

Human and dog drinking fountains inside and outside the large/small dog areas plus a doggie shower/hose in beach area. Portable toilets (including one handicap accessible). Covered picnic area with tables (with solar powered light). Lots of parking available.

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Very Disappointing

This park had the ability to be the best in the Dallas area but the layout of this park is absolutely horrible. It is pretty obvious that the aesthetics of this park were the most important park and by all means it looks beautiful. However, the pond area is so poorly executed it's unbelievable. The "front" of the pond has step drop offs and very jagged rocks on it. The "sides" are nothing but dirt and will quickly erode. The "back" has a HUGE gap that leads into trails/forest area. However, they are in the process of fencing that up it seems. The entrance to the pond is also a single fence, not a double fence like most dog park entrances. All in all, nice to look at, horrible functionality.

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North Bark Dog Park

A very well designed park which includes a pond where dogs can cool off, play, and entertain. One of the human friendly improvements is the inclusion of the portajohns. What a relief! One caveat, the lack of shade in the small dog park and pond area. The price is right, however.

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Absolutely Dogs Best Playground

Wow, this park is incredible for dogs. They even put Porta Potties for us humans. 3 Areas, small dogs, large dogs and a lake. Dogs were having too much fun in there and park was made for them and with us in mind. Has water fountains, a wash station, fenced all the way around, porta potties, a picnic area with lights (although someone broke the solar panels already :-( Small and large dogs were in the lake area with no problems. All in all a GREAT place!

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Was there right with you. Mine were the black Shepard and the old pug. That gap is probably about 15 yards wide or so.

It will hopefully stay a good park.

The wash station has a spray nozzle and then a second one that looks like you can hook a garden hose to it. I counted it... 20 parking spaces in one row.. and there are 6 (3 drive rows) rows of parking.. so about 140 spaces, give or take a few for the disabled parking spaces. I saw 2 spaces for larger vehicles like RVs.

There are port-a-potties(two) there that look they are made to stay. There is a grill and a covered picnic area with 4 tables.

There is only one area for both the big and small dogs (each) to unleash in, but it is probably about 12ft by 12ft. There is not an area to unleash for the wet (pond) area.

My only complaint is that it looks like they have cut some of the grass too short and it will die with a lot of dogs tearing through there. If it can survive this summer then the visitors will go down when the other park reopens after its maintenance cycle starting in May.

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Great park

Was there for a couple hours this morning.

The pond area is separate from the small and large dog parks which is nice. We had our dogs swim around for a bit before letting them dry off naturally in the large dog park. There is a wash station available as your pets can get quite muddy along the shore line. A very nice seating area with gravelly stones that leads into the water borders one side of the pond. Lots of algae in the pond which looks like it is fed from a creek of some sort. If this is the only source of water, I can see this area suffering in our hot TX summers.

Someone mentioned there is a gap in the fencing where the creek is and yes, there is. Fortunately the entire park is fenced in, but it's disconcerting nonetheless. City needs to take care of that.

Large dog park has plenty of benches and lots of shady areas. Small dog park is a little more exposed. Both areas have water fountains in the park as well as outside.

Overall, a really incredible dog park with a good layout!

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I was just there for almost 3 hours. It is a large park.

NOTE: The "wet area" has a gap in the fence... Its on the back side of the pond by the rocks. It drops onto the trail that leads all the way around the park.

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One of the City/Parks people came by Wagging Tails Park last weekend and said that this park will be opening April 28th at 7am. The official opening is on the 5th (of May) at 10-11am. (that from the City of Dallas website) I plan on going by to check on this one this weekend.

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Ribbon Cutting scheduled

If you search the Dallas Parks Calendar of Events 2012 (updated 4/2/2012), it shows a ribbon cutting scheduled at the park for May 5 @ 10:00 a.m.!

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Why North Bark Park hasn't opened

They need to let the grass establish itself so that once all the dogs are let loose on it, they won't tear it up so easily and there be no grass. They opened another dog park right after completing it, and realized that was a big mistake for that very reason.

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Lanny U

Opening May 2012, I just drove by today and saw a big sign posted on the front gate.

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I heard that they pushed out

I heard that they pushed out to may because they grass will need to properly regrow. Not sure if that is true though. I was walking my dog near there yesterday and looks like someone jumped the gate with their dog and were playing over there.

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Opening May 2012

There is a banner hanging in front of the gates. Opening May 2012. I seriously do not understand what will take them 6 months to complete. That park looks almost done.

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Opening Any Time Now

I live in the apartments next to the park, so I am beyond excited that it is opening soon. The bark looks complete...perhaps they are just adding some little tweaks.

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It is scheduled to open

It is scheduled to open Winter 2011 according to the board they have in front of the site. I frequently take my dog on a walk near that area since there is an open field where she can roam on the other side of the apartments nearby. I am excited for this dog park to open since I live within walking distance.

This park is really coming along, it seems like every time I walk by with my dog (3-5 times weekly) it has improved. Hopefully they can stick to the Winter 2011 completion date.

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Do you have any updates on North Bark Park?

When will North Bark Park open?

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NorthBark Dog Pa

what is the zip code for the park?