Centennial Dog Park

Centennial 4
Centennial 3
Centennial 2
31st and Parthenon
Nashville, TN
Operating Hours:
Dawn to 8pm
Managed By:
City of Nashville
Days Closed:
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Other Notes:

This park has a separate small dog area, trees, drinking water, and benches. Be sure to bring baggies and some to share.  No pit bulls or pitbull characteristics allowed at the park.  All dogs must have their rabies shot and have a license.

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First, the pin on the map for the location of this dog park should be moved to the intersection of 31st Ave N and Parthenon Blvd, which is in the NW corner of Centennial Park on what is called Constitution Hill.

Park Entrance is double-gated, though the hook for the second entry latch (into the park) was broken at the time I visited.

Lots of mulch cushion human & dog steps, especially just off the sidewalk that is also inside the fenced area! However as you step increasingly onto the slope, the mulch is much more variable. Sometimes it rather hides rocks (small boulders) that jut out and can harm dogs who tumble over them when chasing after toys thrown from the top of the hill.

It has a nice water fountain for dogs and benches for humans. Perhaps most wonderful of all, lots of shade!!

We only visited in the large dog part so I cannot evaluate the small dog part.

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Forgot to mention...

Most dog parks say no pit bulls (maybe for insurance?) but there are frequently pits and pit mixes here. Usually their owners pay close attention to make sure they don't play too rough, and I've never seen a problem.

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Hit or miss

I take my dog here pretty frequently and the experience varies. Sometimes owners are friendly and attentive to their dogs, sometimes they completely ignore their dog (which evidently happens a lot, because there is way more poo on the ground than there should be). But as a city dweller without a yard, it's worth it to let the pup get some good exercise and playtime. Just watch your step!

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No Pitbulls or Pit mixes?!

Why such a discriminatory park? Traveling across country and we stopped there to let our dogs run, one is a pix/lab mix and he had a great time playing with other dogs! I don't understand why a dog park would be discriminatory against such a great breed! Also, hard to watch dogs due to the park being curved on the side of a hill. I'm not very impressed.

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Beautiful hillside park

Across from the Parthenon.
Water, benches, tables, friendly people, low fence. One dog attack, oh well.

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Convenient and Big!

Just make sure you don't wear your new park clothes as you're bound to be the target of some running pal who will jump on you and beg you to play! Lots of trees and benches, and yes, it does have an odd shape as it's located on a hill. Just make sure you bring some poop baggies to pickup after your dogs as cleaning stations are not always kept stocked. And as always, if it gets too rowdy for your taste, the actual Centennial Park is dog friendly too. Have fun!

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Nice park - lots of poop

Visited this one on my way cross country - very nice expansive park, but the reluctance of many folks to pick up the dumps their dogs make is a little disturbing! I saw several HUGE piles. Very different mentality than every clean park I visited in the west.

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Centennial Dog Park

As a Vanderbilt grad and former Nashville resident, it's great to see a dog park so convenient to the city center and the university. The dog park is an odd shape and runs over the curve of the hill, meaning that the owner can't always keep an eye on their dog(s).

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It's a shame to punish the breed and not the owner. Where I live, our parks are not breed specific. Actually, pit mixes are some of the best behaved dogs at the park I go to. I would think to "prove" or in some cases disprove a breed, dna testing would need to be done.

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