Sesqui Dog Park (at Sesquicentennial State Park)

9564 Two Notch Rd
Columbia, SC 29223
Operating Hours:
8am - 6pm (7am - 9pm Daylight Saving time)
Managed By:
State of South Carolina
Days Closed:
A $25 dollar yearly, or $4 day passes (+$2 per adult, general park fee).
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes: You need proof of vaccinations and alteration along with your dog to get a doggy yearly permit to this park. See the State website for more details.
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Shynnee's picture
More trouble than its worth.

I don't mind paying for a dog park, it costs money to maintain and keep nice and $2 park admission plus $4 for the dog park is reasonable. But I spent 25 minutes looking for someone to let me get a pass to the dog park, was sent to 3 different places and was finally told I couldn't go in because my dog hadn't been treated for kennel cough and the dog park is considered boarding. We ended up walking around the lake all afternoon and had a fantastic time. Take your dog to the sesqui park, but don't bother with the dog park.

Visitor's picture
Don't agree

The park is nice and inexpensive!

Visitor's picture
Paying to play?

This in the ONLY dog park that I have heard of that charges $4.00 per pet and a $2.00 adult charge.  With as MUCH money as I pay to the state of think they could do better for there residents?  I Will NEVER take my puppies to this park......I will go to the free parks that other states offer.....or Charleston.....or Myrtle beach......

SC State Resident of 43 Years............leaving because I'm sick of over paying you for nothing....