Florence Dog Park (at David H McLeod Park)

Florence, SC
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Florence
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Not Fenced
Other Notes:

This dog park has benches, shade, and a pond (be sure to bring drinking water).  Let us know if it is fully fenced.

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ShelleyS's picture
Florence Dog Park

This dog park is not that great at all - over grown, water is disgusting and there is nothing dog friendly about it. There is no water for the dogs, no walking trails, no bags for waste, nothing. City of Florence, what do you need to improve this park, clean it up and make it more friendly? Is it is a money issue, a lack of concern for city amenities, or do you think that people aren't going to use it. The Rail Trail is a lovely place, well maintained, other places in town are nice as well, but this park is terrible. Can you offer suggestions on what the dog lovers of Florence can do to improve this park. I drove all the way to Myrtle Beach to go to the dog park there because the one in Florence is so awful. Who does one contact to obtain more information on what options are available and what can be done to improve the park?

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Snake in water

I really liked the idea of taking our dog to this park to socialize, but when we got there 2 weekends ago our neighbor that was there said they just saw a water moccasin traveling across the water towards their dog who was spashing in the water. Possibly near where she bedded her eggs maybe? I'm afraid unless this can get resolved there may be some casualties there. I hope someone can do something to make the park safer.

huckleberry's picture
Dog Park Update

We received this comment: "[The dog park] was removed (no sign), due to destruction of property and under EPA violations of polluting the adjacent pond." But read the cities response below.

CITY OF FLORENCE RESPONSE: "Yes, dogs can be let off
their leash at the "dog park" in McLeod Park. The City does ask that citizens clean up after their pet and a pet waste station is provided inside the dog park. The City has received several request from the public asking the City to consider relocating the "dog park" to another area in the park or another park all-together; however, at this time the "dog park' is available for use at McLeod Park."

Jenny C's picture
not a true park

This is a somewhat.....NOT secure fenced pond area. The area is large and the pond may contain gators????? Not a good place for any dog off leash that is not under TOTAL voice command. No water no bags!

ncmonkeygirl16's picture

The next time I took Lucky back the fishers had been banned and we had a great time!

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I went to the Florence Dog Park for the first time earlier this week to take Lucky for an unleashed swim. I was bothered by the fact that there were at least 5 people fishing from within the fenced area although there was plenty of room to fish from the unfenced sides of the pond. One lady even got angry when Lucky went for the hotdogs she had for bait in her cooler. He also came out of the pond with old fishing line wrapped around his leg and I am worried about old fish hooks being his next "retrieval". I just don't understand why people are allowed to fish in the DOG PARK!!!!