Best Friends Dog Park (at Chaplin Community Park)

Plenty of shade, trees, and space
William Hilton Pkwy
Hilton Head Island, SC
Operating Hours:
Sunrise - Sunset
Managed By:
Hilton Head Island
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, trees, mulch ground cover, and drinking water.

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jhale97's picture
community dog park

Wonderful wooded dog park. Friendly people and dogs for the most part. From 9 to 10 am and 4 pm to 5 pm there are two seperate groups of the same people there all the time that watch out for everyone's dog and self police the park. Great socialization for dogs and people.

Rescued Mom's picture
Best Friends Dog Park

Our four-legged girl, Sarah, loved the park! Finally she could safely run free and chase tennis balls while on our visit to Hilton Head Island. Loved the benches, water fountains, shade, ground cover, paths, and large fenced area to run and play in. Every human and dog that we met there was friendly and fun to be around! Excellent place to visit!!

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maggy's opinion

Large separate fenced areas for large and small dogs. Water fountains for both dogs and people. Poop bags provided. Several benches, heavily wooded surroundings, surface is mulched (no grass). No agility equipment, etc., but is a good place to socialize your dog and let her run. Don't forget to use bug spray--fire ants abound.

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Aggressive Dogs Ignorant Owners

There are a number of trashy and ignorant people who bring their dogs here. There are also nice people who know dog aggression as well, however. But it's touch and go, and for the most part, I've found aggressive dogs and uneducated owners rather than the better. Additionally, there is an old man who brings his very protective and dangerous black dog in every morning and sits at a bench for hours. This dog attacks any dog that comes near her person. Overall, bad people and aggressive dogs. Not for us!

Visitor's picture

Park is hard to find. It's located in Chaplin Community Park.
Very safe parking area. Surveillance cameras everywhere.
Very humid. Bring bottled water.

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Chaplin Dog Park was Excellent!

I have been to several dog parks across the country and Chaplin Park was Excellent! It has plenty of shade, water fountains for the dogs to drink, and plenty of room to run. The only thing it was missing was the ocean to play in!

BUDSTER's picture
Chaplin Dog Park

This is my favorite place after work, my dog Buddy can run fast and play with other doggie friends. There are two fenced areas with water fountains and lots of supplied poopy bags. We are so lucky to have this facility, I have met folks who drive miles to get here because it is such a nice place to bring your dog and play with them.

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Nice Park! - Thanks!

Thanks to all those responsible for this nice park. My dog Jake and I visited for the first time today and had a great experience. He is laying here snoring after having been worn out playing with the other dogs this evening.

The park was the perfect place to both exercise and socialize my dog. The water fountain was a very nice touch. I did not see even a speck of trash (not sure about the other reviewer). The poop bags available in the handy dispenser were much appreciated (I had one but needed two).

I can't imagine anything that could have made the park better. Thank you again to the organizers!

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An less than average dog park

This park could use some community involvement. Instead of standing around gossiping, pick up trash, throw the branches over the fence and cut sticker bushes in between playing with your dog. Bring a grocery store size bag and you will see how quickly you can fill it with trash. Help Beaufort County keep it clean if you want another dog park in other areas ! And for goodness sakes, if your dog gets aggressive, remove it from the area.

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Chaplin Dog Park HHI SC

The park is free to the public, well maintained with black chain link fence. Double gate entry to large and small dog areas. open sunup to sundown, no lighting but in a very large community park with all sports including tennis and close to Burkes Beach are for a casual walk on the beach. Dogs on the beach are required to be leashed from Memorial day to Labor day and off limits 10 to 5 pm. We suggest leashing at all times and please clean up after you dog, there are Dogipot stations at the entrance to the beach.

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Chaplin Dog Park was

Chaplin Dog Park was sponsored by Best Friends Dog Park Hilton Head Island SC in 2002 with donations from the Dog Loving Public. It is maintained by Beaufort Co Public Works Dept. it is located at mid island off 278 Wm Hilton Parkway in the Chaplin park complex with restrooms. It has many senic park benches and two water fountains in each of the two areas small dog 1/5 and large dog 4/5 of the area. The Friends of Bluffton Dog Parks helps to oversee the park with the patrons insuring it is up to the qualiry of HHI. 040409 ETM