Barc Park - Myrtle Beach Bark Park

Mallard Lake Dr,
about 200 yards off Howard Pkwy on the left
Myrtle Beach, SC
Operating Hours:
Sunrise - Sunset
Managed By:
City of Myrtle Beach (843) 918-2390
Days Closed:
About two days per quarter for maintenance, schedule posted on the gate
Down the road in the park
Park Size:
11 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has its own lake for dogs to play in, drinking water, trees, benches, and shade structures for the people. There are small and large dog areas, with a bathroom and another entrance near the smaller dog area.

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Katdoreen's picture
Great park

Wow! Our cattle dog/border collie mix had so much fun. We went around 4pm and met a bunch of other friendly dogs and their owners. He swam and ran and had a blast. Our dog park in NJ is tiny compared to this. He loved being off leash and we loved seeing him so happy. We went to the other bark park too (since it was closer to where we were staying, and it was fun too....just no lake.). We are on vacation for a week and will be going here every day. If we ever retire to SC, our dog will be the first one to pack his bowls to move. He loved this place.

Skraps's picture
May 2013 visit

I have two dogs a min pin and corgi collie mix. This was our first visit to a dog park and it was such a great time! All of the dogs were friendly and most everyone was smiling and playing with all the dogs. We started in the smaller park to aclamate our dogs to the new environment and then moved to the larger park! The dogs had so much fun running playing and swimming! We will definently be back and I recommend every dog owner to enjoy this park! It's not messy at all :)

memphisdebbie's picture
Grrrrreat Place

I almost did't go because of the negative reviews. I took my boxer / pit mix and he had the best time of his life. I ony saw a few poop piles that were not picked up. There are bags at the entrance. The water looked like pond water, probably because it is a pond not a pool.

I heard a few growls here and there. But seriously what dog likes someone elses nose sniffing them. But it is what dogs do. They actually can tell a lot about another dog by doing it. Those with prissy dogs that cannot socialize should stay home.

Bring your own water and bowl for your dog if you don't trust the water. If I am going anywhere with my dog I always bring their bowl, water and a snack. It's a great place and we will return as often as possible. There are benches and picnic tables and even a few things for kids to play on.Pack up some water and a snack for yourself also. There is also a big basket of balls hooked to the entrance fence in case you forgot your dogs, which I did. Thank you for the park. Apollo thanks you also.

Sir Jaymes's picture
Great Place... Negative Reviewers Wrong

Went there first time today with my Dutchie Shepherd.

Found the issue with handicapped access could be an issue for some people.


No issues with any of the other dogs there, or their owners. Found most were friendly and polite.

Sandy paths, as anyone should expect in the area.

NO issues with any evidence of uncleaned eliminations. Miminal trash or other debris.

The "lake" was obviously not a spring fed lake in the mountains but numerous dogs and owners appeared to have no issue with the water in general. Setup is such a proper owner could limit and control the animals access to the lake with simple commands.

Overall, a great place for dog to explore, with plenty of shade and benchs for his old decript owner.

We will be back, and expect often....

Jenny C's picture
Great park

Lots of room to run and play... I have 2 goldens and they love to visit when we are in town

AnniesDad's picture
Good park: bad reviews inaccurate

We visited this park a few days ago while on vacation in Myrtle Beach. I was a bit apprehensive because of some of the negative reviews but it was close to our campgroud. It was a fine park and my dogs had a good time. Anybody with common sense can see that the water in the pond is suspect. In fact, there were signs posted that said it was a storm water pond and that the water quality could not be guaranteed. Other signs said "Dogs swim at own risk". Regardless there was still a large area for my dogs to run in. I did not think the ground was covered in poop either. I only saw two piles.

Last, if you don't want your dog to be mounted by another dog, maybe it shouldn't be loose in a dog park. Dogs are only as responsible as their owners. Unfortunately, some irresponsible owners also use dog parks.

LabDad's picture
Nice leash-free park

After reading some of the reviews I was almost afraid to visit but this is a nice large park. When I visited this weekend I didn't see any of the problems others have described and the park was very clean. It did recently have maintence earlier this month. FYI, they have posted the next maintenance periods as July 11-12, and Oct 4-5 the park is closed on those days. It clearly indicates that the "lake" is fed with storm water runnoff so although the water was clear when i was there it won't always be. My lab enjoyed running, playing and swimming. Note that the park is divided into two areas, the larger one with the pond and a separate one with an agility course. It has lots of shade, picnic tables, dog drinking fountains, and well stocked pickup bag dispensers. Although it is an hour's drive from me, it is the closest park and I'll be back from time to time.

angelah's picture
Great at first glance, but terrible underneath

My one-star rating is mainly for the sanitation of the park. I prefer not to see poop that pet owners have failed to pick up, but that's not even the reason for this review. The lake is what gets me. It is in the middle of a dog park, so of course dogs are going to want to go play in it. Well my two lab/aus. shep dogs loved it, at least until they contracted eye and ear infections. They don't know any better so they would still go running into that cesspool if given half a chance. We stick to the other side if I need to get them to a park and don't have a lot of time. Otherwise we go elsewhere. The city of Myrtle Beach has responded to the increasing outcries about this disgusting, dangerous lake. Their response: post "swim at your own risk" signs. Ridiculous.

Some of the regulars come in with chairs to sit and talk while their dogs run around on the side without the lake. This wouldn't be a big deal if they would control their dogs when they try to hump mine. On two occasions I brought my dogs there and the same woman was there with an annoying dog that kept trying to hump my neutered male dog. She tried yelling at her dog from across the park but made absolutely no attempt to actually correct his behavior. I had to drag my dog away to get the other dog off and the woman still did nothing except ask if my dog was a female. It is each person's job to police their own dog, it just disgusts me when some people are such poor dog parents that they make us all look bad.

imadoglover's picture
Expect Vet Bills

I, too, heard the negative comments and the recommendations to NOT take my dog to Barc Park b/c of the dirty water in the pond. But, I felt I needed to let my a dog. Well, I now regret not listening to those recommendations. I have spent, at least, a thousand dollars on vet bills for numerous and constant problems caused by the water in the pond. Until a solution is found, I will not be taking my dog back. And, to the pet owners, please clean up after your dogs. Not sure why they think they don't have to do it here!?!?!

Jenny C's picture
park has gone downhill due to DOG OWNERS

I agree with earlier post. This park USED to be great now it is very nasty due to LOCALS. The humans are the problem not the dogs. The humans do not clean up after their dogs. The humans do not watch their dogs and let fights break out. Folks bring their chairs and sit and they will not get up to clean up or control their dogs. Several dog bites and incidents over the years. The dogs, because of their inattentive owners, poop in the nasty lake. Other dogs drink it. Severe bacteria in the lake. My local vet has advised me NOT to take my two healthy dogs there otherwise I will be at the vet's office. MB needs to have someone correct the behavior of the HUMANS.

ZoeBart's picture
Barc Park-Myrtle Beach

I am sorry but Barc Park IS NOT a place you would want take your companions to. Unlike another previous entry I have traveled all over the US since I retired 2 years ago not the world, don't really care how they do it in other countries.
Barc Park is without a doubt the nastiest dog park I have ever been to. People bring their chairs, set and talk while their dogs poop everywhere AND NO ONE CLEANS UP AFTER THEIR dogs. Let me make this point clear it is the LOCALS that do this, not the travelers that visit the Grand Strand beaches. The last time I have taken mine their I watched as no less than a five dogs popped while the owners stood talking, not watching their dogs, NO CLEAN UP. The dogs that go there are so misbehaved and owners set and shrug their shoulders, dogs will be dogs. They jump on you with enough force to knock down a large child down, again all this falls back on owners. Aggressive dogs, I watched a couple of times as dogs went at it biting and yelping while local owners stood and watched.
That lake is so nasty and murky looking I would never let my companions in it. Myrtle Beach should be ashamed at the condition of that property. It really is a shame that park has the potential to be a really great dog park, it was when it first opened before the locals ruined it.

barbiewanders's picture

This is a GREAT dog park! It's divided in two so, if you don't want you buddy to go swimming in the lake, you can stay on the other side. We were there on a Saturday morning and the place was hopping with dogs of all sizes. There were big and small and they all got along great.

servicedogowner's picture
my wheelchair can't get to the gate!

I just moved to the area. Very excited to take my Service Dog to this dog park only 4 miles from my home. She needs to run and romp and be "a dog" .. she's starved for other dog attention.

Well I get there and the handicap parking is waaaaay down that-a-way. WHY? Then I'd have to wheel way BACK on the road towards the gate area and then even further PAST the gate area to get to where there is no curb and then bumpty bump up on the dirt-grass and struggle to go pretty durn far to finally get to the gate!

I went there to check it out fully realizing I'd just be able to get in the gate and let my dog go explore/play without being able to follow her around due to it being a park and difficulty in wheeling. I'm fine with that. It's a dog park, I want her to play. I'm okay with sitting by the gate once I get in.
But for goodness sake.. it's so VERY non-handicapp accessable to GET TO THE GATE!
It's a public park, shouldn't there be access to at least get to the gate and then let the dog go to play?
I thought it looked like a great place for her. But oh well. The town has decided to keep wheelchairs from being able to even get to the gate.

kotybear's picture

the water is toxic... Dogs are ending up in emergency rooms with parasites and almost dying after drinking or being in the water.. They do not ever test the water......Dont kill your dog by letting them swim there...

BetterthanU's picture
Old bark park

This park is more of a mud hole than anything and very dirty! It seems like more homeless people bring there pets here than anyone else. I have to come very early in the morning before they crawl out of the woods with their pets for fear I will be mugged. They should really clean this place up lay some sod and build a clubhouse for members and set a fee of $5000 per year to weed out the riff raff.
My Maltese Princess Keira of Milano does not wish to be mounted by mongrel mutts. I wouldn't mind making a sizable donation to make these changes. Thanks.........Svetlana

Jacqueline's picture
My dogs loved it!

Went to the Barc park 4 times last week. Three of the four time were great. But the one day there were 2 pitbulls in the small dog area that were very rowdy and rough. The owners were standing around and doing nothing while they intimidated other dogs. My 15lb dog was chased by one of them, needless to say we left immediately. But other than that i thought this dog park was one of the best! Can't wait to take my dog back there! Just wish there were certain rules for the vicious type dogs out there.

carol's picture
Barc Park

I love this dog park. Not only does my dog get do I. We both love walking around the lake.

Jenny C's picture
love this park

I come here all the time with my corgi, she loves it even though she usually has to get a bath after, im pretty sure she doesnt mind. I think you should check it out!!!!

mandmsmom's picture
Barc Park

This is a "dog park". You know, for "Dogs"...the ones that drink out the dirtiest puddles & try to get snacks out of cat litter box. Here they have fun, they run, they swim, they look for buddies to play with, they're just plain happy to have a chance to behave the way dogs should. I have been here 3 times in the last weeks & each & every time the only problem is with an over protective parents, or dogs kept on a leash, who can't get to play when called on. I have a 54lb Plott hound & a 10lb pomeranian. This park suits them both...they love it! P.S. I drive 48 miles each way to get here & don't resent one minute of the ride

jp's picture
Extemeely Dangerous for dogs

I have found the exact same problem. After being knocked down by a dog there and landed half way down the hill. The owner of the dog did not even check to see if I was Okay. The new Park in North Myrtle beach is totally differnet and a pleasure to go to. Most of the owners also me more responible and considerate.

jp's picture
North Myrtle Beach vs Market Common Dog park

The park near Market common does not have a designated area for small dogs. I went there today and there was people standing at the gate having a conversation and making no attempt to leave. I let my two small Shih Tzu inside the small area to bring them in. I could not get my dogs to go in because large dogs were trying to get in the small area. One woman at the gate not only did not hold her dog back she let he large dog in the small area making it harder to get my dogs to go in.

North Myrtle Beach park there is an area for smaller dogs to feel comfortable and most people are considerate and let you get you dog in or out before entering the small transition area. I have be knocked down by a dog, one of my dogs pinned up against a fence by a large dog. Today is the last time I will got to the park near Market Common.

jw3710's picture
What do you expect? The Ritz Carlton?

We have a 15 pound pug and have been taking here here for several years now. I have traveled the world around and this is by far one of the best parks out there. Most dog parks are very small this one is a very large park with a big pond on the large side with a walk area so you and your dogs can go around it.

My only complaint is this pond needs some sort of filtration as it is very dirty and the only source of water it gets is from the rain. there are lots of turtles in this pond so i guess they cannot chlorinate it but that would be nice. I would pay a fee to go here just so they would do something with the water. my dog is not a water dog but still i feel sorry for those that do play in the water.

This is an off leash park which is why i like it so well. I also wish they would do like some states have started doing and not allowing you to use the park without a special tag or permit that shows your dog is completely vaccinated. there are lots of dogs there especially big ones. but we have had no problems, the other dogs are going to come up and sniff and check things out but thats what dogs do and if you do not like that then maybe you should stay home.

as for the water bowls it is no different in taking care of a child if you don't like what they provide then bring your own. it really annoys me to see people complain about something that is free when most dog parks cost money to go into these days. quite honestly i think everyone should volunteer their time to help keep the park clean instead of blaming someone else for not doing it for you. yes there are people there who do not clean up after their dogs but mostly i think what happens is they run off since the park is contained and they sit and visit with other people and just don't realize their dog has pooped while they were not looking. this park is as clean as any other public park.

they do have the small side of the park where typically the smaller dogs congregate there are those with the larger dogs in there too, most of the dogs in the park are older and i have never had any trouble with the larger dogs harming my very small pug. they sniff they play and have a great time. i recommend that if you do not use a flea and tick with the heart guard then you should do so, you should be doing this anyway to make sure to keep your dog safe and protected. as i have said already i wouldn't pay any attention to those that have nothing better to do than complain about this park and go see for yourself. some people just cant be pleased no matter what you do for them.

Cathy Markle's picture
62nd Ave Park

My neighbor and I take our dogs to the bark park on 62nd Ave North in Myrtle Beach. It's always clean and the small dog side, the dogs have a blast.There are no ponds to worry about dirty water for them to get in, although mine loves water. And it's closer than all the way down in myrtle beach. I also wish North Myrtle Beach had one.

Ruffruff's picture
Doggie Park

As the last reviewer stated, "This is a dog park!" Dogs are dogs- they run, play, get dirty, and sometimes just want to boss around another dog. Of all the dog parks I've been to around the U.S., this one is great. You can "travel" around the lake, giving the dogs something to focus on. They don't have to figure out what to do in a small fenced in area. As with any park, you have people who are grumpy or may not "pick up", but this is life. A+

sudean's picture
Dog Parks are for Dogs

Maybe you are right and the people are snobby and the park is dirty and the dogs run up to you. It is a dog park. The rules say enter at your own risk. Even at an ideal dog park, any dog could have a bad day. I agree people should pick up the poop from their dogs but they don't. The water bowls are sometimes dirty. So let's just everybody do their part, watch our dogs and not worry so much about who is friendly and who isn't. Dog parks are for dogs.

BarkleysMom's picture
barc park

me, my husband & my barkley have been going to this park for 5 years. We started going there as soon as Barkley was of age & had all his shots.
I agree that the park needs a little cleaning up once in awhile & there are things inside that need to be repaired for the dogs safety.
We have met so many nice people there who are now close friends.
My bigest concern is the snakes in the summer, I wish there was something we could do about them, i am always scared Barkley will find one before I see it & go to investigate it & get biten.
in these days none of us can afford a large vet bill & who wants our babys to suffer.
Diana / Vic ? & Barkley

Kristy's picture
And furthermore, it's FREE!!!

And furthermore, it's FREE!!! Perhaps these dogs have gotten rashes because they're so overprotected, they haven't encountered much of the outdoors. I'm as bad as the next person about treating my pup like a person. He's my baby. However, at the end of the day he's a dog and will roll on dead stuff or eat rotten food he finds along the road while walking if given the opportunity. I think it's ridiculous people act like their dogs are too good to swim in lake water, drink from community bowls or greet/be greeted by strange people/animals. If you're that worried, perhaps you should stay in your own backyard!

Kristy's picture
My dog LOVES this place!!!

I don't understand the negative reviews. I'm not sure what these people are expecting of a dog park. My dog thinks it's great, and we've been to quite a few. I barely saw any poo lying around. Most people who care enough to bring their pups to the dog park care enough to clean up after them. Also, most people are smart enough not to bring aggressive dogs. I saw multiple small dogs (by small I mean 5 lbs) there today interacting with my dog (70 lb. Clumber Spaniel) as well as large boxers, pit bulls, ect with no issues whatsoever. The water may not be the cleanest (it's a large pond with wildlife-birds, turtles, fish, ect living in it), but my dog has swam there many times with no issues. It's very spacious, has plenty of shady areas and more than adequate space for your dog to exhaust all his energy. We love it and will make special trips to the area (live 2.5 hrs away) just to enjoy:)

pups79's picture
Bark Park

Took my two dogs there for the first time today and they loved it! All of the dogs were friendly and the park was huge. I was surprise at the cleanliness after reading the reviews. I didnt see any messes as people spoke of. Will definately go again, both my boxer and 5 month old puppy found someone their size and age to play with.

porterhouse's picture

Ive been going there for a while. Definitely not the nicest park in the world, but its not as bad as people make it out to be. It's a dog park people. Its a place where dogs are supposed to run free and feel part of the "pack".

Its a place for dogs to socialize, DOGS ARE NOT PEOPLE. It is a place for them to RUN FREE, that's the point of the park. I always love the people who come to the dog park and try to keep their dog under their control the whole time, limiting the social experience for the dog. Some people even keep them on a leash! Dogs are pack animals, this is a place where the social constraints of the HUMAN world can be lifted, if only briefly, for a short while, and the dog can be a dog.

To the maltese owner: if your going to have a dog of that stature that is ok, but don't complain when you bring it around other dogs who want to play like NORMAL dogs.

Cleanliness, that is another issue. While I have never seen the feces people claim to have seen, the water could definitely use a fountain. I have also not seen a "community bowl" but I would never let my dog drink out of something like that anyways, so what difference does it make?

redsiren68's picture


This is the third year we came to Myrtle Beach with our Maltese. We decided this year we would try some dog friendly activities. I found the Barc Park online & read the reviews & thought it sounded like a fun & safe place to take our dog. I was wrong!

The internet mentions that there are two dog areas. One for large dogs & one for small dogs. This is not true. There are no signs posted stating large & small dog areas. It is pretty obvious that the lake area is for large dogs & the smaller fenced area is for small dogs. When we arrived there were large dogs in both areas. We decided to try the larger lake area first since there were less dogs in it. We made it about half way around the lake before my husband had to pick up our 6.5lb Maltese. A large breed dog came running up to us & was jumping & snapping at our dog. The owner was about 100 feet from us with his other dog not paying attention. He did tell us, â€Å"Sorry about that.† I doubt he truly was since he didn†t stop his dog from jumping on my husband.

We then decided to move to the smaller area which still had large dogs in it. We were in there about 30 sec. before the first large dog (about 50lbs) came running over to us. My husband picked up our dog again since the dog was huge & we didn†t know its temperament. Good thing he did because another large dog (about 45lbs) came running up & the two larger dogs had my husband smashed between them while they were playing/fighting trying to get to our dog. If my husband hadn†t picked up our dog who knows what would have happened. The owners seemed oblivious to their dogs unruly behavior & when we mentioned that we read online that there were large & small dog areas they had no idea what we were talking about. We left after that & took our dog to the beach where he could walk safely without being mauled by large unruly dogs with oblivious owners.

Jennsc223's picture
Glad to see there is a great park.

I am so glad to see that there is a great dog park in the area. I havent been here yet but im excited.

As far as negative comments go on this board, I think you need to actually go to the park before you judge what the park may or may not look like. I think that with any open space, people do not always pick up after their dogs but you just need to make sure that you pick up after yours. I personally live on a lake outside MB and my dog drinks from the lake all the time. He has never been sick and I can only imagine that its the same at this park.

Good job Myrtle Beach for making a great park.

Bonnie's picture
Does not sound safe or healthy

Iv'e read all these comments, and personally I would never take my dogs to that park! Too many people complained of the pond being dirty, dirty drinking bowls. I would not want my dog drinking out of a community bowel! neglectful owners, with unattended pets and POOP TA-BOOT! Other dogs may carry fleas, and or possibly disease, and have an unpredictable tempernment that could pose a threat to other pets as well as their owners. A bunch of people standing around chewing the fat instead of attending to their dogs? Sounds like a circus of sorts. Not a relaxing experience for anyone or thing.

I'm very protective of my pets and particular also. I walk them as much as possible, and they run and play in our home and yard. If you have no yard, There are plenty of places to walk your dog. Who would want to go to such a crazy place?!! A big free for all and too many dog owners with No common sense.

nascar244life's picture
My dog loves it

Like the park and where I lived where dont have one. The only thing that I like to see is people to read signs. Small dogs and Big dogs. My small yorkie dint mind his big for legged friends, but some didnt get along.

Jamie's picture

My dogs love this park. They really love getting into the pond and never have gotten sick from drinking this water or playing in it. Some dogs there get a little aggressive but most of the owners usually keep them under control. The park is really big and the dogs really like the extra big running room. We will be at this park all the time! :)

Visitor's picture
Love the Barc Park

We love this place, only wish we had some of these up in New England area. We were visiting the area and we pretty much took the dogs there everyday and for the most part found everyone watched there dogs and picked up after themselves.

Most of the owners and dogs were friendly and disciplined the dogs when necessary, there are always exceptions anywhere you go, be it at a dog park or a playground with kids. So you just hope everyone uses common sense and watch your dog because of the ones that have none.

We did tend to stay away from the smaller area since we noticed a large group of people socializing and not really watching the pooches. People in the larger area tended to walk around the pond, kept the dogs moving and kept an eye on them.

People have to understand, dogs will be dogs. If your dogs is extremely hyper and wired and chases other dogs nipping at it's heels and tail to play, expect your dog to possibly be put down physically by the dog being nipped. Don't get upset at the dog or owner who your dog was nipping at. Dogs do correct other dogs behaviors without drawing blood even though it looks very physical. (This happened in the smaller dog area by a crazy little dog nipping quite hard at my 40lb dogs heels and tail with the owner of the nipper just saying, oh that is just the way he plays, Gee, maybe he should be trained a little not to do that.)

I might also suggest if your dog is EXTREMELY possessive of anything it is carrying in its mouth, don't allow it to carry anything. It may end badly one day especially if you have a large dog.

Most incidents happen because people can't read or they ignore their own dogs behavior or the behavior of other dogs that can lead to things happening. Keep an eye out for the signs and 99% of incidents can be stopped before it gets out of hand.

Again, this is great place for dogs and responsible pet owner.

Visitor's picture
I agree- Hose

You ought to contact Robin with this idea. A pet shower would be a terrific asset! I got the city to install the middle dog cather fence that seperates the two parks. It took a great deal of persistants but the job finaly was authorized!

Visitor's picture
Filthy Water

While I do agree that the pond is filthy, the water bowls are general rinsed out on a regular bases and filled with fresh water.
My dog begs me to take her to the Dog Barc park. She is a huge fan of this place. I am there with her at least 3 times a week.

Yes I do agree that some people go there and do not watch there dogs and do not pick up after them.
Most people do watch the dogs and many times will announce to those who are not paying attention that they need to collect the poo that their dog produced.

Some dogs can be aggressive. Most of the time these animals are detained and removed immedialty from the park by the dog owner. However some jerks refuse to aknowldege the attacks. Thankfully this does not happen very often. When it does happen other take down a description of the dog, its owner and the car they arrived in. This information is given to the Park manager Robin. And she handles it with the law.

I will continue to take Lucy to the Barc park, she loves it. No way do I allow her to swim in the pond. That water is DISGUSTING!

Visitor's picture
Love this place

I bring my c.spaniel there at least once a week. And we both love it there. I not only get to let my girl run free and get great exercise and socializing ...but you get to meet a lot of "dog people"! There will always be those people that do not follow rules, no matter where you go...but I have never had a bad experience at BARC. WE give it 4 paws up!!!

Visitor's picture
Impressive large Dog Park !

I visited this park while in MB during Christmas. My only issue was that some of the people who let their dogs off leash in the smaller area had no control, or cared to have any over their dogs trying to overwhelm smaller ones. The Smaller dog area had all large size dogs, maybe owners couldn't control theirs enough in the large dog area, which had all very well behaved large dogs that came when called and caused no problems with any other dogs. Dogs, like kids imitate what they see....

Visitor's picture
Dog Park

Great park.My dog loves it.
She gets absolutely filthy.I would like to see a hose added for washing down the dogs.

Visitor's picture

I do. Your'e there for your dog. Just watch him while you are there and everything should be fine and don't let him go in the water and if playing in the grass, bath him as soon as you get home and be selective on who your dog goes and greets or is greeted by (canine).

Oh and have a nice doggy bank account set up for vet bills in case you need it from all the hazards that are there.

Visitor's picture
Owners that don't wash their dogs - get rashes not from lake?

I personally think when going in that lake a dog would have better luck not to get a skin rash if they are not bathed often, because their natural oils and ordinary dirt (that goes unseen, which all dogs have to some degree) would protect them from whatever nasty stuff is in there from years of being improperly treated. Some dogs it's a luck of the draw they get nothing and some get something once and then they are fine. Then there's my dog who gets a rash and then never again and now only pukes if any tiny bit gets into her mouth from swimming. The park says their not responsible, enter at own risk, but there's a line to be drawn for it is public place and is meant for dogs and it's so hot here dogs want to be in the water and if its going to harm an animal then it should be quarantined off, drained or fenced in. A fountain would not help this water at this juncture I firmly believe it needs to be drained, treated properly and a fountain(s) placed in it.

Visitor's picture
Filthy Lake Water -now dogs getting rashes from other side park

I've been going to the park for awhile now and it's getting quite expensive. There's probably a reason for why the dog park is 'free'. I don't know what they put or do not put in the lake and/or grass on the other side of the park but my dog got rashes from the lake and then a second time one of them drank the water maybe a teaspoon of it and puked for 3 days.

The city apparently just did maintenance or upkeep (treated the grass and lake and cut tree branches) but something new must have been placed in the grass for killing or minimizing fleas or ticks because there have been several dogs with weird skin issues ie. round circle infected marks (not ring worm) but when taken to a vet is undetected so far. I spoke to someone who's going to a specialist and they will be waiting for results to find out exactly what was placed in the park or are people bring contagious dogs in????? I'm sure it will soon be revealed.

It seems to just be getting worse. There also is a group of individuals that will berate other people (whom they don't even really know, but apparently dislike) and yell to them to pick up their dogs feces while that person is pulling the bag out of their pocket. Oh, but there dogs will poop all over the place (seen it several times and they don't once get up from their chairs to pick it up)

It's harassing and makes what should be a fun experience with your dogs into walking past street hoodlums or bullys. You will also be blasted on theirfacebook page of their barc park wall if they decide they do not like you. It's really strange...

Just beware, I'm finding a new place to go!! Can't afford it financially and second need to find a classier environment of people to allow my dogs to play in peace.

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Nice park, pay attention because a lot of ppl don't

We've been to a few different dog parks, and this is the nicest one I've seen. It would be nice to have a fountain in the water to keep it moving, but we haven't had any issues with the water. My dog is a golden retriever and that's where he spends the majority of his time, and his vet makes sure he has the shots and vaccinations he needs to protect him. I would say the majority of the issues would pertain to the dog owners, and not the park itself.

I've been bringing my dog there for years. We've never had an issue with aggressive dogs, but I've seen it happen to other people. The responsibility definately lies with the owners. When I notice a dog that's unusually aggressive, I walk away from it and make sure my dog does too. Some people just stand there and watch, not doing a thing about until the animals actually end up fighting. That has nothing to do with this particular park. We've been to many different parks and beaches and there's always going to be some irresponsible dog owner there, but since I can't change that I just stay away from them when I notice them.

My dog is very socialized and he's been my traveling companion his whole life. We've been in many different situations with new people and animals, but I realize a lot of people are not that way with their dogs. I think the best advice for bringing your dog to a park where they can run free is to pay attention to how the other animals and their owners act. You'll know which to stay away from. I also think its best to keep the dogs moving. I see so many people just stand or sit in one area rather than walk their dogs around and let them discover different things.

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Myrtle Beach Bark Park is a Disgrace!

This place is absolutely filthy. The water bowls are filthy, the poo is everywhere and most of the people are to busy into their group talks to pay any attention to what is going on with their pet. The park should be completely shut down.
The people that go here DO NOT OBEY THE RULES!! It has been said here, they do not watch their dogs and other dogs get hurt. That is very true!
I took my Bichon boys there one time and I will never go back. I am afraid they will catch a bad infection from all the filth! and possibly get hurt by a lot of very aggressive unattended dogs. This place needs to look at other dog parks in other states on how to properly maintain and run a dog park. This is a disgrace and very unfair to all dogs and owners that need a safe clean place to take their dogs.

PS: To the person that said they have never seen an attack there, you have been real lucky so far... but...keep going and unfortunately for your dog... YOU WILL!

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Puppy shouldn't have been

Puppy shouldn't have been there at 10 wks, there's an age minimum of at least 4 mths. Who's irresponsible??...the guys that doesn't read the rules of the park.

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Re; 10 week old lab bitten on the ear-

The rules clearly state that dogs younger than 4 months are not allowed in the park. The reason for this is twofold. First, at 10 weeks, your dog has not had all of it's vaccinations, and is therefore susceptible to diseases. Secondly, at younger than 4 months, your dog has neither the size nor the temperament to deal with full grown dogs who do not consider your dog a pack member. I've been visiting the park 3-4 times per week for several months, and have yet to see a dog injured or maliciously attacked by another dog. Your dog was by far the exception, and you are culpable because you violated the park rules and put your too-young dog into a dangerous situation.

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Great Place- Great People- READ THE RULES!!

My boyfriend & I take our pit mix to the barc park almost every day and have for the last few months. She loves it. It's a great place for her to run off all her energy. To some of the other comments above.
#1 READ THE RULES BEFORE YOU ENTER! Puppies should be 4 months or older!! If you don't know how your dog will act around other dogs it's simple- Don't bring them! USE COMMON SENSE! And don't assume that just because your dog is a non aggressive breed that it won't be aggressive towards other dogs!!! Well guess what, ALL DOGS can be aggressive!!! I've heard stories of labs and goldens to spaniels and jack russells that have malled their owners, children, other animals etc. A lot of it is how you train your animal, how it is treated, etc. and also knowing the signs of your dog & other dog's body language!!!!
Anyways back to the park, I have heard several stories about "rashes" from the water. Our dog LOVES the lake and we have never seen an problems with her health from it. Maybe those dogs got rashes because their owners don't properly bathe them after they've been in the water? Or could be a reaction to something else entirely. The park is in a wooded area. Which means there is a great possibility for poison ivy and the likes.
We have met many different people at the park. Many like ourselves that are regulars to the park. It's pretty basic, if you use common sense and know how your dog acts around other dogs before bringing them to the park its a fantastic place! Not to mention pay attention to them! Yes it's nice to let them run loose but that doesn't mean you should just pay no attention to what they are doing! They are just like children! If you ignore them they tend to get in trouble!!!!!
This is a great place and as long as everyone follows the rules and keeps an eye on their dogs, it should stay that way!
Wish they had more places like this so everyone could enjoy them all over the country!

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Rash from swimming

"I just wanted to know if you have any plans to put fountains in the ponds at the Dog Park in Myrtle Beach? My grandma's dog got a rash and the vet seems to think it's from the water at the park. The vet also said that a lot of other dogs who go to the Dog Park have the same problem. Have you heard of this? Is there anything they can do to make the ponds cleaner?
It's a great place, but a lot of people aren't sure about the water." -Visitor