Gano Street Dog Park

Ruby and Leo at Gano St
stinky trash cans!
view into the Gano St park from the soccer field
Power and Gano,
behind the Gano Market
Providence, RI
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Providence and the Providence Dog Park Association
Days Closed:
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Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area and benches, be sure to bring water for your dog. To support this park visit the Providence Dog Park Association website.

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It's behind the courts!

It is nice to have a park near things like Dunks, who also will fill up water bowls! New poop bags are provided and one of the patron's made a custom bench and a separate bench that hold dog bowls. Two separate sections but no one uses the small section. For a full review with video and pictures check out under the Places to bring your dog page. We have reviews of dog parks in RI, CT and MA.

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Gano St park

We have been going to the Gano St park for about 3 months now and our dogs love it! There is almost always a large group of dogs there and for the most part all of the dogs get along well. The park could use some extra maintenance, I agree on that. My dogs love going there so it's not going to change us going there. We bring our own water and poop bags when we go and it's been fine. Yes the large dogs and the small dogs do play together, but the owners for the most part know there is a small dog area but choose to have their dogs in the large area. There is no reason that large and small dogs can't play together as long as the owners supervise. I see no reason to MAKE small dogs play seperate. The city could do a better job of making sure the trash cans are emptied, they can stink something awful!

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On several occasions I have

On several occasions I have brought my small bog to Gano St. in attempt to socialize him with other small dogs. To much dismay, every time we went I noticed that small dogs and large dogs all play in the designated large dog area. I dont know if it is that people do not realize that there is a small dog area on the other side of the basketball courts, or that they are not bothered by their little dogs mixed in with much larger dogs. Perhaps if there were signs desiganting the areas for Large or Small Dogs "Only" there may be more separation for safety purposes.
In addition, the upkeep of the dog area is not the best. There is never any poop bags available and broken glass is scattered about. It could definately use more attention in the upkeep.

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Small dog area

I have a very small dog and she was able to get out under the fence. There are huge spaces. Both gates didn't close. No water available. Looked like no one picked up after their dog. Brought her to Warwick instead. Much better and muchhhhh bigger and cleaner.