Wilkes Barre Dog Park (at Hollenback Park)

Opening day. Opal playing. (Australian Sheppard)
Don't I look cool
1050 North Washington Street
Wilkes Barre, PA
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City of Wilkes-Barre
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Opened May 22, 2010. This dog park has a separate small dog area and drinking water. The dog park is supported by Wyoming Valley Dog Owners Group.

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Dog killed

Nov 20, 2012. A Chihuahua was killed by three huskies. It was playing in the small dog section. The Huskies owners left the three dogs unattended in the gate entrance area as he picked up after them. They let themselves into the small dog area and injured the chihuahua. The dog died the next day after surgery was attempted. The chihuahua owner suffered bites to her hand. Cannon, the owner of the huskies was a regular at the park and paid the $4000 vet bills. Additionally, there is a $100 city fine for the dogs injuring the woman.

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everything we needed

We are traveling through WB and stopped for our pooch to get some execise off-leash. It doesn't have much shade, but it had enough space to romp. Unfortunately we hit it at a time when no other dogs were there to play with. We found clean water, kiddie pools, a donated frisbee an several well-loved balls.

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Not impressed

Very disappointed ... We had a great day at the park, no problems! Then this woman(?) came in bossing everyone and the dogs around. So because of this she ruined our day and we left. If only Wilkes Barre had another dog park!! Other than this horrible woman the park was fun and the dogs loved it!

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why did it have to rain!!! now i have to wait to take my baby to the park):

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hello all

i am soo excited. tomorrow im going to take my puppy to the dog park for the first time! cant wait