Lloyd Park Off Leash Dog Area

703 N. Lloyd Avenue
Downingtown, PA
Operating Hours:
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Not Fenced
Other Notes:

  This park has a creek and brush and mud; be sure to bring a towel.

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Ceggleston's picture
Doggy heaven

This is probably the most used and best dog park in the area. I have been brining my two Labradors here for four years at least twice a week. This park gets used 365 days a year. There are people there is 3ft of snow and people there in the rain! Plenty of room for dogs to be social or for owners to bond with their pets on their own. Take a walk on the trails, play in the creek, throw a ball or socialize with other dogs.
Place gets swampy after rain and if you play I. The creek be prepared to get wet and muddy! Bring towels to clean you pups off too!

Mollis's picture
Best dog park! (not totally fenced though)

I'm a dog walker, and recently discovered this dog park. It is by far the BEST dog park I have ever visited! There is a HUGE open field to run around in, a creek that has parts deep enough to swim in, and doggy poo stations all around. In my experience, the doggy parents are all very attentive to their pups. The only draw back is that the area is not fully enclosed by a fence. But, the dogs are more interested in playing with each other, and being around their people. Few venture off too far, and when they do they always run right back :)

Depending on time of year or weather, it can get really muddy. So wear your boots, and be prepared to get dirty!

BigMolly's picture
Awesome Dog Park!

Swimming, obstacle course, giant mud puddles, and always lots of friendly dogs running around with minimal poop thanks to poop stations. As good or better than ANY other park we have visited. Always more people and dogs than any other visitors using the rest of the park. Worth the trip! Thank You Caln Township!

Jenny C's picture
Great Park

The park is partially fenced in some areas and naturally enclosed by woods in the rest. There are always tons of dogs off leash there. It's the best dog park I've ever been to!

Jenny C's picture
Downingtown Dog Park, Lloyd Ave

Lloyd Avenue Park has an excellent off leash area for dogs! This is the best dog park I've ever been to. Very large area for dogs to play, including a stream running through for water play! The off leash area is designated for dogs, and is a beautiful area for dogs to run freely. Only a portion of it is fenced because it is surrounded by a wooded area providing a natural barrier so dogs do not escape. A+++++++

bpeirce204's picture

Before this park was completely developed, may people knew of it as THE place for dogs off-leash. Bless Caln Township, because they have artfully maintained and enhanced this tradition. The park is developed with sand volley ball courts, playground, picnic tables and play areas for children. The larger back part of the park has since been landscaped and partially fenced off for dogs off-leash, and 'poop' stations have been added with bags for clean up. Brandywine Creek forms one boundary of the park, and the open grassy area is huge--perfect for lots of running, splashing and ball chasing. Be aware, however, that this is a natural, mostly unfenced area. My dog found a hole in the hedge within three minutes and went out--but promptly came back in where all the fun was. I'm sure the township website does not designate the park as officially off-leash for this reason, and you should assume any risk if your dog is not restrained. Also, there are lots of mud and poison ivy and ticks. Still THE best dog park we have ever visited, even better than before.