Harford Park Off Leash Area

260 Gulph Creek Rd
Wayne, PA
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Radnor Township
Days Closed:
None, but this park is for use first and foremost by Radnor Township residents
Park Size:
5 acres
Type of Park:
Not Fenced
Other Notes: This park has a creek and doggy drinking fountain. "The area is located in Radnor Township and is for use first and foremost by Radnor Township residents. Please also list that according to Township Ordinance dogs are required to be under control at all times - either by voice or leash. Park users are also required to clean up after their pets." -Radnor Township Parks and Recreation Also, according to Radnor Township - dogs are not allowed in the other parks but can go off leash in this park if they are under control at all times or on-leash on Radnor Trail and Skunk Hollow Trails.
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Holiday party

Do you know this years (2014) date?



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Annual Christmas Party

Does anyone know this years date of the Christmas party? Looking forward to seeing all:-)

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2012 Harford Park Holiday Party


The Harford Dog Park annual Holiday Party will be on Sunday, December 9, 2012 from 12 Noon - 2 PM. This is always a fun time for all!!

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Fun Day At The Dog Park

Hey guys!
I am currently a senior from Upper Merion. For my Senior Graduation Project I am focusing my topic on animal rights. For an application component I am having a fundraiser at the dog park where people can bring gently used leashes or toys or just donate money. Everything that is earned/received will be given to Furry Angels Rescue to help support their animals. I will also be selling snacks and drinks all for a dollar and for the pets there will be a little goodie bag as well.

I hope you guys could all come out and support a good cause.
My website (not really ready) that I'll be posting the flyer and pictures of the day will be www.furryfriendsSGP.webs.com

Date: March 10, 2012 9AM- 1PM
Rain-date: March 24, 2012

Please come out, it will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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Good Park, Subpar Owners As Usual

By far this is the most spacious park in the area. Best part is you can distance yourself, most times, from the people/owners that seem to be there more to congregate and socialize with other owners than interacting and bonding with their dogs off leash - which is what this park should be all about. As is the case with most dog parks, the problem aint the dogs, it’s the people... I've seen parents bring toddlers just learning to walk and put them on the ground; I've seen people bring their breakfast/lunch/dinner then act surprised and/or annoyed when they are overwhelmed with dogs begging or stealing their food or taking food out of their children’s hands or mouths (I kid you not!); parents leaving children and/or their dogs unattended; I've seen an owner open the car door, let the dog out, then climb back in the driver seat and proceed to talk on their phone and type away on a mobile device; owners talking on their cell phones while their dogs cause havoc and pester other dogs and their owners; owners that think dog parks are not a place to discipline/train their dogs so they allow them to herd and nip other dogs without correction; owners that leave dogs run around still leashed or with prong collars thus posing a danger to other dogs; and of course owners that simply think that cleaning up after their dog is someone else’s job.

I recommend the township invest if signage and post park rules in at least two locations, at the entrance by the parking lot, and at the far end of the park. It will help remind people what their responsibilities are while guests at the park. It will also help responsible owners refer to the rules when an irresponsible owner thinks that only their “rules” apply. And highlighted should be the legal responsibility and liabilities of dog owners - when people see that being negligent has legal and financial ramifications, they tend to be more alert, responsible and respectful.

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Holiday Party at the park

The annual Holiday party at Harford park will be on Sunday, December 11 - 12 noon to 2 PM.

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great park

Water fountain for the dogs. Nearby creek. Wide open space.

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Best dog park ever!

We've been bringing our Great Dane to this park ever since he was 4 months old. He LOVES it and there are always lots of "friends" to play with. It's great because it's huge with tons of space for dogs to spread out and run and get away form eachother if they need to. There's no fence so no dogs get cornered. As with any dog park, there are always the owners who don't watch their dogs and things happen. But I'd say 99% of the time everyone is cool and the dogs are having tons of fun. I don't go anywhere else as nothing compares to the size and great variety of dogs. Always a friend to play with. Don't get turned off my people's reviews having a bad experience with a bad owner. That can happen anywhere and is not the fault of the park. Most jerks aren't regulars anyway because we wouldn't tolerate them.

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Great Park

We vistied for the first time yesterday and my pup really enjoyed interacting with everyone. It was very enjoyable except for the knats. If it hadn't been for the knats it would have been perfect.

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Holiday Party on December 11

The Harford Dog Park annual holiday party will be on Saturday, December 11, 2010 from 12 Noon to 2 PM at the Park.

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Beware of the owner of Ginger, a jack russell

We love this park and are very thankful to Radnor township for its exsistence. Today, however, I had a terribly frightening and upsetting experience at Harford Park, a place we love to bring our two puppies to. After my dog and another small dog began playing rough, I tugged my dogs leash and began to remove her from the situation. She is 7 months and very playful and often times just won't let up. I could tell this dog was snapping at her too many times so I began to remove her. As I was doing this-- the owner of the other small dog, named Ginger, kicked my dog hard. I was so shocked and was about to react when he wound up and kicked her again underneath her stomach and she went flying into the air. I confronted this man, who has blond hair and glassess, is in his late forties or early fifties, and was with his wife who had curly red hair. They also had a german shepard that seemed to belong to them. I told him that was excessive, that he should never kick a dog in that way, and a few other things that I managed to get in through the tears at the shock that this was happening. Myself and another woman began to take our dogs away from this man. She told me that his dog, ginger, had been an agressor at the park all day. I was visibly upset for my dog, and the woman was very supportive, and like me, was trying to think what the consequence for this could be. We decided to leave but after putting my dogs in the car I confronted the man again, telling him that anyone who has the ability to kick dogs with such force and disgust should not have the right to own any animal. Ofcourse, there is no fault on the part of his dogs-- but I would still hope that anyone reading this would would protect your dog by staying away from this man, and spread the word that he is not welcome at Harford park.

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nice, but one problem visitor

Went today for the first time, and am pleased Radnor has this sort of park. We liked the creek, especially, and most people seemed friendly. The guy with the three pit bull/boxers that the 1/27 poster complained about was there, and his dogs got into a fight with a couple of others -- other visitors seemed to be miffed that he was not in control of his dogs, and one visitor confronted him about it -- not sure it did a lot of good, but he did leash the dogs and leave after that. Lent a rather tense atmosphere to what would otherwise have been a pleasant experience.

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Took my 5 month puppy there for the first time this weekend. Plenty of snow and fun. All the owners were gathered at the top of the hill and the doggies were having fun all around. It was also nice to see a variety of breeds and ages. Of course it took a couple of minutes for him to get used to such a big crowd, but then it was all fun and games. Before coming here I was cautious about letting him go off the leash, but all the dogs stayed in the same area, and didn't misbehave, so I let him run free too. Once the snow goes down, it will be interesting to explore the park a little more.

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Our experience at Harford with our small cairn terrier was horrible. Our little dog was swarmed by three pitbull/boxer breeds while we were trying to walk with her alone at the back edge of the park. The owner of the three dogs was not in sight anywhere, and our calls for the owner to call off the bigger dogs were unheard. When I lifted our frightened dog in my arms to protect her, the three bigger dogs of course then started jumping all over me. Still no owner in sight! And the dogs were marauding, unsupervised throughout the park. This was an extremely frightening experience--which could have been avoided by a RESPONSIBLE owner. This blame falls clearly on the owner of the dogs. IT's a great park, but the dog owners need to be more responsible. Pitbulls and boxers can be wonderful dogs, but the owners need to realize that a stranger knows nothing about the temperament of a strange dog--and especially about a pack of three dogs. We will not take our dog here again. I hope the township is reading this as well.

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Dog Heaven

I take my three boxers whenever I get a chance. They love it and are very tired when we go home. I can't even spell out dog park anymore because the pups have now figured that out!! They get very excited when we go. People there are pretty good about thier dogs and respectful of others. Great Park!

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We give it 4 paws up!!

I took my dog there for the first time today after finding this website. We had 3 hours of fun and met alot of new dogs and people. Overall, this is the best park around. There is no fence, plenty of grass, a small creek and even a doggie water fountain. I was really impressed!

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Beautiful place!

I was here for the first time yesterday. What a gorgeous park! Rolling hills with open grass for the dogs to run, a walking path, large shade trees, picnic tables for us owners to sit, a creek, even a doggie water fountain. Most of the owners keep a watchful eye on their dogs; you can't just sit and chat. I got a workout myself, following my Westie up and down the hill as he explored. I really am thankful to have such a beautiful park and will definitely contribute to the Friends of Harford Park Dog Club. Thank you to Radnor Township for making this possible.

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Harford Park

I think most people who come here are pretty great about keeping an eye on their dogs, but in defense of those who aren't always around, it's a pretty big field, and the dogs run around a lot. Your dog can get away from you fast if he's a runner (which mine is). I was nervous bringing my dog here at first but now I'm really comfortable. There's a creek that the dogs love to play in when it's warm. He comes home exhausted and happy. Great place.

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Great experience - Recommend

This is a non-fenced in location but is very large so as long as your dogs are ok to come back to you if they wander to far you are ok. Pretty clean and many dogs there running around. Went for first time today and since it is only 10 minutes away plan on going a lot more often now that we found it. Highly recommend.

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Harford Park Adventures

Harford Park is our closest dog park so we've become regulars over the past year. Most of the people and dogs who come to the park are great, BUT there is a general problem here that people bring the dogs and ignore them once they're off leash running around. My husband and I have seen many skirmishes happen where the owner of one of the dogs is across the field or simply can't be found because they're too busy socializing with the people!!!

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Harford dog park

Best dog park I have found anywhere. Good job, Radnor!
Well behaved dogs and considerate tolerant owners; lots of room to run and play, lovely old trees, stream... It doesn't get better than this.

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Clean, spacious and friendly

Harford Park is lovely, no matter what the season.  It's clean, safe, and expansive enough that even those pups who get a large dose of wander-lust can be reined back in, before they can get to the outskirts of this 30+ acre park.

Although technically dogs can be leashed, those who are friendly and well-mannered ( as well goes for their handlers ) are commonly seen bounding around untethered and free - so long as they're NOT aggressive, and behave.

Owner's are required and reminded by many signs to clean up immediately after their pets - which 99% of them seem to do.   If you're looking to spend a good quality hour with your pooch, you'd be hard pressed to find a nicer place to do it!

* tends to get very muddy in the spring, or after much rain!  Be careful!