Bark Park - Montgomery Township

Welsh Road
behind Sovereign Bank
North Wales, PA
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Montgomery Township
Days Closed:
Park Size:
1+ acre
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, and trees.

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fcsterea's picture
Rated 3 Stars

The place is ok, it has a lot of space and there is lots of nice owners (although I've seen some who seemed that didn't care about their dogs attacking others). Some problems does exists, however, like mud puddles after a wet week, so take care to not let your dogs reach those areas. There aren't too many pet shops around, much less than it was supposed to have, but I guess that's not a big problem anyways. Definitelly a 3 stars, as it could be much better without the problems I've pointed out.

-Fernando da Cunha Sterea

cece's picture

My dog is in the animal hospital undergoing surgery right now as he was attacked by another dog who's owner and buddies acted like they didn't see their dog take a chunk out of our dog. I am so sad and angry right now

Bichmom's picture

This secluded park is not a place I would ever take my dog again. He was attacked by a very aggressive dog the moment we entered the park. The dog did not bite my dog but he ran the full length of the park at full bore and trampled him twice. The dog was about 40 pounds while mine is 10. I grabbed my dog and fled. The owner did not apologize and this seemed to be a trained behavior.

Jenny C's picture
mud pit

Fenced in area is good and there are trees and benches. Unfortunately, there is a large hole in the ground at the back of the park that turns into a mud pit when it has rained in the past week. Dogs play in it and get soaked with mud. Park is very muddy over all every time I have been there.

Visitor's picture
what age do the dogs have to

what age do the dogs have to be. I want my lab puppy to get used to dogs but he is only 10weeks

EDITOR COMMENT: The rules are not available on the Township website; you would need to contact them at (215) 393-6900. Most dog parks require puppies to be 3-4 months old and have all of their shots; this is for the safety of the puppy.

wolfspirit95's picture
We're lucky to have a nice park

We are lucky to have such a nice, fairly well maintained, and large play area for our dogs. I'm from a midwest state, and the counties require residents pay annual membership fees for the services and use of the dog parks. They also require proof of immunizations and the purchase of special tags (which I think is a great idea to show proof of immunizations). Not sure if this is something the county could require prior to a dog being permitted to come play. I would pay for a tag proving all updated immunizations.

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What a Great Find!

Very well maintained spacious grounds w/ lots of friendly dogs & humans.

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Behind the Soverign bank, past the old house. Go all the way back of the packing lot...

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i cant find it...

is this near assi? is it behind assi? i drove around for thirty minutes looking for it.

slam33520's picture
great park

We don't have a back yard so this is a great place for our shiba inu's to run around with other dogs. They love coming to the park. When we get close, they get so excited in the car.

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More Wood Chips?

Does anyone know when the park will get more wood chips?