Beau's Dream Dog Park (at Buchanan Park)

Buchanan & College Ave
behind the North Museum and Franklin & Marshall College
Lancaster, PA
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Lancaster
Days Closed:
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, a water feature, drinking water, shade, and benches. Renovated by Purina for $500,000 in 2013.

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Katherine Olivo de Frederick's picture
The best Dog Park in this area

I have take my dogs (two yellow labs) here several times. This park has lots of good things going for it. It has a really cool water feature that the dogs enjoy. It's not natural grass but rather turf which is good in all weather and no mud. It is in the middle of a park so the dogs do get to smell natural grass before they get to the dog park. It's kept clean and there are poop bags and several water drinking areas. There are also a small wood bridge and a nice shaded area to sit. There are separate areas for big dogs a little dogs. Great part and is the only one in our area.

yohn's picture

I have been taking my dog to this park for over a year now and I have never experienced anything negative. There are no vicious dogs, it is clean and I have experienced very nice people with whom to engage in conversation. My dog just loves running with other dogs and chasing balls and sticks. There are trees to keep part of the park shaded. There is also another area for small dogs or those that are being trained by their owners. Poop bags, water, picnic tables, and trash cans are provided. This is the best idea for this area. My dog and I just Love It!

huckleberry's picture
Safety Incident

There were two pieces of meat with nails found at this park on October 17, 2011.

Jenny C's picture
pretty nice

Sure, it isn't a regulated park like overlook but not everybody cares about such things. Your dog is vaccinated for a reason. I've been taking my golden retriever here since she was a puppy and never had a problem. There is water, plenty of room to run and shade in the summer.

By the way, aggressive dogs can go to overlook too so don't think your dog is any safer there.

Jenny C's picture

The park is nice. The dog park isn't! This park let's anyone in. They don't care it the dog had it's shots or not or if it's aggressive! Do not take your dog here. For the sake of your dog.Now I go to overlook and it is perfect!! :)