Luscher Farm Dog Park (at Hazelia Field)

Stafford Rd
Lake Oswego, OR
Operating Hours:
Dawn to Dusk
Managed By:
City of Lake Oswego
Days Closed:
Park Size:
1.1 acres for small dogs and 1.6 acres for big dogs
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened in Spring 2008. This dog park has a separate small dog area, trails, water fountains, shade, grass, and trees.

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Luscher Dog Park - Large Dog Side

Nice space, can be very muddy during rainy season. Some of the dog owners are very inattentive.
The small/quiet dog side is welcoming to all dogs as long as they are not aggressive and owners pay attention. This side has grass and usually not muddy.
LO Parks does a great job of maintaining both areas.

mrs.tulip's picture
Love it!

Bags to pick up after your fine furry friend, small kids play area and the park is located next to a wonderful trail that loops back to the dog park. Shovels and bark are always kept out so you may fix any holes your furry friend may have dug! Bathrooms are always sooo clean. In the winter they turn on the heat in the bathrooms! It's the little things!

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Luscher farms dogpark review 2011

I used to like this park and am addressing only the small dog area (referred to as for timid and shy dogs). The big dog area has it's own subset of problems and someone that uses that area will have to address.
I don't know why but maintaining dog parks must not make the short list for the city of Lake Oswego to spend money on. As a direct result the park is a real mess. I know money is tight but really.
There is at least 350 sq. Ft. of mud and exposed landscape fabric at the entrance and another muddy mess around the table. Several slip and fall accidents reported to Park and Rec at the city hall have gone unresponded.
The need for some simple wood chips and a little labor would be minimal and could be done in an hours time. There is even a pile of chips several hundred feet from the park but no way to move them.
Another very bad situation that goes hand in hand with muck is Girardia as the mud and standing water are perfect breeding grounds for this parasite and keeping it from making the trip home with you is difficult to say the least. There are several bowls with standing water and when I was there, a kiddie pool with filthy water that the dogs walked, played and drank from. Take your own water and keep your dogs away from the water at the park.
So of you are going to Luscher Farms tale your muck boots with you as well as towels and a change of clothes. Maybe when summer arrives this place will dry up.

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We are no strangers to dog

We are no strangers to dog parks and absolutely love to visit this particular park. Though we have been long time Oregon residents, we recently had to relocate and truly treasure the opportunities to travel back to Portland and take the dogs for an evening romp at the Lusher Dog Park. I think it does their soul as much good as as it does ours. The setting for the park is absolutley beautiful! It is the kind of place where you create a mental memory and file it under "B" for beautiful so that you can conjur it up on a stressful day and relive the peace it brought to you. At least that is how it is for me. Thank you to everyone involved in creating and supporting this worthy endeavor!

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Luscher dog park

We love this park!!! It's well equipped with bags for picking up after your dogs and hose (in non-freezing months) to clean your pooch off after the romp. Thanks for creating this park.