Mustang Dog Park

500 S.W. 59th Street
Mustang, OK
Operating Hours:
8am - Dark
Managed By:
City of Mustang
Days Closed:
You must register for dog park permit at Mustang City Hall (it is free but required)
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has shade and some agility equipment (no separate small dog area.)

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Jenny C's picture
mustang dog park

This small enclosed field could be nice, but no one goes there, and it's infested with stickers.

nailgun198's picture

January 29, 2011 was the first day we ever visited Mustang's dog park. We only stayed about 5 minutes, because the first run out of the gate, both our dogs got goatheads/sandburs in their paws! There was one other person there with her dog, and she said the stickers got spread around when the city mowed. I won't go back there until I hear they've gotten rid of their sticky problem!

Other than that, the dog park is fairly good size, has some nice big trees for shade in the summer, and a really high fence. There is also some agility equipment (I remember seeing a catwalk) but we weren't there long enough to inspect it. I didn't see if there was a water hydrant, and there was not a fenced in area for smaller dogs. It could be a really nice dog park if the city or volunteers are willing to get rid of the stickers.