Norman Community Dog Park (at Griffin Park)

1500 12th Ave
Norman, OK
Operating Hours:
Dawn to Dusk
Managed By:
City of Norman and Norman Community Dog Park
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened April 2005. This dog park has a separate small dog area, drinking water, benches, trees, and turf. Norman Community Dog Park non-profit runs this park. (thanks for the pictures, Pam) The dog park is located on the service road just north of the traffic light at High Meadows Drive off of 12th (there is no street address.) The service road entrance has a green sign denoting the dog park; the dog park is down the service road and on the right hand side.

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Csmothers's picture
Had a great time at this park

This was our first visit. There were about a dozen large dogs there. Plenty of room to run. Buckets of water and lots of balls. All the dogs were friendly and well behaved. Parents were pretty much the same way. You could tell some were regulars but all would greet you and talk about their fur babies. Seats and swings available for the 2 legged visitors. Separate fenced obstacle course and separate area for the little dogs although we had a mix in the large area and no problems. Will definitely go again

trauma7pdy's picture
Pretty good

Seems kinda small and mostly dirt but considering there isn't another park close to Moore, it isn't that bad. There is a pond outside of the gate, so if your dog isn't a runner & you can trust them off leash then they can play in this pond.

littlebigpaws's picture
Not the best, but its great and growing. GOOD JOB!!!!!

I move around alot and just moved to Oklahoma, and this was the closes dog park to where i live. I really enjoy coming out here and letting my dogs play and get tired. The park is simple, has tennis balls, baggies to pick up after your dogs, a large area and a seperated small area, water and benches to sit. I think its great and its growing. Over all don't expect a dogs wonderland, be opened minded, its not bad at all. There are some great dogs and owners as well. Even the volunteers are nice. But for those who complain, every dog park has there bad cases: People don't pick after there dogs, they don't watch there dogs, some owner think they know everything about every dogs including yours and how you should take care of them, etc.

champ01021's picture
Norman Dog Park

i think it was awesome!My dog and i had a great time!There's some tennis balls for the dogs to play with and water for the dogs.There are 2 area's,a small dog area(for dog's under 30 pounds) and a large dog area(for dog's over 30 pounds).The large dog area is bigger then the small dog area because the big dogs need more room then little dogs.There are even bench's so you can sit and watch your wonderful little(or big)dog play!If your dog is not good with other dogs please don't bring them.My dog and i loved it!And maybe you will too!

Ouch1234's picture
Bailey... My wife and I had a great time.

We had the best time. It was our first time ever being at a Dog park. All the dogs were friendly, and so were the people. Our Beagle is just a few months old, and she had a great time playing with the other dogs. She nor any other dog ever complained once about the park. I don't understand why anyone would complain about this park. It's about the dogs isn't it?
I also thought it was a city ran park, but since it isn't I think all you complainers should donate some money and lets help these folks turn it into a park that you want it to be.

Mojdeh Shahabpour's picture
i m disable and use wellchair

i m disable and use wellchair .i want go to dog park with my puppy.

courtneys's picture
Fan of the Norman Dog Park

After moving to Norman this summer, I was very pleased to find that there was a dog park in the area. My dog loves going to meet up with her little buddies! And I love having a place to just go decompress after work and meet with other dog lovers. I've found that what the dog park might lack in acres or obstacle course activities, it sure makes up for it in the actual community that can be found there. I've found that most owners are quite respectful if their dog starts playing too rough and everyone seems to have a great time!

I actually kind of like that it is a little smaller, so I can keep an eye on my dog the entire time without following her around everywhere! There are plenty of benches for people to sit and talk, as well as a few spots where you can sit in the shade when the Oklahoma sun gets a bit too hot!

I would recommend this dog park to anyone in the Norman area who would like to socialize their pet and get to know other dog lovers in the community!

betty blatt's picture
Current dog park status 6-29-2010

The dog park has 18 trees and bushes including a large Crepe Myrtle in full bloom right now. There are 7 benches and plenty of shade under the trees. Our water system is updated and the city of Norman keeps the grass mowed and weeds along the fence down. We have lots of grass now from all the recent rain and wood chips elsewhere to cover the dirt. Many dogs have regular "play pals " that they meet there daily for romping and chasing. The side for the small dogs is great for them to chase eash other & play, also. What a pleasure to watch the dogs and visit with other dog owners daily!

bostonlover's picture
Is it fenced in??

i need to know a few things is it fenced in and is there trees
i have a crazy boston shes two years old and my freind has a brittany and we wanted to get them together to meet other dogs so
is it safe?

Mrs.Jones614's picture
Umm... yea.. about that

Ok... for those of you that have actually worked on the park and put your time, money, and efforts into it... Your opinion really doesn't count because it's biased and the fact that you take it so personally just makes you sound a little bit crazy... especially the lady telling us to talk to her dogs.

As for the rude person, it is NOT the worst dog park in Oklahoma. If you don't like it then why attempt to re-review in a year and go to another one already. As for myself, my husband, and our beagle and terrier mix... I think it's a very cute quaint park. No it's not as huge and doesn't give you the same Umph as the park by Lake Hefner (FYI why in the world would I take my dog on a trail or go for a swim in the lake when it is NOT gated in.. that's the point of the off-leash dog park), BUT this park IS in my own backyard and very easy to get to.

The small dog area is exactly that.. small, BUT like I said it is a non-profit and very well kept for a Norman park. FYI Norman is not a grand city anyway, I mean... college towns never are. I was actually very surprised when we moved here to learn that Norman even had an off-leash dog park.. take that back... I was amazed. The large dog area is very large and nice. The only thing I can really complain about is that others complain about me bringing my beagle into the big dog are... it's my responsibility if my dog gets hurt. There are rarely little dogs there when I do go so we bring her into the large dog area so she can actually socialize.

We also have a problem with bringing our dogs there for a few hours and then bringing them home with fleas. If you are going to bring your animal into the public to socialize with other animals.. make sure they have a preventative and are bug free. Overall, the park is a great place to go sit and observe your dogs just be themselves and form their personalities. I like it.

Visitor's picture
Love the dog park!!!

My dog and I went to the dog park all summer! No its not fancy, but it doesnt need to be! My dog, who is 1 year old pitbull, loves it there and she gets to get out all her energy!! She has so much energy and it's a great place for her to play and get socialized!
For the people who go to the dog park, does the dog park stay pretty busy this time of year? Since the weather is cooler? I am asking because I live in S. Okc and didn't want to drive all the way down there and no one be there (Since my dog gets car sick easily!)
Thanks! & The dog park is great! There were people there ALL summer when I went, and they all seemed to like it there too!

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I come to Norman once a week to put my dogs in doggy daycare. Apparently, there are acts of thievery going on in that park. As a visitor to that park, I have been singled out as that thief. One of the volunteers is going around pointing me out as a thief. [I assure you, I am no thief. I have never stolen anything in my life nor have I ever been arrested.] Its very disturbing to me to watch this volunteer, and other patrons of that park constantly watching and staring at me while I'm in the park and upon leaving. Being a D.A.V., and retired I consider this treatment as an act of discrimination. Signed me, UNHAPPY. the Good Hobo.

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Dog behavior and poo pickup.

Set a good example and others will follow. Try it, it works!

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owners need to control their dogs

I went to the Norman dog park for the first time with 3 of my dogs and I found that owners were not picking up poop after their pets and there were many dogs that were pushy in behavior and dominating in behavior. The owners did nothing about their dogs inappropriate behavior, which could lead to dog fights. The volunteers need to inform the owners to keep an eye on their dogs and not allow inappropriate behavior.

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it is non profit and ran all

it is non profit and ran all by volunteers, they dont have the money to make it super fancy yet. so take it easy on them

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Stayed at Lake Thunderbird State Park and was unable to find park. An exact address would be nice for those of us using a GPS devise.

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Norman Community Dog Park

I would like to address some unsubstantiated "rumors" posted about our little bark park in Norman. First, by what standards or guidelines have you determined NCDP is the "worst" in the state? It may be small by some standards, but its size is more than compensated for by the quality and dedication of it's patrons, both two & four-legged. I have been involved with the dog park since before the gates ever opened so please before you honor us with another review in a year take the time to meet us. Secondly while it may seem to you "very little" money is put into the park, it is the fundraising efforts of a few that built and continue to maintain the park. So while it may seem the few hundred dollars we raise each year is not much, every penney of it is raised proudly with integrity, physical labor and community effort that is reflected in our love and compassion for our pets and the sense of community we share with our dog park. And, every penney of it goes back into the park. When a new bench is placed or tree planted we KNOW what it took to get there and we are proud of our efforts and our park. Finally, you say it is not a dog park and that there is nothing for the dogs to explore. Too bad my dogs don't have thumbs, they would love to type a reply. They explore (my dogs call it reading the paper) alright, and they play and they socialize and they are happy when they go there and they sleep well at night because of it. Ask anyone. Canines and humans alike have made lasting friendships at the Norman Dog Park. Shelter dogs benefit from play dates at the dog park. Retired folks and college kids benefit from play dates at the dog park too. So next year when you come back for another review, "just to be fair" take a walk first on the lovely trails around the park; maybe let your pup "explore" for a rabbit or squirrel, or take a dip in the pond. Then open the gate and let your dog come in for a drink of fresh water, make a friend or two with a game of chase or catch. Sit for a spell under one of our shade trees that we planted (and water ourselves all year)and maybe make a friend or two yourself. Better yet help with one of our fundraisers. Maybe when we finally get enough money to purchase some more acres you could help install the fence...I did. And every inch of the two acres we have is a HUGE blessing to me and my furry family.

betty blatt's picture
Norman Community Dog Park

As Coordinator of the Norman Community Dog Park I can tell you from my daily observations that the dog park has improved continuously since April, 2005. We have a dedicated group of working volunteers and a long e-mail list of citizens following our progress. I see many dogs playing and romping every day, dawn to dusk, and owners laughing and playing with all the dogs, not just their own, and people visiting with each other for fun or exchanging information about whatever. We have trees, benches, a new drainage system recently, wood chips and grassy areas. We would like it to be bigger but love what we do have. Do you know we have dog owners who go around with a huge bag and pick up after others who did not "scoop"after their dog? These dog owners never say anything about what they do but I see that the ground is clear so I know. And other groups of young people come our and rake wood chips to cover bare ground areas; this makes it so attractive! This is a very relaxing and beautiful area! For the complainer: WHAT have you contributed as your bit for our nonprofit dog park? Funds? Time? Labor? And, do know, the city of Norman mows, keeps trash barrels emptied, corrects drainage problems, makes sure pole lighting is on AND city police come by to check for safety issues. I LOVE the Norman Community Dog Park! Why don't you?

Snowdrops's picture
The above review....

Well just MAYBE .... the person who wrote the above review would like to put their money from THEIR pockets into it.... as WE ... who fought for the place do. The City doesn't pay for us... OR the website OR the newsletter... (I DO pay for those .... personally out my own pocket) . SO.... want to complain... fine... but do so from an INFORMED point of view... not an ignorant one.

WE do what we can with what we have... from OUR personal funds..... so... you who complained... come along and volunteer. Go and pick up the dog poop others dont... DAILY.... go and pick up after vandalism( that destroyed what good folk put money into) . Stick it out in the cold and rain as WE have to to try to raise money at events . This is WEEK IN WEEK OUT... not cos you thought ''once'' was all you would bother with.

Enough... I am sick of fighting ignorance.We are contactable via the website I pay for... stop being a faceless complainer and do something useful and get out there and fight as we have had to for something better .

rumor's picture
Norman Dog Park

Sad excuse for a dog park. City of Norman should do better. Worst dog park in the state! Nothing there for the dogs to explore at all. Very little money put into this place. Just a tiny fenced in area. Nothing lovely about it. Maybe someone worked hard for the a website or newsletter but forgot about the park itself. Sorry this is not a dog park. Anyone that voted above a 1 star is misleading you. Don't waste your time going. I'll review in a year just to be fair because Norman is better than this.

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Norman Dog Park

         This is a lovely little Park... it was a long fight to get it and those who do the Events , website and Newsletter work hard. The Park itself is improving all the time and as donations are added.. so things can be added too.