Joe Station Bark Park (at Newblock Park)

Joe Station Bark Park
Joe Station Bark Park
2279 Charles Page Blvd.
Tulsa, OK
Operating Hours:
5am - 11pm
Managed By:
City of Tulsa
Days Closed:
None, but all dogs must be spayed or nuetered
Park Size:
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened summer 2008. This dog park has a separate small dog area, shade, picnic tables, and drinking water (no children under 12). Visit website for rules of dog park. 

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Very Nice

Very nice. It's an old baseball field divided in 2 by fence running right down middle

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very friendly and clean

Traveling from San Diego to Missouri with our Basset Myles we were thrilled to find this dog park. People were friendly and Myles played to near exhaustion. Plenty of bags and popper scoopers. Fresh water was available. Id come back if we traveled through Tulsa ok again.

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Horrible Experience

We usually go to the dog park on 91st, but it is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays. So I thought I would bring my two dogs down to this park. There were only 2 dogs in the small dog side and one of my dogs is a whippet mix so she loves to play and run with big dogs. As soon as I brought her over there, the care taker of the park approached me and told me that my dog wasn't have a good time and I should bring her to the other side. So I took my dogs to a corner in the big dog side away from the other owners and dogs. They were playing and having a good time. He decided to come back over and tell me that one time he saw a little dog like mine get its neck bit and almost died because the owner brought their small dog to the big dog side. He then kept telling me that my dogs weren't having a good time and that as a dog owner I shouldn't have them in the big dog side. I immediately put on their leashes and left. As I was leaving a dog owner came to me and told me that I don't have to leave, it is my decision to have my dogs on the big dog side and that he thought they were fine. Well I will NEVER go back to this park or recommend it to anyone. This old man, the care taker, had 2 large dogs with him and while cleaning he allowed those dogs to go into the small dog side. Which is 100% against the rules of the park. He also didn't have collars, leashes or tags on these dogs, which is also against the rules! Not only was I following all rules while at the park, but this man had the nerve to yell at me and tell me what to do even though it was at my own risk, while he was breaking 2 rules of the City of Tulsa's dog policy for the dog parks. NEVER GO HERE!

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Glad you had a good time. The fountains are turned off for the winter so the pipes don't freeze. They will be turned on as soon as the temps remain above freezing.

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Great day at the park!

My first visit was today. Samson & I had a great time, everyone was friendly, the dogs were all nice and the park was very clean. The only thing I noticed was the water fountain didn't work and they could use some other stuff for the dogs to climb on or run through. We had a great time and I plan on going back really soon!

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City of Tulsa Dog Park Rules

They are available online but to answer you specific question,

11. Any dog within an off-leash park area shall not be under six (6) months of age, and shall be currently vaccinated against rabies and have a current City of Tulsa license affixed or attached to the dog's collar or harness.

12. No dog more than six (6) months old which has not been spayed or neutered shall be permitted within an off-leash dog park.

Here is the link for the complete rules,

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Just wondering....

I was wondering since this is an all spay and neuter park.....what if my dog is still to young to get the procedure are they still welcome?

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Deserved that ticket

You have no room to complain if you do not spay or neuter your dogs. You don't even deserve to have a dog!

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winter closings??

Is there any winter closings if from when to when. I went to another park it was in the middle of march a beautiful Sunday evening 70+ weather and it said "sorry closed for winter" so if I could get a reply about if you a winter closings that would be awesome

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Excellent park, clean, dog friendly

I like this park, it is well maintained, and clean. The dogs are friendly, and the owners are also.

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@jeanna1990. was it a real

@jeanna1990. was it a real short wide lady in a pound uniform? the ticket was for no dog licence wasn't it?

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The grass is looking well this year!
We just had a doggie water fountain installed last week, on the East side. After an adjustment to the drains, it is working fine. When we receive enough donations, we plan on installing a doggie fountain on the West side.

Some of the chairs did not survive the winter and were thrown out.
If you would like to donate any lawn chairs, they would greatly be appreciated.

Up with trees planted 3 loblolly Pines, and 2 Maples, this spring. They are already providing a little shade.

As far as safety, there are always Police cars in the parking lot. The prison is shut down. And Tulsa P.D. Refuels their cars, 2 blocks to the East. And the Sheriff's dept Fuels up just west of the park.

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I will never go to this dog park again

I got a ticket today when I went there with both of my dogs. I walked in the gate and they said that your dog has to be spayed to come in. So I try to say sorry I will go. But the women gave me a ticket. I just moved to Tulsa I did not know. The ticket said I would have to pay a 75$ fee but I am going to fight it. I did not put my dog down on the ground yet or even go in the gate where the other do. I was where the rules were at. THIS WAS MY FIRST AND LAST TIME GOING TO THAT DOG PARK!!

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Snow Dump of 2011 or "What climate change?"

With the latest winter storm forecasts predicting 4-10"+ additional accumulations of snow likely tonight and too many undone items on the to do list we still had to take a break this afternoon. Snowed in for more than a week already, with three big dogs, including a 9-month-old English Bull Dog puppy, I have a much greater appreciation of how important getting out and having a place to go truly are.

It's a toss up whether the dogs or owners were enjoying Joe Station Bark Park more this afternoon. Despite frigid winds and temperatures plummeting back to Fargo-rivaling, negative double-digits, a small cluster of dog owners and their dogs enjoyed the facility. Snow and ice were well cleared for ample parking but inside the fences large snow drifts and expanses of ice covering the ground was still very treacherous.

Atypical weather excluded this is a very good bark park. Separate areas for larger dogs and dogs weighing <30 lbs. There seems to be at least decent signage listing rules, responsibilities and expectations.

Finally, on the topic of disallowing children under 12 from entering not only the large dog section but also the small dog area, regardless of being accompanied by an an adult and/or being the bonafide dog owner, I am grateful in the least for Tulsa City's attempts to keep everyone safe. I have no desire to second guess the City or any of its advisers. I also admit having no expertise or training to say twelve years old is right or wrong. Some people people may be confident, safe, and at ease at younger ages and others would be a hazard to themselves, other people and the dogs, no matter if they're adults. I sympathize with the younger pet owners who've posted their disappointments and frustrations.

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This is a good, pretty well-maintained park.

I take my two dogs out there fairly often and they love it. It used to be a softball/baseball field and it is divided diagonally down the middle into the "big dog" and "small dog" areas. There are plenty of places for owners to sit (bleachers, benches, dugout, etc) and are some big rocks and logs for dogs to climb if they are so inclined. The city maintains this park pretty well, although it can get pretty muddy after big rains. The only negatives would be the lack of shade trees (it can get pretty hot on a summer day) and the location (isn't in the safest part of town). But overall it is a great place. And I've never been too worried safety-wise because there have always been other dogs/owners around. It is a well-used facility.

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Surprising fun

Although this Park is surrounded by a prison it is surprisingly fun. Mostly friendly people. It is the only dog park that is open in Tulsa. Yes 1 park for the city and surrounding areas. Sadly Oklahoma is one of the most backward States for dog parks.

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Rachels Birthday!!!

My dogs 1st Birthday is going to be at the Joe Station Bark Park on the 18th!!! Come around the morning but not to early because it Saturday!!! Please come Rachel would love it!!

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I am 12 I go in there all the time I have never been hurt I like to run w/ 10 + dogs at the same time its very fun. I can take care of myself I am very mature. I feel that it should be kids under 12 only.

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This park is bomb diggity dog! My 2 dogs Rachel (pit mix) and Sister (red bone coonhound) Love it there! we are going again today! I will post pics! I am 12 I am allowed right?

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Remember to always hide your purse!! Never leave it in your car in plain sight! My window was broken while I was in the park with my dog around 7pm on Monday April 19th and my purse was stolen!! This is just a friendly reminder, DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE THAT I MADE!!

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You can

You can email:

We welcome any help that night. We are presently updating the signs about it at the park. Send us your name and we will definately contact you. I am the volunteer coordinator at the park.

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Paws under the Stars

Hey!! Has anyone seen the Paws under the Stars advertised at the Joe Station Park? Does anyone have any information on this or know who to talk to if you would like to help?

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Lights at Hunter

No lights at Hunter, yet. And when it gets dark, it's very dark!

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Predatory drift

If more people had a better understanding of dogs they would understand this rule much better. I was at another park this week and there were three young girls there, in the small dog park. The little dogs all ran over to them barking and they started screaming which in turn attracted more dogs to them. Even children who like dogs and have been around dogs have not usually been around 30-40 at one time. Google predatory drift. Intereseting reading. It really is for the protection of the child.

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kids not allowed

Very disappointed this park does not allow children under 12, espcially on the small dog side. I can understand not allowing them with the big dogs, but disagree with them being all together banned. I feel this rule needs to be changed. If the dogs are well behaved, then it should be the parent's responsibility to control their children.

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Not for kids

I now understand that people over 12 are welcome at this park. An 'ambassador' could have gently reminded me of this fact, as it was our first time at the park. He totally chewed me out. I politely replied, "oh I'm sorry, I didn't see it posted" whereupon he very very rudely told me (in front of my 4 year old)that it was posted everywhere and that I walked right by it. Rude, rude, rude.

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Five Stars!

I absolutely Love the Bark Park!!! Keep up the great work!! Hey does anyone know if the Hunter Park Dog Park has lights up yet?

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Still Opened...Went there today

This dog park is very much still open.

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yes its open

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is this dog park still

is this dog park still open???