Schellin Dog Park - Wooster

Maple Street between Freedlander and Henry St
Wooster, OH
Operating Hours:
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City of Wooster
Days Closed:
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Other Notes:

This dog park has drinking water.

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Christel929's picture
Great dog park

Beautiful day at Wooster's dog park. So glad I heard about it. They have potty bags available and also a dog water fountain. One tip - bring mosquito spray!

tigerpaws54's picture
Nice park but some people just have no respect.

You can let your dog run, but suggest you try do it when no one is there.We were enjoying our time with our dog for maybe 10 minutes when a young boy came to the park with his pit bull and two young sisters. We immediately put our dog on a leash, few minutes later a women with her Siberian husky came in letting the dog run with the pit bull, we were clear on the other side of the park, the two dogs came running our way no owners behind them, the pit was trying to hump the husky and of course the kids were laughing, this was causing aggression, they both ran to my dog who was on his leash, and both parties refused to get their dogs and leash them blaming us that our dog was aggressive,we pushed the dogs away and the boy accused me of hitting his pit bull, I told them they need to control their dogs, and we left for fear that someone would get hurt, human or dog! Not all dogs get along especially a female husky with 2 males, it's turns into an aggressive situation.Parents should not send their children with a pit bull to a park thinking they are responsible enough to handle this breed of dog, I had pits for years and I know how they are, you do not expect kids to handle this kind of a situation, I had to leave,before something happened.....very disappointing!

Visitor's picture
dog park

I adopted a dog from a shelter last August and discovered this dog park in October. I love this place and so does my dog!!! It is so nice to have a place to take her where she can run "free" and be safe at the same time. Thanks Wooster for providing a nice dog park. I recommend it to anyone who has a well socialized dog to visit..