Portage Lakes Dog Park

playtime at PLX dog park
5031 Manchester Rd
Portage Lakes, OH
Operating Hours:
Daylight - Dusk
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened August 2008. This dog park has lake access for those dogs that like to swim, shade, and benches. The park is not fenced on the water side so be careful your dog does not get out.

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Allisonthepitt's picture

Today when we went to the park a male who was not neutered pittbull mount our dog and almost drown her she is a pittbull too so it's not the breed it's the owner who didn't stop her dog. It was the second time the dog mounted a dog at the park and the people didn't make their dog leave. I don't want my dog to stop going to the park cause of other owners who don't know how to control their dog. My dog loves the park and most of the dogs. This really upsets me my dog got sick because of this dog drowning her.

Akchambliss's picture
Really fun!

Grounds were clean and it was a blast! We have visited quite a few other dog parks and this is by far, our favorite. The lake really helped send the fun over the top since I have a lab mix who just loooovvvesss the water :)The hand sanitizer was not refilled however and neither were the poop bags so that is why I only gave it 4 stars. Also, the sides of the lake should be fenced in a little more securely. That did make me a little nervous. A lot of people seem to bring their pooches here so that also really helped make it more fun with all the dogs running in and through the water together. I highly recommend and will be back.

Wildman28C's picture
Great place to Run

Sometimes, simple is best. With only 2 acres this dog park provides the security of less than 25 dogs running around at once. The people are nice and the area is, for the most part, kept clean. I love taking my two dogs there. However there isn't much grass so they do get really dirty, but it's worth the bath later on. ^_^ I've never had any issues with the people or the park rangers. It's a nice spot. ^_^

Jenny C's picture
great park

Awesome park. We love going there. Everyone is always very friendly. Has a nice long run and our dogs love to swim, so it's great all around. Only thing is, your dog WILL be muddy when you leave!

heathergardner08's picture
i take my two dogs there all

I take my two dogs there all the time. Not meant for lil dogs. Youy can bring them at your own risk. My dogs are good with them but not all dogs are. My dog comes when i yell so the fence thing does not bother me. It is nice to have for sure. Love going there. Never too many dogs and good place to start training your dog.

kevans's picture
Be Careful Here

The park is small, and, as other reviewers said, not very grassy. The lake access is small, too, but okay, and the water is fairly clean. It's shady,a picnic table or two is inside the fenced park.
My dogs are new at this and they did pretty well--mostly ignored the other dogs and played in the water. People were pretty nice--everyone was tolerant of the dogs shaking off water and loping around.
BUT---Be very careful to follow the leash rule. We left this morning and had one dog on lead and the other off as we walked to our car. Because the dogs were sopping wet, my husband asked if I wanted to dry them off a little before we put them in the car. He threw a tennis ball and off my dog went to catch it and we were nabbed by the ranger. He was condescending and rude and asked twice why we were playing ball when "We have a dog park RIGHT THERE?" I said we had just come from the park and were on our way home and wanted to dry the one dog a little. It was obvious we were at the park--they were wet. No one was in the parking lot. After checking my husband's driver's license,he said he'd just warn us this time but said "I'm gonna remember you and the next time it'll cost you $128." We were wrong not having our dog on lead--but he was way over the top. I'll remember him too-next time I fill out my taxes and the state asks for $1 to go to State Park maintenance--or if there is an issue on the ballot. Just be safe--bring a towel to dry your dog.
Portage Lakes State Park has been in the news for transgressions of another variety--Men use the park as a pick-up point and one day when I was alone there three men were at the dog park parking lot --each in his own car alone. No dogs I could see. It has been reported that fishermen have been propositioned while on shore after dark. So be careful on all fronts.

trenakos's picture
This is a nice little park

This is a nice little park for bigger dogs. I have a Mini Schnauzer and we did not have a very good experience. It is not separated like other dog parks, and consequently my little dog got trampled repeatedly by bigger dogs whose owners paid little attention to what they were doing. Also, they weren't very good about cleaning up after their dogs. I am also a little worried about the fencing issue. The bigger dogs were just running around the fence and into the woods, and there is no limit to how far the dogs could swim out into the lake (if they really wanted to get out pretty far, they could). Maybe we just had a bad experience, but I won't be taking my dog back there.

tinkerbell_44314's picture
Shady dog park

I agree the fence definately needs extended. I took my dogs there for the first time today and sure enough my husky escaped.It will be nice and shady in the summer when the trees bloom unlike some dogparks, a big plus. I would like to see some benches up at the top. Overall it is a very nice little park, unfortunately I won't be able to use it till the fencing issue is resolved. Which I hope is soon because it is the closest to my house.

Visitor's picture
Dog Park

I try to take my dog to this park every weekend. She loves to swim. I just wish the fence were extended out into the water a little further. As it is now the dogs can just walk around it and run free. (Which has happened a number of times while I was there.) It has never been very crowded when I was there. I would also like to see a hose in the parking area to spray off the dirt and sand before getting back in to the car. But over all I enjoy the park very much.

Visitor's picture
Nice Little Park

It's a small park, but our 3 dogs had a blast. Granted, there were no other dogs at the park while we were there. As usual, not all dog owners have been responsible in the cleaning-after-their-dogs area. It's not very grassy, and butting up to the lake, a wet dog then runs around in the dirt, so bring towels. There are a few picnic tables and a few trash cans. The park within a park is a nice setting overall. We recommend this park.

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Dog Park

I went there today! My dog loved it. I just wish it were bigger.

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dog park

I love the dog park, I bring my puppy jellybean all the time!