Montgomery County Bark Park -Dayton

6794 Webster St.
(neighbor to the Animal Resource Center)
Dayton, OH
Operating Hours:
Dawn - Dusk
Managed By:
Montgomery County
Days Closed:
None, but must wear a current license tag
Park Size:
6 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has some agility equipment, a shade structure, benches, and drinking water (no separate small dog area). This is the location of an old landfill.  This park is split into sections: Sonny’s Acres and Bark Park Hill.

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MeganBC's picture
Great Park-Not for Everybody

My dogs and I enjoy this park very much. We get to go about 3-4 times per week. Huge open spaces for dogs to stretch thier legs and play and a nice steep concrete path for owners to get exercise too. There is a shelter at the top of the hill with a table and benches. A water fountain is right before the front gate for both dogs and humans.Water buckets are donated and regulars take turns keeping the buckets fresh. There are restrictions posted at the gate that should be followed by anyone entering the park. Just like any place where humans are permitted, bad things can happen. Please understand that not every dog and not every owner will enjoy the dog park. Your dog MUST know basic commands before entering any off leash area and the owner MUST know a little dog body language in order to keep you and your dog safe. There isn't a designated small dog area so be mindful that your little dog may be sharing space with dogs of all sizes. The Bark Park is a wonderful place to exercise your dog and get to know like minded, experienced dog people.

TanyaLN's picture
Montgomery County Dog Park

I have been bringing my dog to the dog park since he was 6 months old (he is now almost 5). Not only have I met some of my very closest dog loving friends at this park (the people are fabulous), but my dog has very great friends he has met there too. The park is well maintained and clean, first and foremost. The park is huge, so plenty of exhausting running time/space. There is also a cement path, which humans can walk along to get exercise as well (none other in the area have that). Please note, this dog park IS on a land fill, so they are very restricted to possible upgrades most parks could have (water inside the gated area, more trees etc). I take my dog here about 5 times per week and yes, I have seen scuffles, but overall, in 4.5 years, they are few and far between. I would suggest anyone try it out-your dog will leave happy and tired!

mobile_user's picture
nice large area

Have been to this park once with my Maltese and there did not seem to be an area for large or small dogs. The area for drinking seemed to be mostly taken up by the large dogs. Although everyone was very friendly my Maltese was fairly well gangsters by the big dogs and none of the owners seemed to want to really control their dogs. Was happy I brought my own water for self and my dog. The general running room for the dogs is huge. The small agility area was not bad but needed mowed badly.

btpupppylove's picture
Uneducated Owners and So-So Facilities

This park is good if you get the right mix of owners who understand dog behavior and play. If you go when there are uneducated owners, you might as well leave. I've seen unsocialized dogs, aggressive dogs, and owners who exacerbate their dog's issues with their own behavior. If you go when there are educated owners, its (obviously) a lot better.

That being said, the facility is only so-so. There is plenty of space to run, but there is no running water within the fence. Most people bring buckets to fill up and bring inside the park, but its a bit of a hassle. There is very little shade, which makes hot days hard to deal with for dogs and humans alike. The slope of the park is a bit too steep for comfort, making rainy/snowy days a challenge. Finally, humans are restricted to the walking path, which is good for keeping the grass healthy and thick, but kind of a bummer when you can't really run around with your dog.

There are other dog parks in the area that have much better educated group of regular visitors, better facilities, and a better community atmosphere. Its not an awful park, there are just better ones, in my opinion.

patty's picture

By attacked do you mean that there was a little scuffle where no one was hurt? Dogs do that sometimes.... They aren't people...

patty's picture
Nice park for people and dogs

this is an offleash park but it is also a park where the people walk around the park with their dogs. There is a path which winds up the hill and around and a gazebo at the top of the hill. Also, the people are mature and not crazy and don't go out of their minds when there is a little scuffle between dogs.

Helen Hoke's picture
Nice Park

First time there with new 5 mo old puppy (Great Pyrenese). There were a lot of Dogs, every size and breed. Everyone was well behaved. We walked with ours on leach since it was his first time there and then put him inside one of the fenced in lots where he was off leach and loved it, running from one end to the other. Then when a small Daschund came in, he invited ours to a games of chase and it was so fun to watch them. It wore him out. Great place for dogs and masters.

gpayne's picture
Dog Owners :(

I have taken my dogs 3 times. Love the openness of the park. How it is sectioned off. The water station at the front gate is nice to fill the water bowl before going in. What I dont like is dog owners firmly planted at the shelter seat saying, when I come in with my dogs...I have a growly dog. What are you doing there?! then?! This happened twice and twice my dog was attacked. Thank goodness there are other sections to take your dog to. But seriously, leave your growly dog at home.

Jenny C's picture
clean and fun!

Hardly any dog poop, nice asphalt walk that goes up and down so you and your pet can get some great exercise! Water bowls and shaded areas to sit. Very clean park!

3 weims's picture
Good for long drives

We stopped here the first week of January while traveling from Kansas to Pennsylvania. Our dogs really enjoyed running around after being in the back of the vehicle for so long. The quick access from I-70 and the agility equipment were all nice. It was really cold and icy while we were there, getting up the paved trail was a little tricky. We'll probably stop here the next time we make the trip again.

Visitor's picture

we're from florida and they have many dogparks. our dog snoopy loves going and playing with the other dogs. it wears him out.i can't wait to take him there. i have just as much fun as him.

phoebesdaddy's picture
Great Day

phoebesdaddy- We enjoyed the park, the dogs, and other owners. It was easy to find; from I-75 exit 58, go east two lights and your looking at it. Water is outside the entrance, so bringing a drinking bowl would have been good idea. Our dog just ran and played with other dogs so all the toys we brought weren't necessary. Our dog was too tired for the agility area so we watched the dogs and young ones enjoying that part. We live sixty miles away but we will be back