Companion Club Dog Park

6306 Home Road
Delaware, OH 43015
Operating Hours:
10am-8pm (Mon-Fri), 10am-6pm (Sat-Sun)
Days Closed:
$395 per year, $25 visitor pass
Park Size:
11 acre yard, 2 acre lake
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This park boasts a pond for swimming, areas for playing, an agility course, wooded trails, dog washing area, and doggy boarding facilities. Dogs must show proof of vaccinations and spay/neuter paperwork to join or visit the park.

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Luke the dog's picture

On 10/16 of 2014, I boarded my dog at Companion Club. They let him out at night during a rain storm to “do his duty” and he escaped. They claim he dug a hole under the fence (and by hole I mean they had patched the lower fence with a wooden slat that any dog could have scooted under), but witnesses to a hole actually in the fence, as well as to a recently cut down tree providing a step over the fence, say these were the likely culprits. In any case, my dog was hit by a car on 257 two days later while we were still at Disney World and passed away. I understand that bad things happen to good people occasionally, even to responsible business owners, but allowing a dog to run loose at night, in the rain, on X-acres of property probably isn’t the best idea. The way the owners handled the situation was odd as well. Not providing regular updates, asking why I even boarded the dog there and stating that’s what we get for trying to save money (which is ridiculous, this place is $$$), even calling my parents one night (they had joined the search for my dog and stopped by Companion Club and provided their number in case he showed up) asking why we boarded him there and literally kept saying why, why, why. In addition, they placed the blame on us stating he shouldn’t have dug a hole, even though we placed him in their care and supervision (we have a fenced in yard and in 13 years he never dug, so I do believe it was the hole in the fence or the tree he used as a method of escape, but it’s really irrelevant. He was in their care. We also never saw a hole he dug at CC, not did anyone else who went on our behalf to the scene). After Luke was found, the owners took him to my vet to be cremated then passed the phone to me so I could pay for it. In addition, they took his collar, upon my request, but put it in an old plastic bag that previously had water in it. The collar and tags rusted before we picked them up. Our last tangible memory was a rusty collar. I just don’t feel like any of the above is what responsible, caring people do. Over Thanksgiving weekend of 2014, two families contacted me to report CC had lost their dogs as well, but both were eventually found. CC’s neighbors also let me know that dogs escape regularly, as well as a person down the road said their door is knocked on several times a year to see if they have seen a particular dog.
This might be an OK place to supervise your dog on a run, but I don’t recommend boarding your dog here.

Visitor's picture

There is not a hole in the fence and the pup that escaped and was later hit by a car had dug a hole under the then fence. The story is inaccurate.

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If there were an option to give this place zero stars, that's what I would choose. As a person who treats their pets as family, I write this review with a completely broken heart for my friend and her family. A family vacation for my friend and her family turned in to a complete nightmare when this dog park failed to protect their beloved 12 year old dog. There is a huge hole in their fence, through which their canine family member escaped. Not only is the hole troublesome,as they knew of it, their lack of integrity after the escape is equally concerning. This place failed to report sightings, but later admitted to them. These early sightings could have made all the difference. Sadly, this ended tragically with their canine family member being found on the side of the road. DO NOT let this happen to your beloved family member. Stay away from this business.

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Reviews on this site

There are NO decent dog parks in Columbus Ohio.

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Companion Club Dog Park

Correction on the last review...the $395 membership inludes up to 5 dogs...This is the most beautiful Dog Park I have ever seen. I think it is well worth the value and my dogs always leave content and ready for a long nap. The owners Mark & Judy are wonderful and work very hard to make this a great place..

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ca-ching-on dog park. No thanks.

The place is alright, but ridiculously overpriced for what you get. Your $400 annual membership gets you basically nothing... "Discounted" rates on boarding, which with the discount is still about $10 per day over the going rate, throughout Columbus. Everything about this park screams that the owners are just in it for the money. (Ie, guest passes are $25, while every other park offers free visit, if you have more than one dog, the membership isn't for a family, it's per dog, etc.) In my opinion, you're far better off spending less money and having more dogs to socialize with at barktildark dog park, or any of the FREE dog parks throughout Columbus.

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Our visit to Companion Club Dog Park

This is a wonderful place to take your dog.  There is a huge lake for your pup to swim in and 12 acres to run and play.  I highly recomend that you check this park out.