Wheeler Memorial Dog Park

Collins Ave
725 Thurber Drive East
Columbus, OH
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Columbus
Days Closed:
None, except for some maintenance
Park Size:
1.5 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened May 9, 2009. This dog park has benches, a path, grass, trees, hills, and drinking water seasonally.  Be sure to bring water in the winter months and some baggies to share.

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Park is STILL closed

The dog park is still locked down. The grass is growing well and has been mowed a few times. I can get no answer as to why it is closed. the rating is because it is closed, not for the park itself. when open it is a nice place to go

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add another section for dogs!

Wheeler is a good everyday park. Recently they took out the water pump so you need to bring water with you. They also fenced off the rest of the park for dogs!

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Note the date of reviews

The City of Columbus certainly has its hands full. City-wide trash collection is generally a disaster, especially in the hundreds of 300-gallon alleys, the Police department is stressed, Fire has its hands full, etc. So dog parks may not be the highest priority. Understood. That's why the patrons of a given park are so important.

The mud has been covered, but no one has recently pointed out that if everyone would put their phones away and spread out, the central mud pit would have less pressure and could at least grow some of that vinous ground cover weed which provides the only respite on the outer 3/4s of the grounds.

Oh yeah, except that any green area is likely to be peppered with land mines of dog stool the smart phone crowd were too distracted to notice and clean up. Again, not the city's fault.

Thanks to the several owners who on multiple days offered unsolicited warnings about the "half dozen dogs" who got "kennel cough" after drinking the water the park provides. My dog did not show any symptoms, so maybe a thorough rinse and replacement of the water in the bowls is sufficient for prevention. Check to see if there's an app for that.

Reviewers have noted that various rules have had various interpretations at different times by different patrons. Rule 2. reads:

"Handlers must immediately pick up and properly dispose of dog waste and must fill in any holes dug by your dog(s)."

Here's a photo of the rule sign:

If you can keep your shoes clean to get there, the bench on the western rise of the park is surrounded by holes of sizes varying from ankle-breaker, to knee-sprainer, to hip-displacer. So for all you conscientious, highly caffeinated, self-enforcement types who can't tell the difference between play and aggression, maybe some attention to the real risks of smart-phone distraction wouldn't hurt. The park is paid for by every resident of Columbus, not just your Vicky Village Facebook friends.

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Muddy is an understatement

To say that this dog park gets muddy is a huge understatement. It is a mud pit and even a moderate rain turns what otherwise is a very pleasant park into an extremely messy experience with dogs.

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The best part is the people

The best part about Wheeler is the great group of regulars that go there. For the most part everyone is responsible. People bring bags and water to share, and some kind soul keeps the place stocked with tennis balls. There are always plenty of dogs playing together and people are kick to intervene if there is a problem.

The few problems could be fixed fairly easily. The place is overrun by mud because all the main areas have no grass left. It's because it is so busy. There is a very large unfenced park area immediately adjacent to the dog park area which is seldom used at all. If that part were fenced in, people could use one section while the other grew grass and trade off as needed.

The next problem is that 2 out of the 3 entrances do not have double gates. Some dogs are very quick and sneaky and some people don't watch very carefully. Many times dogs have been able to get loose.

The last problem is trash pickup. This park is very busy all the time. The trash cans are overflowing for a couple days before the trash is picked up. The city needs to either pick up the trash twice a week (at least) or add some more trash cans.

Despite these problems, the park is still well worth going to, especially if you avoid the muddy season.

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Great park, but backwards

This is the size of park I like. It's not so big that you can lose your dog, but it's big enough that there's plenty of room to romp with the other dogs. I think when there's too much space, there's less socialization between both the dogs and the people.

The weird thing about the fenced dog run is that the airlock gate faces in to the rest of the Wheeler Park. The closest gate to the street is a single gate, and most people used that one while I was there. Only 1 dog out of about 10 came in the proper entrance. In the middle of winter, the long path to the gate is icy and slick, so it's probably safer to use the back one, but the risk of dogs escaping isn't cool.

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Bean Likes It

Overall, I really like this park and think it's a great place for a dog to be able to run around. There are some negatives. Most of them have been touched on by the other commenters.

There's a single gate on one side, which I've seen contribute to mishaps on several occasions when someone unknowingly lets a sneaky dog out. The grass is sparse (but seems to be growing back?). The water pump wasn't working all through the winter, but it's been fixed since and works fine now.

The owners are very nice and conscientious; when the water pump was broken, someone would often bring jugs of water and there are almost always extra plastic bags for cleanup if you should happen to forget one. There's a variety of dogs, large and small, and all the ones I see regularly are very well-behaved.

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We found this park on this site and decided to give it a try. We used to go to Big Walnut, but it has gone downhill in the last year. Mostly because of the people who take their dogs there. This place was fun and the people were great. It is also a little closer to our home as we live in Grove City.

My only knock would be a lack of grass in what seems to be the main area of the park. It could make it a little messy after a rain. Also, the water pump is still broken, so bring your own jug.

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Wheeler Memorial Review

Great park! Spacious, trees for shade, hills for tearing around. Bring your own waste bags and water.

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TOMTOMs are horrible, in my opinion. Turn down Collins and you'll see it on your right. It's in between a nursing home and apartments and in back of giant eagle.

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Hard to find?

Went today and could not find it? Maybe I am an idiot, who knows, but my TOMTOM lead me to an open field and apartments. Help!

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Wheeler Park

My 9 yr. old son and I enjoy taking our dog to the park for lots of exercise. Our dog loves it! Currently the water pump is broken so if you want water, you must bring your own. There are plenty of empty water bowls, tennis balls, and plastic bags for clean-up.

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great park

well i think the park is great because there's water if someone brings it and lots of space and toys but there are some rough dogs but that doesn't stop me from taking my dog.

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Nice if you have a larger dog

There's only one "air lock" entrance so if people come in the "back" way dogs can escape, also as of writing this, large sections of the park are fenced off or covered in hay.

The water pump is on a section of gravel/rocks, so if your dog is a rock eater, be wary of this area. I had to keep my puppy away from this section!

That said, it was a fairly decent size (the sectioned off areas just made it small) and the trees, grass and hills were lovely. There is no small dog area, so you need to keep a close eye on your dog and be ready to pick him up. As usual there are often people there with mild+ aggressive dogs but that's the same in every park, just be careful.

As I have a medium size dog who plays rough and can stand her own, I enjoyed this park.

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My puppy had a good time!

I just took my 10 month old shihpoo and she had a good time. Even thought she did not have a lot of small dogs to play with she held her own with the big guys. I also meet some really nice people who were knew alot about dogs.

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Nice place to take your dog

I just found this small park this month, and my dog and I have enjoyed all the different breeds that frequent this park. They are making improvements to the park,and I have met some nice people there as well.

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My dogs and I made our first visit today and were absolutely delighted. It has grass, trees, and hills -- rare in dog parks.

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Nice Park

This is a very nice dog park. It has plenty of shade for you and your dog(s). The people and dogs are all very friendly. I go there quite frequently.