Violet Township Dog Park

Pickerington and Stemen Rd
Violet Township, OH
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Violet Township 614-575-5556
Days Closed:
Park Size:
8.9 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened July 2, 2011. This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, trees, and drinking water. $42,000 in donations were raised to create this dog park. Friends of the Violet Township Dog Park support this park and volunteer to do upkeep.

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kahty pegg's picture
Picktown dog park

I've been taking my dog there for several weeks now & he
is getting used to other dogs. Just starting to try and play
with them without loosing me from sight. Everyone is nice so far but they wont talk to you unless you start the conversation. Good thing I'm a talker. Some of the dogs play a little rough but dogs are alot tougher then us humans. And some dogs need to be dominant. I've never seen a fight yet. But the park is well fenced. Divided areas for small vs larger sizes. Water fountains in both sides for everyone. And clean. What more could you want?

Ilovedogs's picture
I hope you feel better & I

I hope you feel better & I hope Prada took a Xanax.

MJ73's picture
Lack of control

While the area is nice, the owners of the dogs are not and do not control their pets. Recently I took my dog their only to have another dog bite her. While the bite wasn't severe and it was just a nip, I did try to keep the dog away from mine only to have the owner come up and tell me that her dog doesn't bite and that mine is just too sensitive. In space of 20+ dogs hers was the only one biting other dogs, but she felt it was just "playing" and that maybe I shouldn't have my dog there. I don't have issues with pets paying with each other but when your pet sinks his/her teeth into another, acknowledge it. Unfortunately I will not be going back and I will make certain I tell everyone I know with dogs to find another place to go.

ohiohurst's picture
What to expect

This time of year you have to expect some mud (The bad) there was mud everywhere and far more droppings not cleaned up by the owners than there should of been. (bags in many places for clean up)and benches for sitting. This park has a nice area for small dogs the larger dog area was a mess no ones fault on the mud they had 2 areas fenced off with straw down to try to improve its condition. The great water fountains for dogs and people are nice they are also off this time of year to prevent freezing so understandable. if your in between this park and Three Rivers Park I would go to Three rivers, twice the space less mud plus three rivers has paved trails should the mud be more than you want to deal with. The gate latches and water fountains are nicer here. (FYI) when Max and I were there there were a lot of very large dogs(Great Danes), All were very friendly just saying in case you have this breed this would be a good place to let it be with others.

Jenny C's picture
Nice play area

Park has water stations, plenty of thick grass, benches and some trees in the large dog area. Would love to see some some trees in the small dog area also.

Jenny C's picture
very nice park

Clean dog park with lots of clean up areas. Very little shade when at park in early afternoon.

Jenny C's picture
go play!

Water fountains for man and beast! Plenty of poo-stations, park benches and a picnic table.

Small-dog area has it's own watering fountain at ground level. The large-dog area had an elevated water dish.

Grass is thick with plantain, clover and young trees. Mature trees on the periphery provide more substantial shade in late afternoon but park is mostly sunny.