Three Creeks Dog Park (at Sycamore Fields)

Kari running like the wind!
Athena- Alaskan Malamute enjoying the Snow!!!
3066 Spangler Rd just south of Watkins
Columbus, OH
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Managed By:
Metro Parks
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Park Size:
4 acres
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Other Notes:

Open May 16, 2009. This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, small trees, and drinking water seasonally.

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Nice Park

Great park! There are 2 dog parks, one for SMALL DOGS and one for LARGE DOGS. Nice community, someone was nice enough to leave bowels and jugs of water. Once the jugs are empty, please fill them back up for the next pup! (There is a water facet there.) Only draw shade (trees are small) or restrooms for us humans!!!

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We had our first and last experience with dog parks today!! We recently moved from a house with a fenced yard, to an apartment. Our Jack Russell loves to run so we decided to try out a dog park for him. We arrived at the park and there was one couple there with several dogs. We entered and the dogs seemed a little aggressive but thought they were just wanting to play. As soon as we set our dog down, they attacked him! $500 later in vet bills!!!... yeh, we won't be back and won't be visiting any dog parks again. I understand you always run a risk at these places, but if you know your dogs aggressive, don't take them!!! Be on the lookout for an old green Ford Windstar van. If its there, I would recommend you keep driving! As far as the park, it looked nice. The entrance was double gated and there was a very large area for the dogs to run. Probably would have been great!

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What to expect!

Friendly regulars with 95%+ friendly dogs, great place gets a little muddy at the entrance of the fenced area for large dogs after rain for a few days so take towels. Well pump for water refills, poor shading trees still to small.. over all a great place to let your dog run and play smaller separate area for small dogs. also many paved trails with doggy bags along them which is what we do when it's to muddy..

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Well done!

Visited for the first time today. It was hot so the park was fairly empty. The people I met were friendly, the grass was trimmed, the area was clean, and there was some shade from the young trees. Water supply was not working, hopefully that will be fixed. I plan to take my IG's back!

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A reason for different sections

I love Three Creeks dog park! Almost all of my experiences there have been positive. However, it would be great if people would follow the signs regarding which sections of the park to use for different sizes of dogs. Tonight, I was at the park with my two large dogs, and we were in the section clearly designated for dogs over 30 pounds. Everyone was playing fine until a woman showed up and decided to bring her very small, very aggressive dog into the same section. It ran after one of my dogs, yapping loudly and biting at her legs. My dog responded by simply pinning it down with her paw (NO teeth... the same non-violent way she shows dominance when playing with my cat at home). The owner went crazy, started hitting my dog, threatening to kill both my dog and me! I calmly got my dogs back on leash and asked the woman if her dog was okay, while apologizing for my dog scaring her. Even after it was clear that her dog was not injured at all, she continued threatening me and my dog. I understand being alarmed when you think your pet could be injured, but she was out of line. Let this be a lesson... if your dog is too small or too aggressive to play nicely, you shouldn't try to run with the big dogs!

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Dog Park

Went there yesterday and it was great.So close to home and Jake had a great time running and playing with other dogs.He was hot though,summer will be tough.Will have to go early in morning.But evenually the trees will grow and dogs will have shade.Jake did lay down under the little tree and there was shade for all of us.Only thing I didn't like was there is a picnic table right when you get into the fenced area.Some people were having a party and soon as you walk through the gate all five or six dogs were right on my dog, one was a little aggresive.Watched and every dog that came through the gate got the same thing.If you want to have a party need to take it further out.Other then that park is awesome,so glad we found it!!!

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Good place

Great place. The park rangers patrol the area daily. The only real downside is like other parks; there is mud but its because there is a picnic table at the entrance of each big and small dog sides. Most owners sit there so there's too much traffic. Also there is no bathroom near by for owners.

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Lots of sunshine and grass

Unlike some of the other parks, this park has a good amount of grass in Spring! Some of the other parks will reseed this time of year and I suspect this park will eventually have this issue as it becomes more popular since it is very nice.

Water does tend to stay around for days after a rain in the Spring since the ground is pretty wet. Two days after the last rain about 1/3 of the small dog area was underwater -- not like the Titanic, but all of the small dog area was squishy and water was above the ground in my unscientific estimate of 1/3 of the space. I didn't visit the big dog area to see how it looked.

Summer will be brutal on the warmer days as there is no shade. There are some trees in the small dog area that were planted apparently when the park was built.

There were too many children on my visit!

I could not spy a restroom in the area, including over near the soccer fields. I have hiked/biked other parts of the park, but I am not sure if the road connects to those.

I also did not notice the water supply, but I assume that any water supply is off until Memorial Day (I always bring water no matter what anyway).

There are now clear signs indicating big dog area and small dog area.

I picked up many piles of poop while enjoying the park...what is with people here and not picking up after their dogs?

Note: This park is NOT managed by the City of Columbus. This is a Metro Park --

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Three Creeks Dog Park (at Sycamore Fields)

Huge with 2 fenced in areas water pump wood fence with chicken wire around bottom very nice small trees spaced through out, double gate entrance, clean nice area, and if something did happen there is a vet Hospital down the road if you turn left exiting the park. Nice people and pets when I was there. Recommended. wish there was more shaded areas and the grass was a little shorter still rating it 4 of 5 stars. very happy will go again.

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Not bad! We'll be back again.

This was our first time there and the park was almost empty. (Bad weather about to roll in.) We ran into a couple of the "regulars" who were very friendly!

The park is a very nice size- 4 acres for the big dogs and another 2 acres for the small dogs! It was also very clean, everyone does a good job of cleaning up after themselves it seems. The grass is nice and full, not patchy like at some parks. If you're not picky, there are gallon jugs of water by the fence and bowls.

Now for the negatives: There is NO shade. They planted lots of trees, but they are still too small to provide shade. There is only 1 bench and it's right in front of the gate, same for the trash can situation. Ideally I'd like to see piped water... those gallon jugs will just breed disease. And the area right by the gate has no grass so it will easily turn into a mud pit!

Overall the park is nice, but could easily be improved with the addition of a few benches and trash cans. We'll definitely be back regularly!

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Submitted Photos

Maybe you and your dog are there? Bliss (right, foreground) and friends, and one of Bliss. This was taken last Sunday the 9th of May. They sure enjoy themselves don't they?!

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I'm new to Columbus, & so far have been to the Wheeler dog park but was looking for one with a small dog area.

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Nice Space

We enjoyed our time at this dog park. The grass is still filling in right now, so it was pretty muddy (required a trip through the dog wash afterward). I was unaware that there even was a small dog area--we'll look next time. The fenced area is one big square, plenty of running room, but it would be nice if there were some benches or tables at the far corners - it would encourage people to pull their dogs away from the gate. But it's super convenient for us. It's a bit closer for us than the park in Gahanna, and I'm sure we'll visit often.

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Three Creeks Dog Park

I am going to take my dog there today. Will get pictures and a review for this. I have been curious about it for along time and after reading others' reviews I decided I am going to check it out today! See you there!

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Would love to share pictures of my two dogs who are under 10 lbs.
Ready to come share my animals at the park..was born in Delaware.

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It's huge and the people are great! I just moved to dublin and really miss this dog park, the park in dublin is very tiny but will still travel to this park on weekends!

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Park is wonderful. Lots of room to run and alot of friendly doggies. Only downfall is that there is no where for kids to play while doggies are playing.

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Park and People

The park is great! Both small and big dog areas are clean the grass is kept mowed. The people all seemed to show respect to the park and one another. Dog loved it and its free!

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Dog Park

What a wonderful place for our pups.. We happened to find this by a stroke of luck this passed weekend and I am SO glad we did. We have a good size back yard with two small dogs, but this is such a great place for the dogs to go and be social. Thank you very much for building this..

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they need to have signs indicating the small and big dog area. this would be very helpful for those who don't understand the concept of small and big dog area.

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three creeks dop park

it's a very nice park. closer to home for us, than alum creek. the only problem is not shade, it will take a few years for them to grow. will visit though.