Scioto Audubon Dog Park

Great activity course for the dogs.
Moses checking out his new playground
395 W Whittier Street
Columbus, OH 43215
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
Metro Parks
Days Closed:
Portable restrooms near the climbing wall and park
Park Size:
2 acre
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, and drinking water.  Great sized park with agility areas, digging sand pit, and lots of space to roam and explore.

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fancyangie's picture
dog aggression

i love this park, i take my doberman who is 8 months old, and has been going since i got him, my dog loves to run and run with other dogs, how ever i think a picture should be posted and a detail of signs of aggressive dog behavior, most of the people there ignore the dog snapping and growling and the hair raised on their back, and mounting as being aggressive, my dog was attacked twice by the same husky, and the first time the lady said oh he wont hurt him, and her dog wouldnt let up and back off and leave my dog alone, by the second time i finally looked at the lady and said Lady can you get your dog, she packed up her three dogs and left, i watched 2 dogs tonight, a boxer and a chocolate lab, as soon as the boxer entered and all the dogs approached, the dog snapped and growled and went off the deep end, the owner just stood there, the lab followed it around and mounted it the whole time while his owner sat on the phone and ignored him, so these two dogs were going round and round while no one did any thing for about 45 minutes and every time any other dogs came near them the pack mentality arose, i dont want my dog involved in all that, and it was really aggravating to watch both of these owners allow this to go on, ive a pit bull chase my dog and grab his ears while the owner thought it was ok, people if your dog has its mouth open and biting another dog, there is gonna be an injury, if your dogs mouth is open and biting and growling, there is definitely going to be an injury, if your dog is constantly mounting another dog and is obsessed it is a sign of aggression, if your dog cannot share toys, the dog park is not the place to bring your dog, if your dog has food aggression its not going to matter at the dog park, there are a lot of nice dogs at the dog park, if your dog is not acting like the other dogs who look like they are behaving, then you should not bring your dog to the dog park, i dont allow my dog to bite, snap, growl, play rough, i have a doberman, he goes for the throat, he has been picking up bad habits that he has learned from bad dogs at the dog park, and i correct my dog, nobody would want to see him be a bad dog, and behave like their dog is, because he would rip out their throat, some of these people i think get a cheap thrill like they are at the dog fights, the dogs are there to run and socialize not irritate and growl and fight

Chandler411's picture
Don't be so harsh ,that was

Don't be so harsh ,that was one day out of many ,I too have a big baby that loves to play he's a bit aggressive but not a fighter , his name is mister he'd love to meet jersey

Mari_and_Mia's picture
Your rant

@ CJW928 Now that you've had a chance to cool off, you might consider doing some editing on your post. You obviously love your dog and the breed, so from one pit owner to another, this kind of disjointed rant does nothing do endear us to the public. Most people who visit dog parks have experienced the frustrating and sometimes scary experience of interacting with a dog who lacks training or socialization. And sometimes even the best behaved dogs do odd things. Don't even get me started on humans. Those of us who own and love pits are kinda like celebrities in that there will always be eyes on you, watching for you\you dog to make a mistake, because some folks acted badly and now we have to deal with the reputation. In my experience it usually a mistake to write off any group of people or dogs based on one bad experience.
I just moved to Columbus from LA so I'm looking forward to visiting all the dog parks here, something LA was sadly lacking.

cjw928's picture
Nice park, horrible people

I was horrified by my experience at this park. I moved here about 8 months ago. I have a 3yr old black lab/pit mix who has way too much energy and needs to run around like so many other dogs. She is used to dog parks as I have taken her to many since we adopted her and just loved them. I have never had a problem with her, ever! Really the only thing better then a dog park is one that has water. Anyway, this park, although perfect in every way (she loves the agility course and since this park had some stuff there I was in Heaven) it was just horrible. The people here either don't understand dogs and dog behavior or I went on a day that was more or less a fluke. My dog, although 3 years old, is still a puppy at heart and has her days where she just cant get enough of play time; this was one of those days. There were a few other dogs there but everyone was just standing around.

My dog, who's used to everyone running and playing tried to go up to other dogs to see if anyone wanted to play. The owners were scared. Some left right away, some stayed around. Jersey found a friend and everything seemed good. I spoke with the woman who's dog was playing with mine and found out there are good times to go here and bad, that some dog owners are clueless to how dogs behave. That said, our dogs were getting along very well. My dog, being part pit, has a lot of energy and a very strong body and tends to play too rough at times, although she has no idea. I'll explain, dogs playing (running, chasing, play fighting) for 10-15mins straight will take a 5 min breather and continue for another 10-15mins another their next break, and this cycle continues until it's time to leave...this is how my dog plays. Sometimes I'll stop her and throw the ball for her to get more energy out quicker) take breaks. Most dogs respect that break and will also stop playing until the other dog is ready to start back up again. My dog is retarded when it comes to play etiquette and would much rather hover over the other dog until they are ready to play again, complete instigator!

Anyway, Jersey and the other dog were getting along great but some owners didn't understand what was happening and left. You could hear them complaining about my dog being too rough and "that poor other dog"... I'd much rather they leave then have problems come up later and have to argue with them. Now my dog can go for hours....HOURS...without even noticing she needs a break, so Ill often take her to the side and use the Chuck-it* (toy that flings tennis balls really far away) before allowing her to play with other dogs, this way she's not as hyper. Really, it's like someone trapped a jack russle in her and wont let her out...that kind of hyper and most are both depending on if theyre at the park at this very moment or stuck in the house huffing and puffing for you to let them mine.

Another pit showed up, obviously cranky and either not a well socialized pit or just one that's lazy who didn't want to be at the park; there's always one bad egg. My dog was off with her tennis ball relaxing, tearing it to pieces. This other pit who wants nothing to do with the other dogs wants right up to her and huffs, so Jersey gets up thinking he wants to play. He steals her ball and walks away. Jersey just looks at me like "do you have another?!" I told her "no more" and "go get it" so she ran up to the other dog and huff'ed back. (I think pits have this type of language, it's weird but I've never seen it with any other breed) The other dog turns and drops the ball (we were all laughing at this point), Jersey takes her ball back and goes back (all proud) and chomps away. About 30mins later she down and taking a nap. The other comes over and leans in to take the ball, Jersey growls. The other dog growled back. Jersey got up to defend her ball (what's with dogs and balls?!) and the other dog decided to snap at her. Now, mind you, my dog doesn't start fights. She not only knows better but Ive gone out of my way to overly train her over the years. Her best friends at home are 3 bunnies and her kitten...she knows how to be gentile and play fair. But, dog parks and public spaces are different. Dog owners know dogs act a little different at parks, so I'll give this other owner the benefit of the doubt here. The other dog latches on to Jersey, so she defends herself. Nothing calms them and nothing will stop them. SO I pick up her ball and throw it, trying to distract her. The other owner grabs his dog and mine runs off to get her ball. Now I know pulling a dog off another dog is a BAD idea!!! This guy didn't look surprised at all by the random fight, however short it was. I was horrified, not by the fight, but by his reaction. He didn't even seem to care that his dog was aggressive and picking fights. I didn't say anything to him but instead spoke with the lady I was talking to either.

She said a lot of pit owners in Columbus are apparently not well educated and instead have them because they want a 'pit' and not a "regular" dog...basically they treat it like a dog and don't bother to train it. It makes me sick! Owners should be responsible for any breed they decide to adopt/buy. If you bother adopting a pit please..please train it properly or don't bring it to a dog park. Those are the dogs that gives pits a bad name!

This park is full of people who don't understand their own dogs and clearly are used to dog fights here from inexperienced dog owners. I was treated horribly after that fight. Even though the other dog clearly started it, people would let their dogs play with mine; some even left. It was embarrassing and horrifying. I will never endanger my dog again by bringing her here!

OzziesMama's picture
Fence fixed...

I was there last week, and they have installed additional fencing. However, extra small dogs should still be watched closely towards the back of the park where the utility access gates are. They can get underneath the gates where other dogs have dug out a divot.

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Fun Park! Needs trees...

I took my terrier mix there last Wednesday evening because the weather was so mild. Since my dog likes and gets along with big dogs, we tried both areas. However, I preferred the small dog area because it was easier to keep an eye on him. The park was very clean and the dogs and owners were friendly and well-behaved. Generally speaking, the Metro Park has very few trees as it was recently converted from industrial use and is more of a marsh/wetland park. That being said, more shaded areas to cool off when it's hot would be a good idea. The park has a nice walking trail along the river for people and pets (on leash) and a large climbing wall. We had a great experience and will definitely go back.

daphney's picture
Love, love, love the agility obstacles!

The park was great! I went end of Jan 2012 during the nice weather and it was a nice size and my little dog loves agility so it is finally nice to go somewhere closer than pooch playground(to use an agility course) on the east side of town seeing as I live closer to downtown columbus/west side. The size of the fenced area was good, no mud atleast in the small dog area, the large dog area looked alittle muddier but it is the middle of an Ohio winter. I would say the only 2 times I had been there, I have seen a few aggressive dogs, the second time I even saw the rangers/police there for a scuffle between some people, but I agree with the other review below, it is the owners and their lack of training and knowing their dog's body language for example if it is aggressive/socialized or not, NOT the dog parks fault. Just need more signage I guess ...but I don't know if that would solve the problem. Without the scuffles the park is very convenient and great exercise for my small dogs :)

Maybellirish's picture
Went to the park yesturday so much mud.

My feet sunk into 2 inches of mud as soon as I stepped into the big dog area there was no way around it.

Also some how there need to be a sign or set rule (big sign)people should not bring in aggressive dogs. the dog park is not a place where you try your hand at seeing how afraid your dog is of other dogs and then snaps the face of all the well socialized dogs that come to sniff and greet it.

If you cant read your dog body language you should own a dog!!!

After bring my dog every day for the past 3 weeks, I have seen that alot of people bring there unfixed ,untrained dogs to the park and only care enough to clean up the poop. Yes dogs pee but when you see that your dog is getting ready to pee on another person leg or bench were they are sitting and your dog has lifted its leg to 100 things already encourage you dog to gets it mind off of just marking its territory the whole time. Its a dog park not a dog sewage grounds.

I would say the park is nice without the bad dog owners being there with you.

Visitor's picture
Fence holes

The small dog area has some large gaps that are easy for a small dog to get out. However, they are in the process of being fixed.