Pooch Playground Dog Park (at Pizzurro Park)

940 Pizzurro Park Way off South Hamilton Road
Gahanna, OH
Operating Hours:
Dawn to Dusk
Managed By:
City of Gahanna
Days Closed:
Thursday morning mowing
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened 12/1/07. It will be expanded to include two fields (5-6 acres) and a creek for swimming. It has a separate small dog area, benches, drinking water, agility equipment and shade trees. And please pick up all toys on Wednesday night; the city mows on Thursday morning as well as daily empties the trash.  Directions: just north of the Airport Golf Course on the same side of the street and just south of the 270 freeway, just west of the softball fields.

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Just a freindly observation

General review, and a single visit specific observation:

*Spacious grounds, well laid out for variety of activities
-Ample parking
-Separate small dog area
-Separate agility course
-Only park in area with a time-out box, so you don't have to suffer the walk of shame if your dog is involved in a tussle
-Only park in area with turf-grass management. Good grass, clean, well kept

*Good owners and dogs
-minimum of smart phone obsessed inattentive handlers
-always someone there
-many social dogs who know how to play well with others

*Good neighborly management
-conscientious poop cleanup, bags provided
-good volunteer water providers

Single visit observation:

The dog park may not be the best place for a heated political discussion of your labor union's pension practices. Raised voices, polemics, finger pointing and angry gesturing communicate to the dogs. That behavior affects everyone else present and raises risk. Consider your organization's formal grievance procedure as an alternative.

Smoochie5555's picture
Nice park

We have been bringing our dog here for about one year. She loves it, since she just loves to run. The park is so large she can sprint from one area to another. There is not a watering station inside, but there are usually some pans and water jugs left out, and there are poop bag stations all over. It tends to get muddy in places but the park is pretty good about mulching or paving problem areas. There are 2 gated entrances with double gates, one on each end. We have not encountered any overly aggressive dogs. A few squabbles here and there, but nothing serious. Most owners are polite and friendly. We've had a few snobbish encounters, but again, nothing serious. I think the biggest asset of this park is definitely its size.

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Nice enough park, but crappy rude dog owners contained within.

I honestly used to enjoy taking my dog here. When I first started coming here with him, it was nice, clean , and the dog owners were very alert and in control of their pets behavior. Now every time I go here, I am insulted by dog owners who are looking for trouble, my dog is messed with by people hanging out on the right side of the park together in a group, and people are not controlling their pets or picking up after them. My dog is getting humped on by other dogs, so he knocks the dog off of him and puts it in it's place. Then I get a group of scary people getting in my face upset that my dog got angry and put a stop to it. I also (today) had a group of people pushing on my dog and being mean to him. And the aggressive dogs being brought into the park now are not helping anything either. I have been attacked twice now, and the owners of both dogs on both occasions, thought it was some kind of funny thing, and didn't even put the dog on a leash or apologize. Instead they hurled insults at me, and trying to egg me on. I am not impressed at all. I read someplace they are or were trying to get rid of "undesirables" from the park. If that is the case, then maybe there needs to be somebody on the grounds during park hours supervising this crap. And speaking of crap, no one is picking up after their dogs anymore. The park is too hit or miss for us now to risk taking any chances, and I am not going to take any chances when it comes to my dog or myself. This place needs some attention.

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First time...won't be the last!

Took my 8 month old German Shepherd to the park for the first time today. She is a little shy and more than a little nervous, but she LOVED it. There were quite a few dogs there and it was so wonderful to see them all running like nuts and playing with everyone. It didn't take her long to jump in. I only witnessed one "altercation" and it really wasn't due to an aggressive dog so much as a couple of over eager ones that got too worked up and the two owners jumped right in and leashed them. I hope the rest of my visits are this good as I intend to spend a lot of time there.

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love the walk way

This is a great park, it has two spacious areas, along with a small dog area and agility area. I love it has a time out corner. Has water both inside and out. But I think the best feature is the huge side walk through the middle of the park. It allows the parents to stay out of the mud but still have an eye on their pups. Must check out if in the area!

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Great Park

This is a great place to bring your doggie friends. There are some really friendly dogs and people who are regulars. My own dog was on the wrong side of a little doggie meanness, but I am blaming the owners not the animals. 90% of my experiences at this park have been wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone especially travelers.

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dog park review

We have been to this dog park several times on our trips cross country. This dog park is great...a perfect place to stop for the night with nearby hotels and our 3 dogs just love it here. The park is fenced well...most dogs are on their best behavior. I wish the dog park near our home was this nice.

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Great place!

I've been taking my mutt there for about a year now and I like it. I love the fact that they have a nice agility course there. There's a small dog area that's very peaceful and shaded. Not a lot of shade in the large dog area, but plenty of seating and room for dogs to run. You can't blame the park for irresponsible dog owners, but I've only encountered a few in my time there. There's also a playground for kids very close to the dog park which is great for when my little sister comes with me. They also put in a dog water fountain which is super cute! My dog doesn't really get how to use it, but it's a good thought. There's also a picnic area with a sheltered overhead. It's a very nice park, well taken care of compared to other parks in the area. Not really close to the road either, which is nice in case a dog gets loose.

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We Love it!

I Take my Pitmation, Cheveyo a few times a week. We both have so much fun, I think the previous comments are just people trying to complain about nothing. The only problem I have ever had at this dog park is people bringing their unfixed dogs. You should never bring your dog to a dog park if they are not spayed/neutered, simply because they mount everything, and I really don't like it when a dog mounts my dog or my leg, that's not cool. I also don't like the snootiness of some people.

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Nice place but needs some work

We have been taking our puppy to Pizzurro park for several months. We were very hesitant about using these parks because we have a very submissive dog but he does love all other dogs so we decided to try it. For the most part the dogs there aren't bad but lately there have been more people showing up with highly agressive dogs, mostly of the rottweiler and pit bull nature. The owners aren't responsible and some bring up to 5 big dogs in at a time and they tend to pack up on other dogs. Just today we saw them attack a 6 month old puppy for no reason. The owners didn't even apologize for their dogs actions and when the lady that owned the puppy went get it and put it on a leash one of the 5 dogs lunged and bit at her and the puppy but did not make contact. This is the second Sunday that these people have been there. Be warned if you see a white pit with 4 other black dogs they tend to be mean. The owners quickly left the park as many of us were standing near by and making comments. We saw a poor dog get mauled by a rottweiler there about a month before and heard that the poor dog died. It was a horrible experience and has made us nervous of the park but there are some people and dogs that we really enjoy so we just try to keep our dog close and I carry pepper spray (and will use it). There needs to be a way to kick people out that have agressive dogs. They ruin it for everyone and seem to find it funny when their dogs gang up on a more submissive one. Some people need to be more watchful of what their dogs are doing as their is a lot of poo on the ground that is disgusting. If your dog poo's clean it up. I don't appreciate stepping in it and certainly don't want my pup running around in it. It's nasty and unsanitary. The dog parks shouldn't have to supply bags, any responsible dog owner never goes anyplace without at least one poop bag. What people are thinking is beyond me but these are adults and they should act as such. If they could get the agressive dogs out and get people to pick up their own dogs poo this would be a wonderful place. Could use a few trees for shade or a couple of shelter houses because the dogs and humans roast out there in that open field but we will deal with that as long as it is safe and clean.

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good place

I've been there on several occasions. There is alot to do for kids outside the park and their dogs within the fenced in area. I plan to start going to make use of the agility course so hopefully its not tore up. Mud puddles are present but understandable.

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Small dog area needs help, but pretty good park

The small dog area appears to have been designed by someone who owns a small fluffy dog that does not leave the owner's side. The area is too small to begin with, but factor in lots of trees there is precious little room to run and play. Lots of dirt/mud with the trees goes without saying. If you have a small dog that needs to run you will need to venture into the big dog area. I have some limited success using the big dog area, but most of the time there are too many big dogs that want to play with my little dog -- I use the term play since most are really wanting to play...so far most have not been aggressive.

The big dog area by comparison is HUGE! I wish they would close off the smaller section of the big dog area and make that the little dog area. As with some other parks there is a poop problem here in the big dog area. There are large amounts of poop and if you just sit and watch people you will see why. 8-( Some persons just meander through the big dog area on the nice trail that is handicap accessible without any regard to what their dog is doing...they are running and pooping while the owner stares at the plane that is landing. (Yes, this park is in a flight path for the airport and can be loud when planes take off over the park, which depends on the wind direction.)

Big dog area is nice and sunny, but later in the Summer it can be a bit too much. There are some large trees outside of the park itself that depending on the time of day you can hug the fence for some relief, but come packing a pocket of poop bags as you will not be able to avoid stepping it it (might as well pick it up).

One of the best features of the park IMO is there is a play area for children OUTSIDE of the dog areas!

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Just OK

This park is nice and pretty big but it's always super crowded. There's also lots of children running around in the off-leash area. If you have big dogs I would recommend a quieter park without children in the gated area unless you like spending the whole time manuvering your dog around children.

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Great Park

We visited this park for the first time yesterday (we had been visiting another local park previously). We LOVE it! The dogs tend to be very friendly and well-behaved. The park is huge and clean with tons of running room, even for little dogs. The people tend to be very nice and our dog didn't want to go home. You might want to bring a jug of water and a bowl or two; I had heard that there was water, but wasn't able to find it. All in all, this park is great and we'll be making the trip much more often.

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Nice Park

Responding to previous reviews: I believe there is now water available - just outside the first entrance. And there are always large supplies of plastic bags, toys and water bowls for your use. Oh, and dogs can swim in the creek outside the fenced area - although we haven't ventured over there yet. I couldn't figure out how I could walk over there with him without walking through brush and/or mud.

The small dog area is nice to have, but it's just dirt and mulch - not good for a small dog that likes to sit around and eat mulch :).

It's always luck of the draw with what kind of owners/dogs are there, but it's so big that you can escape a bad playmate by walking to the other end. It's nice to have benches and tables to use as home base if you'll be there for awhile. Our dog loves it, and we'll be regulars for sure.

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Large area to roam free, no trees, sanitation issues and water?

This large multi-entranced dog park has lots of green space for dogs who love to run. There are no trees however in the large dog area, and there were no clean up bags provided for dog waste, although there is a dispenser, it was full of brochures. Fortunately I had plenty of bags, both for my own dogs,and for some pickup that owners had left behind. There is a fountain, but it is outside of the entrance, and there was no water inside, just stacks of empty bottles on some picnic tables.

Although park rules attempt to illustrate the potential problems that little dogs could have if allowed to run in the big dog area, many owners of little dogs brought their dear ones into the large dog area, and there were some problems, but fortunately no one got hurt.

The agility equipment needs a coat of paint, as does the far picnic table on the east side. The paint has worn off, and the wood is deteriorating.

A plus for this dog park is its easy to find location, just east of the main approaches to Port Columbus, just inside of 270, off of Hamilton Road. With trees, paint, dog waste disposal bags and inside running water, this park could become truly outstanding. If you plan a trip here, please bring extra plastic dog waste disposal bags, and a jug of water to leave behind. If we all work together, through mutual cooperation, this park could become much better.

I don't think the dogs care about some of this stuff, but the sanitation issues with dog waste left behind could present dogs with some real health problems.

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I agree the park was great

I agree the park was great but the small dog area was mostly dirt because of the trees. It would be nice to see it expanded to give alittle more room with grass

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1st time visitor

My 11 year old dog got his first chance to visit a dog park today. We went to Gahanna park due to perfect location. The humans were very friendly and helpful. We started in the small dog area and graduated over to the big dog section. The park was maintained very well. I hope they install a water station soon. There was not a creek for the dogs to play in, yet...
I recommend this park to anyone thinking about it. Theres a board in the big dog section that will help learn dog park manners.
Diane H.

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Nice park

I enjoyed it and my Dog also enjoyed herself.
I think to make it great, just expand the small Pup area but other than that I met great people and enjoyed myself as well as my dog.