Nando's Dog Park (at Darree Fields Park)

Nando's Dog Park
Cosgray Rd and Shier Rings Rd
Dublin, OH
Operating Hours:
Managed By:
City of Dublin
Days Closed:
Park Size:
2 acres
Type of Park:
Other Notes:

Opened in September 21, 2008. This dog park has a separate small dog area, benches, and picnic tables. There is drinking water in the summer but be sure to bring water for your dog in the winter. There are baggie dispensers; please bring grocery bags to share. The park is named after Nando the first K9 unit in Dublin.

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shepherdmom's picture
Efforts are appreciated

We've been out to the park a few times before. This was the first time since the expansion. The larger area is allowing grass to regrow, and the efforts are appreciated. The group of dogs that was there today were very interactive and played well together. My older shepherd had a good time mingling and running around. The people were very friendly as well. Overall it was a very good visit.

lrheere's picture
Nando's Dog Park, Dublin, OH

Just visited Nando's dog park for the first time since last summer. The park still has two sections, one for small dogs and one for bigger dogs. The park has more than doubled in size and two trees, although small, have been planted. The small dog area is still small. The original area still has the chain link fence but that has been replaced with white picket fencing around the new area. The paved "track" is still there as well as the benches and picnic table.

OzziesMama's picture
Just okay...

We decided to venture out here last week since the weather was nice. I tend to agree with the rest of the comments that the fenced areas are not very roomy. We avoided the small dog area and played with the big dogs. The park has a sign posted that states the dog park is under renovation although I am not sure what that meant. We had no trouble with mud or cleanliness, but I found the paved track throughout the park to be somewhat of a safety concern if a dog was running too fast and couldn't get stopped on the pavement. While the people there seemed friendly, they appeared to all be "regulars" who knew each other so we felt a little uncomfortable. We liked Scioto Audubon Metro Park better. Word on the street is that someone is building a new dog park off Hayden Run.

buckeyeMav's picture
Nando's Dog Park

Our dog has a great time at Nando's. He runs, he plays and everyone there has been very friendly and helpful with all the dogs. There is plenty of room for him to romp, wear himself out. Yes it gets muddy but tell me where it wouldn't get muddy with dogs bouncing all over. Sorry to see so many complaints. We love it!

mroach's picture
Is this a joke? If so its a bad one

So I am moving close to this area and decided to check out this park since my new home has a small yard. At first I saw the baseball fields and thought it was the dog park... well I was wrong, very very wrong. After driving by i think 4 deserted baseball fields I found the dog park. The park may say it is two acres but has a giant electrical tower in the back corner, is somewhat paved and even with only a few dog owners there I couldn't see my dog having much room to play. I hope the high price they paid included all the baseball fields because if this is 750K of taxpayer money someone needs fired. Was also partially worn down to dirt so be aware if it has rained recently. Very disappointed.

Jenny C's picture
ban the dog hoarder lady

This park is great when the dog hoarder lady isn't there. When she comes it's time to leave. You can't miss her. She parks her silver mini van in the handicap spot then opens up the van doors. Everytime she has been there while I'm there at least 15 to 20 dogs jump out of her van which none are leashed and most of them have open sores and some look to have mange. With this many dogs I have yet to see her clean up dog poop once and she is at the did park every weekend. Here lately when she shows up everybody else leaves.

Jenny C's picture
training people

This is one of the lazier dog parks. Not the dogs, but a lot of owners just sit around like it's nap time. So then of course the dogs follow their owners... Some are really bad about picking up after their dogs too. Prove me wrong if this isn't a true reflection of Dublin residence. Be engaged! Clean up!

The park itself really isn't shabby. Especially if you have soccer/baseball games to play there.

Julie Robert's picture
Thank you

I think this is a great dog park. If you are comparing it to Alum Creek, you might think it's small. However, I live in a Condo and this is very close and convenient.

Daniel's picture
My Dog likes the park

Thank you City of Dublin for creating a dog park. My dog loves the park. He does not have the same concerns as previous postings. I like meeting many nice dog friendly people.

chunkytuna's picture
Size of Dublin Dog Park

I was planning to move to Dublin, Ohio and before making a decision about a house looked at the dog park. I was very disappointed that the dog park was so small. The taxes are high in Dublin and I was expecting a 20 acre dog park. I didn't buy a house in Dublin as a nice dog park is very important to me.

HumptyDumpty's picture
Dublin Dog Park

What a joke! $750,000? Are you kidding me? This is what happens when government workers who don't really want a dog park are forced to make on---they make it awful! PLEASE VISIT THIS JOKE! It is not as big as my back yard. It is a complete joke. Nothing you will read here will prepare you for the absolute sham that the politicians of Dublin foisted on their dog loving citizens. There should be an investigation.

uberalice's picture
Good for quick trips

This is an okay park for quick trips. It's quite a bit smaller than many other dogs parks in the area, but if you hit it at the right time when there are only a few other visitors it's manageable. We like to go first thing in the morning or in the late afternoon. There are always plenty of bowls and fresh water. There are many more big dogs than small dogs here.

Athena24's picture
We love it!!!

This park is the best dogpark we have been to. The small dog area (I have two doxies) is small enough for the owners to be able to watch their dogs but big enough for the the little dogs to run around and play. Enough grass for them to go, and the owners are very good about cleaning up after their dogs. There are water fountains, not open in the winter, and everybody brings bags to share. Enough parking space. My dogs love it their, many dogs are regulars and they all know eachother!

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way too small

This park easily gets over crowded and chaotic. Would you turn loose 30 big dogs in you and your neighbor's back yard? That's about the size of this park. Nice idea, but very poorly executed. It needs to be 3-4 times the size to make it safe.

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The entire park is about the

The entire park is about the size of a basketball court with the smaller dog area taking up the corner portion of the park. It is an okay park if you want a quick doggie park fix, but not nearly as big as Alum Creek.

Positives: In Dublin, fairly clean.

Negatives: There is no shade, water fountains have little pressure, just a tiny park overall.

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I love it!

Though the large dog area & small dog area aren't huge they are kept clean, there are always water bowls and the fountains are on with the exception of winter. The tracks are great for owners to walk on and get their exercise, and there are pleanty of places to sit if you choose. Best of all...It's FREE and my dog loves going :) My only complaint is that it tends to be muddy so bring towles with you. I'm hoping that in the future muddy spots may be filled in with stones or fresh grass.

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Not worth the trip

The large dog park is the size of two average backyards put together. The small dog park is the size of a living room. The water fountain has no pressure to fill up dog bowls. Take your dog for a walk around the block and don't waste your time driving out there.

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Close to home but not as nice as Alum Creek Dog Park

Its nice that a dog park is close to dublin but the small dog area is VERY SMALL and there is barely any grass area (just a track)The main area is ok but once again there is a track around it and the grassy area is pretty much dirt and is Extremely small compared to Alum Creek. In short if you dont have the time to go out to alum creek this park will do but only if you have large dogs. Small dogs tend to get overwhelmed by all the large dogs and no one uses the small dog area since theres barely any grass and its very small. I expected much more from Dublin considering how many rich people live here and the citites parks are so nice.